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Our Top 15 Gay Honeymoon Destinations

Our Top 15 Gay Honeymoon Destinations

Wondering what's the best place for a romantic gay honeymoon? We've put together the places we think make for a top gay honeymoon destination based on our first-hand experience as a gay couple.

Every year we are humbled to see more nations legalizing gay marriage. It always excites us because it marks a sort of ‘gold standard' achievement for LGBTQ rights. We have our own gay marriage live tracker, which we update every time a new country legalizes gay marriage.

The best part about it is that that particular country will inevitably see a boost in LGBTQ tourism, particularly from gay couples (like yours truly) who are searching for a destination to celebrate a special occasion – like a honeymoon!

From Iceland to Greece, Thailand to Argentina, we've created this article based on our first-hand experience traveling to each place as a gay couple. We've focused on those destinations that offer more than the usual gay-topless-circuit-party, but also gorgeous landscapes, a wealth of activities, divine hotels to stay, and most importantly, are welcoming to LGBTQ travelers.

Please note this list is entirely subjective, based entirely on our own experience and our opinion!

We had quite a lot of fun putting this together, not least because of the throwback to some of our most romantic travel memories, but we do love coming up with lists – fiercely debating who should be at the top…

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

1. Iceland

…and the top spot for us is Iceland.

We both said this together in unison. We visited with the excellent Pink Iceland as part of a two-week road trip in the deep winter, the focus being to see the Northern Lights.

Our gay road trip to Iceland was one of our most special memories together. It marked our 15-year anniversary, but we rate it as the #1 gay honeymoon destination for several reasons. For one thing, it boasts beautiful natural landscapes, from cascading waterfalls like Skogafoss to geothermal hot springs such as Blue Lagoon. Nothing beats the unique otherwordly landscapes of Iceland as a romantic backdrop for couples who, like us, who enjoy the intimacy of a road trip.

In addition, Iceland's progressive and inclusive attitude towards LGBTQ+ rights ensures a welcoming and accepting atmosphere for all travelers. Put it this way, even in a small town in rural Iceland, locals didn't bat an eyelid when they saw these two queens sashaying down the streets holding hands. Diversity and acceptance are woven deep into the cultural fabric of Icelandic society and we certainly felt that. When it comes to gay parties, Iceland isn't going to compete with the likes of Gran Canaria or Fire Island, however, the small gay scene of Reykjavik has bars like Kika which hosts fun drag nights and parties on weekends.

The company we visited with, Pink Iceland, specializes in gay honeymoons, which speaks volumes about the demand for this type of LGBTQ tourism in the country. And we totally get it!

A private lagoon spa at the Blue Lagoon Retreat in Iceland.

Stay at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

This was THE most lush, most romantic, most DIVINE hotel stay we've ever experienced! The Retreat Blue Lagoon is a luxurious hotel within the famous Blue Lagoon where we got to enjoy the mineral-rich waters of the lagoon without all the crowds. The suites are magnificent – our balcony connected directly to the lagoon! Oh, and the private spa experience is to die for!

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Nomadic Boys, gay couple Stefan and Sebastien proposing at the famous Diamond Beach in iceland
A marriage proposal in Iceland! Taken at the unique Diamond Beach

2. Thailand

“If Iceland is top, Thailand comes a close second” – we both cried in unison.

We love it so much we come every year for our no-tech ‘get away from it all' holiday in January.

We fancy Thailand as a top gay honeymoon destination because it offers everything for LGBTQ travelers. For starters, the gay scene of Bangkok is one of the best in the world – there's always a party happening down Silom Soi 4 and 2 every night of the week. Yet, head north to Chiang Mai for a more spiritual getaway amongst its glorious ancient temples.

And then there are the islands! There are actually several gay islands in Thailand particularly Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Samet. But our favorite one that we keep going back to is Koh Lipe. This is personal, but for us, it's because it's quite protracted to reach, therefore free from mass tourism, but also because the beaches remain largely unspoiled with live thriving coral surrounding the island.

Koh Samui has become a popular destination for LGBTQ travelers. There are a handful of LGBTQ businesses that grow in numbers each year. It also has its own airport, making it easy to reach from Bangkok and in that sense makes it a useful base for those who want to head to Koh Phangan to party, or Koh Lipe to do a diving course.

A villa with a private swimming pool next to a beach with palm trees surrounding.

Stay at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

I felt like a Bond girl staying here. From the moment I set foot inside the Four Seasons, I just felt correct! It's as romantic as it is luxurious. Our room was lush, but the best part was the private infinity pool – overlooking the beach! This is a place to bring someone you want to impress, especially for a honeymoon.

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Gay couple kissing in Koh Lipe island in Thailand
Thailand is one of our top gay honeymoon destinations for good reason!

3. New Zealand

For years we've dreamed of doing a Lord of the Things pilgrimage, but post-Covid, we finally made it happen. Touchdown in Queensland, the birthplace of bungee jumping (!), we picked up our car rental and headed out for our 2-week road trip extravaganza!

New Zealand offered us adrenaline. New Zealand gave us stunning backdrops. New Zealand gave us rugged beauty. New Zealand gave us lush fjords. And New Zealand also gave us Hobbiton!

To name a few things we did on our gay trip in New Zealand that made our trip special – our overnight cruise to Doubtful Sound was unique. We felt like we were the only people exploring the remote Fiordland, immersed in an impressive backdrop. Then there was our bungee jump in Queensland that scared the s**t out of both of us – it's got to be done. Hobbiton Film Studios gave us our fill of LOTR experience – yes it's super touristy, but if you're fans of the franchise, you'll also love it as much as we did.

Then there's the discovery of Māori culture in places Rotorua, particularly the 3-hour experience at ‘Te Puia’ which includes a cultural show and a ‘hāngi’ (earth-cooked banquet). 

When it comes to gay nightlife, Auckland is the place to head. Whilst not a huge gay scene on par with places like London or Sydney, it has a few hangouts to check out like Eagle, GAY Auckland, Caluzzi Cabaret, Family, and Centurian Sauna.

Stefan and Seby sitting on the floor of a hotel room sharing glasses of champagne with a view of a cloudy bay out the open door behind them.

Stay at QT Queenstown

For stunning Lake Wakatipu views from your bed, we recommend the QT Queenstown. It's super sleek here, combining luxury with a quirky charm. Oh, and don't miss the on-site Bazaar Restaurant and their homemade honey from the terrace beehives.

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Gay couple on Ben Lomond trek in South Island in New Zealand.
Trekking in New Zealand was glorious!

4. France

I hesitated a bit with this one but gave way to Seby who threatened to raise hell if it wasn't included! It's his motherland after all…

But there is also good reason why France is always top of almost every traveler's list of romantic places they want to visit so it's no surprise that it's a popular choice for a gay honeymoon destination.

Paris is lauded with a number of titles – ‘The City of Love', ‘The City of Lights', ‘The Capital of Fashion'… When you factor in iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, which are so enchantingly lit up at night, you begin to see why. Many a romantic evening has been had by us, strolling the streets of Paris hand in hand taking it all in, pondering our life together…

Beyond Paris, grab a car rental and do like us, explore the country at large. We always love exploring the French Riviera, the highlight in our opinion is Nice (country counters may want to ‘pop in' to Monaco – I made us do this on one road trip!).

Another hidden gem that most overlook is Seby's hometown of Lyon, especially if you're a foodie. Ask any Frenchman where the best place to go for the best French food and most will tell you to head here!

And yes, of course, we're 100% biased 🙂

A swimming pool overlooking balcony colonnades with a view of the sea.

Stay at the Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée

We love Nice. It's got a buzzing gay scene, a pretty old town, and glorious beaches – essential ingredients to make it a top gay honeymoon destination. The Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée might be a mouthful but it's also super lush. The stunning views will impress you as much as the impressive swimming pool made our jaws drop!

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Nice's Old Town area is one of our favourite spots for a wander
One of many romantic strolls through the old town of Nice

5. Argentina

Every theater gay aspires to have their Eva Peron moment, standing proudly on the balcony, gazing out to her adoring fans, locked in a dramatic rendition of “Don't Cry For Me Argentina”… Ok that's just me, but I got to live out my Madonna-Eva-Peron fantasy in Buenos Aires. And my life is now complete.

Of course, Argentina is more than Eva Peron. Whilst an iconic icon for the LGBTQ community, this is a country that offers delicious steaks, impressive landscapes in Patagonia, wildlife in Chubut, a thriving gay scene in Buenos Aires, and some of the most beautiful men you'll ever see!

Our top romantic highlight in Argentina was doing queer tango classes whilst exploring the gay scene of Buenos Aires.

Beyond the urban charm, Argentina gave us diverse landscapes such as the breathtaking Andes Mountains in El Chaltén. We got to try out lots of Malbec in the vineyards of Mendoza and even discovered a unique gay grape harvesting festival called Vendimia.

And a final add-on that will make your jaw drop – the Iguazu Falls. Just go…trust us!

A swimming pool at night surrounded by red lounges and romantic lamps with floating lamps in the water as well.

Stay at Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires

This is where Seby transformed into Miranda Priestly. Oh, you should have seen him stepping inside, posing outrageously next to each design item on display… Hotel Faena is a 5-star design hotel blending classic European design with modern elements, featuring unique unicorn decorations and elegant chandeliers. Oh, and it's very gay friendly. “That's all!”

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Trekking El Chalten for views of Fitz Roy is a highlight of visiting Patagonia.
Jumping for joy after hiking in El Chalten, Patagonia

6. Japan

We LOVE Japan so much we've been 3 times. Each time we leave we want to come back for more.

Stepping into Japan feels like you've gone into the future. Everything is so advanced. Everyone so charming, friendly, and polite. Always a smile and a charming bow! And then there's the food – there is good reason why the Japanese Washoku cuisine is UNESCO-listed!

The gay scene of Tokyo and Osaka are thriving with hundreds of tiny unassuming bars and clubs to check out. Head over to Kyoto and just get lost amongst the impressive temples, beautiful gardens, and unique shrines. A visit to Japan usually concludes in Hiroshima which offers a humble and important life lesson about the horrors of the nuclear attack post-WW2 and its long-term impact.

As we said at the start, the food of Japan is world-class, from the fresh sushi from the fish markets in Tokyo to the ramen bars, or the okonomiyaki of Osaka and Hiroshima.

The other reason we highly rate Japan as a top gay honeymoon destination is because it also offers a tranquil escape in the Yaeyama Islands in the south. This is where we found tropical Japan – pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and world-class diving in the reef surrounding Ishigaki island.

A big round red bathtub inside a room with massive windows overlooking a city at night.

Stay at Conrad Osaka

Foodies will especially love Osaka, and not just because of the four wonderful restaurants at Conrad Osaka! This incredible hotel in the sky also features a very romantic heated pool along with a highly-rated spa and beauty salon.

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Osaka Castle is a beautiful structure that looks especially magical if you visit during cherry blossom season
A romantic proposal by Osaka Castle

7. Colombia

We've been several times and each time it gets better. Largest gay club in South America? Tick! Stunning Caribbean beaches? Tick! Yummy coffee? Tick! Hot hung men…BIG tick!

On our first gay trip to Colombia, we visited the bustling streets of Bogotá, the romantic colonial Cartagena, and the Eternal Spring city that is Medellin. Each one offers its array of landscapes, cultural wonders, and gay scenes.

The best gay scene is in Bogota, famous for the mighty Theatron gay club, which is often lauded as the largest gay club in South America – certainly one of the best gay clubs in the world in our humble opinion. The Salt Cathedral is another highlight from Bogota we recommend.

Over to Medellin, not only a glorious city but a useful base to explore the Coffee Region and places like the Cocora Valley – easily our favorite landscape in the country.

Finally up to the coast for Cartagena, which is where I popped the question to Seby and asked him to marry me. This will remain a special place for us! Caribbean beaches and yummy coastal food rule the school up here.

A plush hotel sitting room with chairs and a coffee table leading into a bedroom.

Stay at Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia

For a romantic home base in Bogota, we recommend the Sofitel. It's glorious. It's well located (close to the gay scene), and it's super gay friendly. It's also very romantic with impressive art adorning the walls. Other highlights here include the restaurant and fitness center.

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The unique and impressive landscape of the Cocora Valley in Colombia
Pretty Cocora Valley in Colombia

8. Nepal

Our Annapurna Trek in Nepal was one of the most laborious things we've ever done together, but by god was it stunning!

Not gonna lie, if you're looking for romantic beach getaways, head to Thailand (see above) or the Philippines (below). But for those gay couples who, like us, thrive on adrenaline experiences, trekking, and stunning backdrops, you really do need to consider Nepal. It's also a country pushing to better its LGBTQ rights whilst also promoting LGBTQ tourism.

Nepal is nestled in the Himalayan mountains, famous for Mount Everest. The Annapurna Trek to Thorong La Pass reaches the same heights as the Everest base camp but instead of staying in tents, we got to stay in local tea houses in remote Himalayan villages with locals, which made it special. For the record, we reached 17,769 feet (5,416 meters) – Everest Base Camp is 17,598 feet (5,364 m).

Beyond the stunning mountain backdrops lies a rich Hindu and Buddhist cultural tapestry, particularly in the historic temples of Kathmandu, which also has a small but growing gay scene in the central Thamel district.

And then there's the delicious cuisine of Nepal led by the ubiquitous dal bhat and yummy momo dumplings.

An infinity pool next to a building with lion fountains and a mountain in the background.

Stay at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel

We love the Marriott brand because we know that wherever we are in the world it will welcome this gay couple with open arms. The Kathmandu Marriott is no exception. As well as being super gay friendly it's also super lush. Highlights for us included the breathtaking mountain views and the excellent fitness center – although though after a long arduous trek, the allure of the pool and sauna will be a lot stronger!

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Read our gay travel guide to Nepal with all the best things to see and do
Morning coffee with Himalayan backdrop…tick!

9. The Philippines

Not only is the Philippines one of the most gay friendly nations in Asia, it's a paradise. All our Filipino friends were quick to point out that the country has over 7,000 islands. That's a lot of coastline with plenty of beautiful beaches particularly in Boracay and around El Nido.

Manila is the large bustling capital, where most of the country's best gay clubs and bars can be found. Truth be told, we weren't enamored by the city as much as say, Bangkok, but what makes it special are the Filipinos who are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

We based most of our time on the paradisical islands of Palawan and Boracay. On Boracay, we enjoyed the beaches and even learned how to swim like mermaids – no seriously, it's a thing there, not to mention some impressive restaurants to try out.

The real gem is Palawan. Not only home to the impressive grand Underground River by Puerto Princesa, but El Nido is a dream, with gorgeous beaches and a labyrinth of pristine reefs making it ideal for snorkeling trips.

Whilst the Philippines gay marriage laws haven't yet been passed in the Philippines, we still find it a haven for gay couples, which is down to the warm, welcoming nature of the people. The Filipinos will go all out to make you feel loved and special.

A big bed with white canopy in a room made of dark wood.

Stay at Flower Island Resort in Palawan

OMG, you want a beach paradise all to yourself? Trust us, book this! Flower Island is hidden nestled in a pearl farm, around 1 hour boat ride from Palawan. The island is surrounded by rich coral life and you stay in a romantic hut right on the beach. Honestly, you can't beat this for the ultimate romantic getaway. It's paradise on Earth!

Find out more

Gay couple dressed as mermaids on White Beach in Boracay, Philippines.
Nothing to see here, just these two gays dressing up as beautiful mermaids on White Beach, Boracay…

10. Greece

Greece gets more fabulous every year. What was once a super Conservative Orthodox nation has quickly transformed into an LGBTQ rights trailblazer after legalizing gay marriage in 2024 and then subsequently hosting EuroPride in Thessaloniki in the same year.

Athens will be the entry/exit point for most visitors. We love the gay scene of Athens as much as the historic monuments the city boasts such as the Acropolis. However, as far as gay honeymoon destinations go, the Greek Islands are the real highlight, especially during the summer months. From the stunning volcanic backdrops of Santorini to the cutesy old town of Mykonos and its array of gay beach parties like XLSIOR.

However, as beautiful as Santorini and Mykonos are, they come with an equally hefty price tag. For a less hectic Greek island experience that isn't going to break the bank, we recommend checking out Crete. We did a big road trip around it one summer and fell in love – from glorious beaches like Elafonisi to cute port towns like Chania to explore. And then there's the food, well, anywhere in Greece you'll be spoilt with some of the best food in the world (as a Greek man I am 100% biased of course!).

A white room leading into a small pool in a cave overlooking the sea.

Stay at Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos is the epitome of a dream gay honeymoon hotel. Seby put on his sunglasses and did his Madonna impression as he minced around this luxurious five-star cliffside retreat. Nothing beats having your own private villa with a private pool + hot tub!

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11. Scotland

“Seby let's rent a couple of kilts and drive around Scotland for my birthday!”

You bet we did, and it was glorious!

We picked up our car rental in Edinburgh where we got a chance to explore the cute old town along the Royal Mile and the small gay scene around CC Blooms.

From Edinburgh, we headed North to Inverness in the Highlands passing impressive sights like Loch Ness (obligatory ‘searching for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster' boat trips on offer here!), the giant Kelpies horse head statues, and Scone Palace.

Our takeaway highlight from our road trip in Scotland was the scenery. Much like Iceland and New Zealand, Scotland blew our minds with landscapes, particularly in Glen Affric, Glencoe (where a lot of James Bond filming took place), and our favorite, the Duncansby Stacks in Caithness.

And then there's the whisky and the gin. Both are made in abundance in Scotland, with an abundance of distilleries for each to visit. The most famous is on the island of Islay, famous for its peated whisky.

Our verdict: our experience exploring Scotland on our road trip gave us we love as a gay couple to consider it a top destination for a gay honeymoon destination.

Eagle Brae is a beautiful choice of gay friendly accommodation in the Scottish Highlands

Stay at Eagle Brae

Luxurious log cabins in the middle of the Scottish Highlands. Fire burning while the cold night air whistles by outside…you CANNOT get anything more cozy or romantic than Eagle Brae. Preparing the morning coffee, gazing outside our window, we spotted a family of dears chilling outside- I mean…! We've stayed here twice and love it more each time.

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This is our complete gay travel guide to Scotland with all the unmissable experiences
If we ever published our own Calendar you know we'd feature this image from Eagle Brae!

12. Bhutan

Bhutan is the most fascinating place we've ever been to. It is nestled in the Himalayas with Tibet to its north and India to its south. For years Bhutan was closed to the outside world, but over the last few decades, it has opened up more and more to tourism, particularly LGBTQ travelers. In 2021, Bhutan got rid of its anti-gay law and has been welcoming gay couples like us.

We visited with Bhutan Mountain Holiday who knew we were a gay couple and always ensured we got double beds in hotels – our guide and driver also welcoming to us.

We loved our trip here. It's super unique, like nothing we've ever experienced before. For starters, Paro Airport looks like a carefully carved museum with intricate Tibetan art everywhere you look. In fact, most of the buildings in Bhutan are like this, especially the temples and monasteries.

The touristic highlight for us was Tiger's Nest Monastery near Paro. It sits almost impossibly on a cliff edge at 10,170 feet (3,100m) altitude, as if the Gods carved it out for us to admire. To reach it you have to hike up for around 2 hours, but it's well worth the effort for the views, and of course to explore the monastery atop.

Note that Bhutan requires a bit of effort to plan. You can only visit as part of a guided tour and you're obliged to pay a “tourist fee” of $100 per person per day. The flight to Paro is only possible via various locations such as Delhi, Kathmandu, Singapore, Bangkok, and Dhaka. The reason for the complications is that the government wants ‘high-value low volume' tourism to preserve the environment and its self-proclaimed Gross National Happiness policy. However, this exclusivity, coupled with the unique culture makes it an ideal destination for gay honeymoons.

A big white bathtub next to a window showing a hotel bed in a wood paneled room.

Stay at Le Meridien Paro Riverfront

It's luxurious and unique. The views across the Paro riverfront are super romantic. The hotel also boasts a pampering spa, an indoor heated pool, a sundeck, and two restaurants. Trust us, after a day's hiking up (and back down) to Tiger's Nest Monastery, you'll welcome it all! Oh, and did we mention a river-facing fitness center? 

Find out more

Gay couple wearing ghos at the Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan.
My husband, and a stunning monastery behind me. Life is complete 🙂

13. India

India is a mini continent! It's massive but with it comes a whole heap of places to explore, different foods to try, and impressive monuments to check out. Luxurious stays and pampering experiences are also in abundance here, usually at a fraction of the price you'd spend on the same thing in Europe.

India offers so many different types of gay honeymoon experiences that it depends on what you want from your special getaway together. In our case, we want a mix of gay scene, sightseeing, cultural exploration, and of course delicious food – which is why we put India on this list.

The classic route for first-time gay travelers to India is the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra (for Taj Mahal), and Jaipur. That's how we started our trip but then extended it to take in more of Rajasthan including Jodhpur and Udaipur. This section of North India is ideal to see opulent palaces and taste the most delicious Punjabi food you'll ever try.

Further afield we visited the provocative statues of Khajuraho en route to Varanasi, the holy city on the banks of the Gange – a travel highlight for us. Nothing beats the spiritual atmosphere along the Ghats in the evening, particularly during a big Hindu festival like Diwali.

We concluded our India trip by heading south to Kerala where we rented a houseboat to drift along the backwaters for a few days – not a bad idea for gay couples also looking for a chilled and laid-back experience as part of their honeymoon.

A courtyard with a shower and a plunge pool filled with flower petals.

Stay at Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi

Varanasi is not a place you're going to forget in a hurry! Life along the ghats is mesmerizing, from pilgrims' bathing rituals to the spiritual candle displays taking place every evening. It can get a tad hectic though, which makes this hotel a real treat. It's set in a former Maharajah's palace on the banks of the Ganges River, surrounded by mango orchards and jasmine fields. Seby loved the spa, for me, it was the romantic horse carriage tour around the property!

Find out more

Gay couple exploring the City Palace of Jaipur.
The beautiful City Palace of Jaipur

14. South Africa

South Africa is glorious and ticks all the gay honeymoon boxes in our humble opinion. The safaris will blow your mind. Cape Town, a super-pretty city, ideal for mountain treks, beaches, and the best gay scene in the country. And for something more gritty and alternative, there's Johannesburg.

We stayed in glorious Cape Town for the bulk of our South Africa trip. The city is surrounded by a wealth of wineries, pretty beaches like Strand Beach, and of course, the Table Mountain range, which is what gives it its unique backdrop. Head over to the De Waterkant district for the city's gay scene with bars like Cafe Manhattan, Zer021 Rooftop, and clubs like The Pink Candy. The nearby Cape Peninsula is also a joy to explore – for the landscapes and the resident penguins we got to meet en route.

We headed over to Johannesburg for the second part of our South Africa trip and then into the Pilanesburg National Park for our 3-day Safari. The goal for most is to spot the Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffaloes. We got lucky and spotted all 5 over our 3 days, along with an impressive mix of other wildlife.

J'Burg itself, not gonna lie, is a bit on the gritty side. Safety is a bit of an issue here, but we heeded the advice of locals, always staying with a guide and keeping valuables out of sight, and locked in the hotel safe. The highlight for us here was getting our very own bespoke African jackets from Caraci Clothing, owned by a queer local – one of the best souvenirs from our travels.

An eclectic sitting room with a big circular window, chandeliers and a horse figure hanging from the ceiling.

Stay at Gorgeous George in Cape Town

Gorgeous George is a unique LGBTQ-friendly boutique hotel in the heart of Cape Town with 32 luxurious rooms. Up on the rooftop, there's a pool, a restaurant, and an Insta-friendly bar where sunset cocktails would call us every evening! It's also a handy base for exploring the gay scene in De Waterkant.

Find out more

Stefan and Seby sharing a moment in their fabulous Caraci jackets from Johannesburg.
Our custom-made African jackets from Caraci Clothing in Johannesburg

15. Mongolia

We wanted to throw you a curveball for our final entry.

Ask us which is the most unique place we've ever been to – Mongolia is right up there for both of us, along with Bhutan.

Mongolia is like no other place we've been to. The landscapes of the Gobi Desert felt like we were on another planet. Living with Mongolian nomads in their yurts we got to experience a unique way of life that we'd never come across before.

For our trip to Mongolia, we visited during the big Naadam Festival in July, which is like the Olympics, (except it's annual). It includes a glorious Opening Ceremony in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and large events for archery, horse racing, and wrestling. The capital also has a teeny tiny gay scene led by the awesome Zorig who owns Mongolia's only gay bar.

As part of this trip, we did a tour of the Gobi Desert and the Orkhon Valley, staying with nomads. We got to ride horses through the Mongolian Steppe and camels through the Khongoriin Els, whilst later watching their master sing them to sleep with traditional throat singing with the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

We'll be totally honest, Mongolia is in no way a gay honeymoon destination for couples seeking something laid back and relaxing. But for couples whose idea of a gay honeymoon involves experiencing something totally unique with the most impressive landscapes you'll ever see, then you have a winner!

A luxurious indoor swimming pool with balconies above and fancy wooden seats around the edges.

Stay at Terelj Hotel & Spa Ulaanbaatar

For some good old-fashioned glitz and glamor, check out the Terelj. It's one of the most romantic hotels we've seen. It served us old-world glamor set in a grand colonial building. Indoor pool, impressive gym, and plush garden also part of the package!

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Stef and Seby on camels traveling through the Mongolian Gobi Desert.
Through the Gobi Desert we go on our trusty camel friends

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