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Sebastien Chaneac

Hey everyone, I’m Seby, originally from France, naturalized in the UK and now married to my crazy Greek Cypriot man, Stefan

I am the computer geek behind Nomadic Boys. Stefan calls me ‘the Architect’ because I do all the coding, SEO, and generally make sure that the site runs efficiently. 

Since I was a young child, I've always had a passion for traveling. I was curious about other cultures, people, places, and foods. Growing up, I would spend hours watching travel documentaries on TV, following the stories of journalists going on crazy adventures around the world.

I, too, wanted to be an explorer. I, too, wanted to see the world!

The underwater world is my other passion: thanks to Jacques Cousteau, the famous French marine biologist. Through his ocean exploration documentaries, Cousteau brought the mysteries of the sea to millions of people into their living rooms. And I was one of them, glued to the screen. He inspired me to study marine biology and learn scuba diving.

I knew that one day, I would dive all around the world and fulfill my Little Mermaid fantasy.

Cooking is another hobby of mine. Stefan always said that my Drag name should be Nigella. As a child when I wasn’t daydreaming about the sea life, I would help my mother cook in the kitchen. There’s something so therapeutic about mixing ingredients together to create a delicious meal that brings everyone together. After moving to London, I discovered different Asian cuisines. I fell in love with Indian curries, Thai stir-fries, and Sichuan hot pots.  

Since Stefan and I first met in early 2009, travel was a central theme in our relationship. We started doing small city trips around Europe together, eventually venturing further and longer.  

On our first trip to Thailand back in 2012 something happened to us. Something momentous that changed our whole perspective of life: we wanted to see more of the world, together. On this trip we also combined my two passions: we did our first cooking class in Chiang Mai and got our PADI scuba diving certifications in Koh Tao. 

Everything I loved in life was being fulfilled by travel: my love for cooking, and my passion for the underwater world, all done with the love of my life, Stefan.  

So, after several years of planning and saving, Stefan and I left our lives and jobs in London in 2014 for a big trip around Asia. We started Nomadic Boys as a humble blog for our friends and families so they could share our stories and photos from our trip. It was also a way to reassure my mother that I was alive and doing ok! 

About a year into our trip, traffic to our website started to grow. Random people we’d never met were finding us after searching up what gay travel in Asia is like – and they’d stumble on our content. This continued to grow, and businesses started reaching out to collaborate with us.  

At this stage, Stefan and I changed our writing style to target our new readers as well as our friends/family. 

Today Nomadic Boys has become one of the most popular online gay travel resources. It’s our baby – we’re very proud parents of our gay travel blog! 

We believe that despite being gay, you can travel to more places in the world than you thought possible. We, therefore, publish content aiming to inspire and show gay travelers that they can visit more places in the world than they thought possible, by providing a first-hand account of our travel adventures, which will help them plan a fun and safe trip. 

Quick fun facts about me: 

Nickname: Seby
Star sign: Gemini
Born: Lyon, France 
Based: Cyprus 
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid 
Favorite artist: Celine Dion 
Favorite dessert: Tiramisu 
Favorite thing to cook: Quiche 
Favorite destination: Thailand 
Number of countries visited: 67 

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