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Gay travel to South America Nomadic Boys

South America is alive with passion, salsa, ancient ruins, dramatic sceneries… and some of the hottest guys you’ll ever see!

We spent 2 years travelling as a gay couple around this magnificent continent, taking in the picturesque Old town of Cartagena, leading our luxury gay cruise in the Galapagos, trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, partying with the “Barbie Boys” in Ipanema’s gay beach, learning to dance Queer Tango in Buenos Aires and trekking across Torres del Paine in Chile.

In this section we review and present the highlights from our gay travels across South America with a round up of our best gay travel guides to help you plan your own gay trip to the region.

Is South America safe for gay travelers?

We found South America to be pretty safe for gay travelers. Some parts of South America are really gay, especially in gay friendly cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago in Chile, and Bogota/Medellin in Colombia. In terms of countries, we found Uruguay to be the most gay friendly country in the region.

When it comes to LGBTQ rights, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay lead the way. However, violent crime is rife across much of the big cities in South America, which makes safety a concern for all travelers, whether straight or gay.

Some rural parts of South America are also dangerous for LGBTQ travelers due to machismo attitudes especially across North Brazil, Coastal regions of Colombia and rural regions of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay.

Our favourite gay destinations in South America

South America has something for any type of gay traveler whether you’re you’re into gay adventures, partying or romantic experiences.

When it comes to parties, we love Bogota, which is home to the largest gay club in South America – Theatron! Sao Paulo also has an exciting gay scene with huge parties and the largest gay Pride event in the world. We also loved the gay scene of Santiago, Medellin, Quito and Buenos Aires.

For adventure and thrill seekers, you will love trekking in Patagonia, particularly in El Chaltén in Argentina and Torres del Paine in Chile. Another highlight of our trip was exploring the unique Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, especially snorkelling with the sea lions.

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