Planning our travels is a full time job in itself. We spend countless numbers of hours researching the best flights, unique gay friendly places to stay, best activities to do in every new place we visit as well as seeking out the gay scene. We've put together a list of the tools and services we use to plan our travels which we hope will be as useful to you as it has proven to us.

How to research for flights?
Skyscanner for researching flights


Skyscanner is our #1 resource for researching flights because it has the widest variety of airlines, including all those local ones you've probably never heard of, thereby maximising your options. It's clear and simple to use and also has an excellent user friendly app.

Holiday pirates to research flights

Holiday Pirates

Holiday Pirates is a company run by a team of travel geeks who scour the net looking for the best travel deals. They search for last minute deals, offers and “error fares” – pricing mistakes in the airlines' booking systems or reservation platforms. But you have to be quick because bargains are snapped up quick!

Booking gay friendly accommodation

During our travels through Asia, we spent a great deal of time identifying hotels which appreciate we want a double bed and don't make a fuss about it. Most luxury and high end brands such as Starwood Hotels, Four Seasons, Hyatt will welcome gay couples, even in countries with anti gay laws in place. But if searching for gay friendly guesthouses and boutique hotels, you need to use the right tools.

These are the resources we use to research and identify the best gay friendly places to stay.

World rainbow hotels gay travel resource

This booking engine only features gay friendly hotels. It has over 1,200 listings and is a useful tool to start your research or a quick way to find a gay friendly hotel if your time is limited. It has listings for mainly the big cities across Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Booking hotels and gay friendly accomodation is our favourite tool for finding the best hotel deals with a massive selection to choose from. It's particularly useful for comparing prices between different high end hotel brands. Prices are unbeatable and the more you use it, the better deals you get. For example, after a few bookings, you become a genius member, allowing you to get an extra 10-15% off the displayed rates.

Tripadvisor used as gay travel resources


TripAdvisor is a useful tool for finding out about a specific hotel before booking it. Accommodation listings are ranked according to reviews of previous customers. We particularly love TripAdvisor because you can sometimes find hidden gems, which you wouldn't normally see on large booking engines such as or Agoda.

Purpleroofs to find gay friendly accomodation

Purple Roofs

Purple Roofs is a massive online portal, listing all the gay friendly hotels around the world to their millions of readers. It does not have an online booking system but it is a useful tool to research for exclusively gay accommodations for a specific area.

Airbnb to find appartments


Airbnb revolutionised how we book our accommodation, now allowing you to rent a room with a local or an entire apartment. We used Airbnb extensively to find apartments to rent for a few days or weeks in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Sadly, it lacks the option to filter results to identify whether your host is gay friendly. Nonetheless, we never experienced any homophobia from hosts when renting an entire apartment.

Misterbnb to find gay friendly accomodation


Misterbnb is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBT community. Unlike Airbnb you know your host is gay (or at least gay friendly) and it’s a great way to connect and meet with a gay local who is likely to show you round. We found Misterbnb to be an ideal option for large European cities like London, Barcelona, Berlin etc

Book gay friendly accomodation on Agoda


Agoda is very similar to but more focused on the Asian market. It's the perfect tool if you're planning a big trip around the continent. However, unlike, the prices displayed in search results are not the final price. You then have to factor in the tax before obtaining the final price. Otherwise, you can find some excellent deals on Agoda, particularly in Asia.

Gay friendly tour companies

We have been fortunate to collaborate with a variety of excellent businesses during our travels, who specifically cater to the gay community and do an amazing job:


Out of office gay friendly tour company

Out of Office

Out of Office is an online travel agency specialising in luxury tailor-made experiences for the gay community. They go out of their way to design a unique experience whether it is for a romantic holiday, honeymoon, adventure experience or large group of friends travelling together.



G Adventure for adventure travel

G Adventures

G Adventures is one of the best adventure travel companies out there. They specialise in treks, wildlife safaris, excursions, boat trips and more. They have been operating for over 30 years and are gay friendly. They cater to all travel styles and offer tours all around the world.



IGLTA to find gay friendly travel companies


IGLTA is like the United Nations of the gay travel world, bringing together everyone related to the industry. They have a directory listing all the gay friendly tour operators across the world and is a good starting point for gay travellers.

Which travel book
Lonely planet travel guide gay

Lonely Planet

Is it dying? Some say yes, some say no… We are still quite old fashioned in some ways and love having a book for research instead of a laptop or smartphone, particularly for offline use. We used Lonely Planet extensively to plan our big trip around Asia as well as our upcoming trip in Latin America. The books contain excellent resources, particularly how to get into a city or what are the highlights you can't miss.

Spartacus gay guide for travel resource


Spartacus is the only gay international travel guide book featuring gay hotels, saunas, bars and clubs. It's like the Lonely Planet for the gays and an invaluable source of information for solo gay travellers.

Gay travel digital magazines

There’s a large number of excellent digital gay travel magazines and here’s some of our favourites:

Man about world gay friendly magazine


ManAboutWorld is the first gay travel magazine for iPads, iPhones and Androids devices, containing high-resolution images, well researched and written text, slideshows of images, videos and live links. MAW also has an excellent blog featuring gay travel information from around the world. Claim your 1 year free subscription of MAW here, worth $39.99, by entering the password code: thanks

Vespa app gay travel resources


Vespa is a website listing the best gay bars, parties and events taking place, covering over 300 cities in 70 countries. They also have an excellent user friendly app to download and allow you to leave reviews. It's a great way of finding out about the gay scene in a new city, such as which bars are open on a particular day and where the best happy hour deals are on a particular night.

Pink news gay travel newspaper

Pink News

The Pink News is one of the best portals for gay related news from all around the world. You can search for topics based on their location and they also have a travel section. Articles are well researched and give in-depth information about each destination.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance: don’t even dare think about whether you should or shouldn’t bother. Everyone should have it, end of discussion!

Worlds Noamds insurance gay travel resources

World Nomad

Whether you're planning a mini break, long term trip, extreme adventure experience or just some good old fashioned beach time, insurance is a must and World Nomads have got you covered. We love them because their prices are competitive and you can submit your claims online.

Travel equipment

Packing light for a long trip is almost like an art form. We started our first big trip in Asia with a 70 litres backpack each and found this to be excessive. Our goal is to travel long term across Latin America with half of what we took to Asia.

Osprey Farpoint 40 travel equipment

Osprey 40 litres backpack

This is our latest backpack and we are delighted with it. It’s only 40 litres yet has so many clever compartments, allowing you to pack smartly. It also has the ideal dimensions for carry-on luggage, saving you lots of time and hassle at airports.

Osprey stuff light bag travel equipment

Osprey 20 litres pocket day bag

This bag is incredible. It rolls into itself and can be stored away easily when not in use. It makes for a comfortable general day bag, capable of carrying up to 20 litres. It goes hand in hand nicely with our Osprey 40 litres backpack.

packing cubes travel equipment

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are the smart way of storing your clothes in your backpack so they maximise space and keep things well organised. It makes packing and unpacking a breeze, saving you time and stress!

Chat sim travel accessories


ChatSim allows you to stay connected with family and friends anywhere in the world. For a fee of €10 (£8/$11) a year you can send unlimited messages via WE Chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

Panasonic tz 100 camera travel gear

Panasonic Tz100

We started our travels with a Panasonic Tz60 and upgraded to the Tz100 earlier this year. This is the ideal camera for travellers who are passionate about photography but have to pack light. This camera has a 10x optical zoom, a 1-inch sensor, takes 4k photos and video recording, and fits nicely in your pocket.

Gopro hero camera travel equipment

GoPro HERO Camera

We use it for outdoor activities and underwater shooting. This is a great entry level sport camera. We're thinking this year of getting the GoPro HERO4 which shoots in 4K. If you love snorkelling and diving like we do, then an underwater camera is a must.

Macbook Air travel gear

MacBook Air 11 inches

Stefan breathes and lives Apple. He just loves it. Sebastien hates it. It is an ongoing dispute between the Nomadic Boys… Stefan's baby is his MacBook Air 11 inches. He swears by it and spends more time preening and cleaning it than he does using it. It is very light, fast, reliable, extremely easy to use and simply ideal for travelling.

Lenovo yaga pro 2 travel computer

Lenovo Yogo Pro 2 13 inches

Sebastien breathes and lives Windows. He just loves it. Stefan hates it and swears by his Mac… The Lenovo Yogo Pro is very light, great for travelling and ideal for more heavy computing stuff like computer programming and video editing, which Stefan is more than happy to let Seb get on with.

Iphone 6s travel equipment

Iphone 6s

According to Stefan, this is the best smartphone in the market. It takes some great photos and is extremely user friendly. According to Stefan, if you're a social media geek, this is perfect for you as all the apps are optimised for the iPhone market before they're released to non-iPhone markets.

Samsung s6 travel gear

Samsung s7

The best smartphone according to Mac-hating Sebastien. It's not as user friendly as iPhones (Stefan insists), but we both agree the quality of photos on the Samsung is second to none. It also shoots in 4K and is Android operated.


A VPN is a way to connect to the internet via a foreign server. It is a lifesaver in countries where certain websites are banned. For example in Abu Dhabi, Grindr is blocked and in China, you need a VPN to access anything related to Google (like Gmail, Google Maps), Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, Mobile Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, Pornhub (!), SoundCloud and many more.

Express VPN for travelling


We use ExpressVPN because it is one of the most cost effective VPNs, cheap and very easy to set up. We used it extensively, particularly in China.

Teaching English abroad


If you are looking to teach English abroad, but does not have any experience in teaching, it may be worth investing into a TEFL course. It is a practical course which trains you to become a teacher and understand the basics you must know before running a class.

Learn to teach English abroad


MyTEFL is one of the leading TEFL organisations and provide well made and practical courses to get you started as a teacher. They also offer job placement, and handle the whole moving process for you (from finding an appartment to getting working visas). We have partnered with them to offer our readers an exclusive 35% discount. All you need to do is quote the discount code BOYS35 on MyTEFL wesbite.

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