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Check out all these fabulous gay bars and clubs in Miami!

Best gay bars and clubs in Miami

Most people call Miami the Magic City on account of its rapid growth and expansion throughout the mid-’90s. Me? I call it the Magic City because it’s the place where … Read more

These are our choices for the gayest cities in America you must check out

The gayest cities in America

America: Land of the Free and Home of the Gay!  Since the United States only legalized gay marriage in 2015, it’s easy to assume that the entire country falls on … Read more

Miami has gorgeous beaches, including a couple of gay ones where you can even do some skinny dipping

The best gay beaches in Miami

You know us, we love being on vacation (I mean, who doesn’t?) but we really get our gay lives on the world’s many stunning beaches. If it’s a gay beach, … Read more