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Gay travel to north America

North America has some of the most gay friendly countries in the world, particularly in Canada and the USA.

We have travelled extensively across the entire region from Montreal in Canada, Fort Lauderdale in the US, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, San Salvador in El Salvador, Boca del Toro in Panama, and many more. In this section we review and present the highlights from our gay travels across North America with a round up of our best gay travel guides to help you plan your own gay trip to the region.

Is North America safe for gay travellers?

LGBTQ travellers won’t have any problems traveling through most of North America. We found the majority of the region to be very safe. However, as with all destinations in the world, there are pockets of homophobia to look out for, especially in rural areas.

We found Canada to be the gayest and safest destination in North America. The USA also stands firm as a gay mecca, especially California, New York and South Florida. However, large parts of the US are notoriously unsafe for LGBTQ travelers, especially middle America and large parts of the south. We also loved traveling in Mexico and the rest of central America, but gang violence affects much of the region, so we advise all travelers (straight and gay) to be aware of this.

Our favourite gay destinations in North America

North America has numerous gay vacation destinations to choose from! Some of our favourites include Provincetown in Massachusetts, Fire Island in New York, Palm Springs in California, Fort Lauderdale in Florida and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. This is where you’ll find some of the best gay beaches in the world. All the major cities across Canada and the USA have exciting and vibrant gay scenes. Our favorites include Montreal, New York, Mexico City and Toronto.

North America also has some of the most exciting gay events in the world! The best ones include New York Pride, Toronto Pride, Puerto Vallarta Pride, The White Party in Miami and the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

Some of our most popular content about gay North America includes:

Gay travel to North America: the latest posts

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