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Out in the World: our very own gay travel book!

Out in the World: our very own gay travel book!

Read all about our gay travel book, ‘Out in the World' (published May 2024): what it contains, and how you can order your very own copy.

We published our very own gay travel book!

After years of planning and writing, our rainbow holographic book, ‘Out in the World' was published in May 2024, and we couldn't be more proud!

Out in the World celebrates 10 years of publishing content that we hope inspires LGBTQ travelers while also helping them plan a fun and safe trip.

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

We are so proud of our achievement. What started as a simple blog for our family and friends in 2014 has since grown to become one of the prime online resources for gay travel. Millions read our content each year and use it to plan their trip.

Our book is our love letter to gay travel – our LGBTQ+ bucket list. We've written it from our first-person perspective, taking it in turn to share our experiences traveling around the world as a gay couple.

We have not covered every destination in the world, so if something is not mentioned, it doesn't mean we don't rate it – we just haven't explored it enough yet!

So what will you find inside our fabulous gay travel book?

Proudly signing our new book.

Gay travel tips

The sad reality is that as gay people, we have to do a whole extra layer of research before we can jet off safely to our destination. First, we need to check if it's legal to be gay where we're going. Next, we need to check just how conservative that destination is and whether it's safe to be openly gay there or if we need to jump back in the closet: is it ok to share a double bed? Are public displays of affection to be avoided? Are there any queer-friendly spaces we can visit where we can be our authentic selves?

We tackle these questions and more important considerations that LGBTQ travelers have to take into account when planning their own trip.

The gay travel tips section from our book.

Our favorite gay destinations

The bulk of our gay travel book has been divided into sections organized by each continent: starting with Europe, then Asia, South America, North America, the Middle East + Africa, and Oceania.

For each continent, we've devoted sub-sections to our favorite destinations that we've been to and written a summary for it, practical safety tips, must-not-miss highlights for LGBTQ travelers, and a travel story.

Heads up: we have not covered every destination! We've only included places we've visited, and from these, we selected our favorites to feature. The reason? Our publishers limited the word count to 30,000 so we had to work within this margin.

The Contents page list of destinations in our gay travel book.

Our best gay stories

Learning to ski at Whistler Pride in Canada…attending the largest gay party in the Caucasus in Tbilisi, Georgia…chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland…learning to swim like mermaids in Boracay, the Philippines…the moment Stefan proposed to Seby in Cartagena, Colombia…

For most destinations we've covered in our book, we have included our favorite travel story memory.

We've taken each story in turn, starting with Seby's account of how we first met in London back in February 2009 (“I'm going to marry that guy one day”), to the time we got blacklisted and banned in Lebanon (“Your names are blacklisted. You should not be here!”).

Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland story from our book.

And of course, lots of pretty photos!

Now you didn't think we'd go and publish a book without including our favorite travel snaps, did you?

We've gone through all our travel photos and selected the best ones to feature.

A cheeky kiss on the ski slopes of Whistler, piggybacking Seby in the Canals of Amsterdam, holding hands crossing the rainbow crossing of Florida Keys, stroking a camel in the Gobi Desert, stopping to admire the awe of El Chaltén in Patagonia…

The Argentina section of our gay travel book.

LGBTQ+ Visibility!

Through our travels, we have come to realize that true power lies in supporting the local LGBTQ community and, whenever it is safe to do so, giving them the visibility, they deserve.

By empowering them to say, ‘Hi, I'm here!' in the face of oppressive governments trying to suppress their existence, we spark essential conversations that need to be heard.

Positive change begins when we openly engage in these discussions, fostering empathy and understanding. We take pride in being a vital part of this discussion, standing alongside our LGBTQ brothers and sisters around the world.

We hope our book becomes an integral part of this discussion.

We hope our book guides and inspires you to make the most of your adventures wherever they may be!

The conclusion of our gay travel book devoted to our global LGBTQ+ family.

Order our book today!

Our book is available on all major outlets, including Amazon. Click on the book in this image to buy yours:

Gay couple travel book Nomadic Boys Out in the World

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