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Gay guide to Mykonos for first-timers (2024)

Stefan Arestis
Gay guide to Mykonos for first-timers (2024)

This is our travel guide to gay Mykonos for 2024 featuring the hottest gay beaches, hotels, bars, clubs, events, and more.

“Seby, we need to sell a few kidneys…it's time to fly to Mykonos!”

My Frenchman looked at me funny wondering if my drink had been spiked… But no joke, when we first came to Mykonos many moons ago, our eyes bawled at some of those high prices!

Mykonos has long been one of the top gay destinations in the world, especially in August during the XLSIOR Festival when around 30,000 gays from all over descend on this Greek island to party. It's a staple on the European gay calendar together with Maspalomas Pride, Circuit Barcelona, and Tel Aviv Pride.

Gay couple travel book Nomadic Boys Out in the World

Whilst Mykonos is synonymous with gay parties it also has a tranquil and romantic side to it. We loved walking hand in hand together around the cutesy cobblestone streets of Chora (Mykonos' main town) surrounded by the iconic whitewashed houses with blue windows. And at sunset, it's magical!
And then there are the beaches! Many a gay has spent the day whiling away along Elia's clothing-optional gay beach getting strategically lost in amongst the neighboring rocks where Mr. Right Now beckons…

We guarantee you'll fall in love with Mykonos as much as we did…your bank balance, less so!

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

Explore the Chora of Mykonos or get an introduction to the nightlife on one of these gay tours

Discover Mykonos on a gay tour

If you want to quickly make new friends, we highly recommend doing one of the Gaily tours. You can choose to discover the best of Mykonos by night with one of their charming and charismatic guides or go on a walking tour and wander through the cute narrow cobblestone streets of Chora town. You'll also meet the most famous (and most photographed!) resident of Mykonos – Petros the Pelican!

Find out more

Where is the gay area of Mykonos?

The gay area of Mykonos is in the main town called, Chora. We always base ourselves here because that's where the bulk of the nightlife is. There are a handful of gay hangouts in Chora. Jackie O' Town Bar is the main one, along with Porta and Lola.

What we love about the gay scene of Mykonos is that the crowds spill out into the small streets of Chora and merge to create an outdoor gay festival vibe much like what we experienced in the gay scene of Sitges.

During the day, we found that most of the guys we met the night before at Jackie O' Town Bar were also sleeping off a hangover on Elia or Super Paradise – the island's two main gay beaches. They are close to each other, located on the south of Mykonos, but both are a 20-30 minute drive from Chora.

You could join a gay nude sailing cruise of the Greek islands - including Mykonos!

Fancy a clothing-optional gay sailing trip?

One of the best ways to experience Mykonos AND make a whole bunch of new like-minded friends at the same time is on an all-male gay sailing trip with GaySail. The trip starts in Mykonos and cruises to Athens with stopovers at the following islands: Paros, Kitnos, Santorini, and Aegina. GaySail is offering an exclusive 5% discount. Just use the coupon NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

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Gay hotels Mykonos

We always base ourselves in the main town of “Chora” because this is where the gay nightlife of Mykonos comes alive. Chora is also close to the main port, and the airport, and is where public transport starts/finishes.

There are many excellent gay hotels in Mykonos. Over the years, we've stayed in a mix of different places, from upmarket boutiques to local guesthouses. We've summarised some of our favorites below to stay in 2024, but remember, when it comes to hotels, Mykonos is NOT cheap!

Also note that in 2022, the iconic Elysium gay hotel of Mykonos shut its doors for good.


Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo is one of the most luxurious and gay friendly hotels on the island of Mykonos

Why we love it

  • Luxurious and trendy five-star hotel built into a cliffside
  • Private villas with private pools and hot tubs
  • Gorgeous infinity pool and Aquarium Bar
  • Feel like a Goddess at the “Golden Spa”

“Stefan, for the rest of this trip you're going to call me ‘Elizabeth Taylor'”…that was Seby's reaction as we opened the room to our bedroom…

Cavo Tagoo is MARVELLOUS! It's the most luxurious, romantic, and gay friendly place to stay on Mykonos. We couldn't get enough of it!

It caught my eye because I wanted somewhere plush to impress Seby. When I saw those sunset views from the infinity pool, I knew I had to book it!

I went overboard snapping away at Cavo Tagoo's infinity pool that at one stage Seby threw my phone into the water from his floating sun lounger, reminding me of the many problems that social media addiction can cause… However, a few cocktails from the Aquarium Bar were enough to calm my hot-headed Frenchman.

“Today Stefan I will transform into the Greek Goddess of beauty, APHRODITE!” declared my Seby the following day as he booked us into a chromotherapy treatment at Cavo's Golden Spa. He wasn't kidding. The treatment transported us to the marble palaces of Mount Olympus…it was as if Zeus himself was sat there next to us eyeing up the hot Speedo-clad talent by the infinity pool, softly stroking his thunderbolt…

Prices at Cavo Tagoo start from $997 per night:


Misterb&b is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host is gay, voiding any nasty surprises when you check-in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and discover the underground gay scene. Click below to get 10 € (or $10) off our first booking.


Rochari Hotel

The Rochari Hotel is a lovely medium-budget option on Mykonos with lots of excellent amenities

Why we love it

  • Family-run gay friendly hotel
  • Located in the center of Chora
  • Beautiful swimming pool and pool bar
  • Restaurant, spa, and wellness center on-site

“Bright ‘n' breezy, close to all the action” was Seby's legit nickname at High School. Also, an apt description of this GORG family-run gay hotel in Mykonos.

The Kousathanas family has been welcoming LGBTQ travelers and couples like us since 1976.

“Opa!” cried Seby as he was about to smash another plate on our bedroom floor. I grabbed it from him in time to explain that we don't do this anymore in Greece…wowzers, those cocktails at the Rochari pool bar are pretty strong!

And what a bar! We came here every evening for sunset because the view over the Aegean waters was our daily reminder of how magical life is. We weren't the only ones – we met 3 other gay couples during our stay who staying here for their honeymoon.

Rochari Hotel is also great for groups of gays traveling with their squirrel friends. It's super close to Chora central and around 10 minutes to the Jackie O' Town Bar gay area of Mykonos (that's 45 minutes if you're trying to walk home an inebriated Frenchman).

Our hot gay tip of the week: want to pop those bicep veins before heading to Elia gay beach? Rochari's got your back: their gym is well-stocked with a full set of dumbbells ready to blow up your Instagram…

Prices at Rochari Hotel start from $162 per night:


MyCocoon Hostel

MyCocoon Hostel is a stylish hostel on Mykonos that's perfect for gay travellers on a budget

Why we love it

  • Stylish “design hostel”
  • Right next to the heart of Mykonos town
  • Rooftop infinity pool and bar
  • Excellent budget choice with little extras included

Gurls, gays, and theys, we hereby announce the only gay hostel in Mykonos!

Maybe not of the whole island, but certainly the only hostel we could find in Chora.

Back on our maiden voyage to Mykonos in 2017, we were looking for a budget gay friendly base in town and coincidentally, MyCocoon had just opened its doors.

Don’t let the “hostel” tag put you off. Whilst it’s affordable by Mykonos standards, the €40-70 a night price bracket isn’t going to attract your average backpacker in a hurry. This is more the playground for Flashpackers and younger queer kids in their early 20s.

MyCocoon is pretty cozy when it comes to space but other than that we found it to be hip, stylish, and most importantly, clean! It's centrally located in the northern end of Chora, less than 10 minutes walking distance to Jackie O’ Town Bar.

We made a ton of new friends hanging out at MyCocoon’s rooftop infinity pool bar. Back in 2017, Insta traps were all the rage…and we got featured in quite a few here! Today we imagine the MyCocoon pool area has been featured in plenty of TikTok FYPs…has it come up on yours yet?

Prices at MyCocoon Hostel start from $54 per night:

Where is the gay beach in Mykonos?

The main gay beaches of Mykonos are located on the southern tip of the island. Elia Beach is our favorite gay beach in Mykonos and one of the most famous gay beaches in the world. Super Paradise is the other one. For more remote beaches we recommend Agrari and Kalafatis beaches.

For first-timers, the following are the main gay beaches in Mykonos you need to know about:

1. Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise is a dream! We recommend heading to the lush Jackie O’ Beach Club and lounging there for the day. The view across the beach is unforgettable! Even more memorable is hanging out here with a group of friends.

We booked a drinks package which included the use of their sun loungers and facilities (toilets, showers, etc). During the summer months, Jackie O' Beach Club hosts a gay party every evening.

Not to be confused with the Jackie O' Town Bar gay bar back in Chora!

How to get to Super Paradise: we recommend renting a car or motorbike (around 20 minutes) as taxis are sparse and there is no direct public bus. Instead, you need to take a local bus to Paradise Beach and then walk (30 minutes) over to Super Paradise.

Super Paradise is the official gay beach of Mykonos

2. Elia Beach

Elia is the most popular gay beach on Mykonos island. It is one of our favorite gay beaches in EuropeWe love it!

On one side Elia has a party atmosphere with a beach bar and plenty of speedo-clad guys of all shapes and sizes. On the other end, Elia becomes more chilled and clothing optional.

Continue in that direction and you reach the rocks where things get very cruisey!

How to get to Elia Beach: with a car rental it takes around 20-30 minutes. The public bus from Chora Old Port bus station to Elia Beach takes around 30 minutes. Tickets cost €3.

Elia gay beach is one of the most popular gay beaches for LGBTQ travellers

3. Agrari Beach

When we wanted a break from the gay crowd on Elia Beach, we headed over to Agrari Beach. It's the next beach along Elia. A rocky outcrop separates the two (where a lot of hanky panky goes on!).

As Elia Beach becomes more popular in the summer months we like to head to Agrari because it's more low-key. It's also more remote, which makes it a clothing-optional haven!

We think Agrari Beach will likely take Elia's crown as the best gay beach in Mykonos very soon!

How to get to Agrari Beach: from Elia Beach (see above), just keep walking along, past the cruising area on the rocks and you'll reach it.

Agrari gay beach is a more low key beach in Mykonos

4. Kalafatis Beach

Kalafatis is one of the more remote beaches we love coming to when we want to completely avoid the crowds on Elia and Super Paradise. It is located east of Agrari.

It is protected from the wind by a line of beautiful pine trees. Oh those magical pine trees, not only provide cover from the intense midday sun, but they afford one a great deal of privacy…you can just IMAGINE what else goes on discretely here!

How to get to Kalafatis Beach: the drive in our rented car took us around 25 minutes. There is a public bus (around 40 minutes) from Chora Old Port but it only operates during the summer months.

Kalafatis is a more remote beach on Mykonos which provides plenty of privacy for some discrete nudity

5. Panormos Beach

Panormos is the only gay beach of Mykonos we've included which is not in the south. It is around 4.5 miles (7km) north of Chora. The public bus recently started coming here, which led to increased interest in Panormos Beach.

We found that the straight crowds and families tend to stick to the entrance side where all the umbrellas and sunbeds are. Continue walking to the far end, which becomes more remote – therefore gayer, cruisier, and more clothing-optional…we'll let your imagination do the rest!

How to get to Panormos Beach: there are several daily buses from Chora Old Port to Panormos (25 minutes each way). With our car rental, it took us around 15 minutes.

Head to the far end of Panormos Beach if you want to enjoy some nude sunbathing away from the families

Gay Beach clubs in Mykonos

The best gay beach club in Mykonos is, of course: The Nomadic Boys Beach Club!

Say what?

That's right, we love to grab a few drinks from the main town, pack Seby's wireless speaker, obligatory speedos, rainbow flag, and head over to Elia beach with some friends! Voila: our very own gay beach club!

But if you miss out on The Nomadic Boys Beach Club(!) the main one to check out is Jackie O's. If you're heading to Mykonos during XLSIOR in August, pick any beach club along Super Paradise or Elia and they will very likely be hosting a gay event.

1. Jackie O' Beach Club

The Jackie O' beach club is THE reason why Super Paradise Beach remains a gay beach hub in Mykonos. It's a large 150-seat restaurant with an open bar, sizeable pool, and Jacuzzi – just imagine the many gay pool parties that take place here every summer…!

Pool parties aside, the Jackie O' beach club is probably one of the happening gay hangouts in Mykonos during the day when everyone comes to the beach to sleep off their hangover and tan.

  • Address: Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos 846 000.
  • Opening hours: open daily from 9 am until around 1 am.
  • Our favorite: the summer beach parties and drag shows in July, August, and September.
The Jackie O gay beach bar is our favorite gay beach club on Mykonos

2. Gay beach clubs during XLSIOR

There isn't an official XLSIOR beach club, but we've included it here because if you're heading to Mykonos during this big gay festival in August, then you can pretty much guarantee that every beach club surrounding Elia and Super Paradise will be catering to the large gay crowd with their own LGBTQ targetted events.

Otherwise, check the XLSIOR website for full details of each party, which takes place at different beach clubs around the island like Cavo Paradiso, Ftelia, Zenit, and the Pinky Beach Club.

  • Dates of the next XLSIOR festival: August 22-28, 2024.
  • Cost of tickets: tickets start from €99 – check the XLSIOR website.
  • Our favorite: the opening party is the most exciting, the atmosphere is electric!
During the Xlsior gay beach festival all the Mykonos beach clubs get a gay makeover!

Our favorite gay bars

For its small size (around 10,000 inhabitants), Mykonos sure packs a punch with its gay hangouts. The main gay bars of Mykonos are located close together in Chora. They are Jackie O' Town BarPorta, and Lola.

For first-time gay travelers to Mykonos who want to quickly make new friends, we recommend doing a gay night tour. Also note, that the iconic Babylon gay bar has shut its doors and is no longer in operation.

1. Jackie O' Town Bar

For us, Jackie O' Town Bar by the Old Port IS the gay scene of Mykonos. In the summer months, crowds of gays gather from sunset till the early hours. It gets really busy here from 11 pm onwards when the street outside Jackie O' becomes the beating heart and soul of gay Mykonos.

Just around the corner from Jackie O' is the infamous Paraportiani Church where many a gay boy heads to during the twilight hours to, er, “pray” on their knees…!

  • Address: located on an unnamed road right by the Old Harbor next to the Paraportiani Church.
  • Opening hours: Jackie O' Town Bar is open daily from 7 pm until around 5 am.
  • Our favorite: cocktails at sunset and the drag shows.
Drag Queen performing at Jackie O Town in Mykonos

2. Porta Bar

Porta is the other main gay hangout in Mykonos. If ever I lost Seby amongst the throng of gays on a gay night out in Mykonos main town, I know I'll either find him at Jackie O' or Porta. 

Porta is a lot smaller than Jackie O' but just as busy. During the summer months, it gets so packed here that crowds spill out into the street. Our best nights out in Mykonos include partying at Porta in the wee hours.

  • Address: does not have an official address as the streets are unnamed. Put Porta Bar Mykonos in your Google Maps to locate it. It's a few minutes walk around the corner from Jackie O' Town Bar.
  • Opening hours: Porta opens from 10 pm until around 5 am (or when the last man standing is ready to leave!).
  • Our favorite: the convivial atmosphere from midnight on the streets outside Porta in August/September.
Porta is a nice low-key gay bar that perfect for when you need a little breather from the Mykonos party scene

3. Lola Bar

Gilles and Dimitris are the power couple behind this cutesy quaint gay bar in Mykonos. Whenever we wanted a more low-key night out and a break from the heaving crowds of Porta and Jackie O', we came here. 

Cocktails at Lola are fantastic! It was Espresso Martinis for Seby and Negronis for me. The sweet cherry on the cake – the pretty waiters of Lola… delicious!

  • Address: Lola Bar is located at Zanni Pitaraki 4 in Chora.
  • Opening hours: Porta opens daily from 8 pm until around 3 am.
  • Our favorite: the cocktails!
The atmosphere at gay bar Lola in Mykonos is so welcoming and friendly - plus the martinis are great!

4. Kastro's Bar

We love this small resto/bar because of the picturesque balcony area. It's our little hidden gem we share with you if you're looking for a place to impress your (Grindr) date. It's one of our favorite spots for dinner and/or a romantic drink because of the backdrop of the Aegean Sea behind you.

Although not exclusively a gay bar, Kastro‘s attracts a lot of gay couples like us who are looking for some downtime. The food here ain't bad either!

  • Address: Kastro Bar is located at Agion Anargyron 1, close to Jackie O' and Paraportiani Church.
  • Opening hours: Kastro is only open during the summer months (May to October). It opens early for the lunch/dinner crowd and closes at around 1 am.
  • Our favorite: the sunset view!
Kastro isn't a gay bar but it is a super romantic spot that's popular with gay couples

Best gay clubs for a late night out

The bulk of the gay boys will hang out at Jackie O' Town Bar first, then move on to the other bars throughout the night to dance, some gravitating to the cruising area of Paraportiani Church!

There are a handful of ad hoc gay parties happening across Mykonos, especially during the XLSIOR festival in August. Otherwise, most of the bars above have a late license and will morph into a dancing venue later in the night, staying open till sunrise – Porta Bar for example.

We've set out our favorite gay clubs of Mykonos below:

1. At54 at the TownHouse Hotel

Also called @54 or 54Bar, this is a lounge, terrace, bar, and club, attached to the TownHouse boutique hotel. Whilst we love coming here for a few romantic sunset cocktails on their terrace, for us, the real highlight of At54 is their pop diva club nights. We love to boogie to Kylie, Britney, and Abba, and At54 gives us that dose of gay pop disco we so crave on our holiday!

At54 also gives us our dose of Greek pop gay anthems from the most famous local divas like Anna Vissi, Elena Paparizou, Tamta, and Eleni Foureira. 

  • Address: At54 is located at Manto Square Mykonos Town
  • Opening hours: 8 pm – 2 am every day.
  • Entry fee (updated 2024): entry is free, but you'll be obliged to buy a drink.
At54 is a fun combination of lounge, terrace, bar and club attached to the TownHouse boutique hotel on Mykonos

2. Cavo Paradiso

This is THE famous mega-club of Mykonos and is often rated as one of the best in the world. It is located to the east of Paradise Beach, perched up high on a 150-foot-high cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. During the summer months, Cavo Paradiso hosts some of the biggest gay parties of Mykonos, which reminded us of the epic parties we went to in Ibiza. The crowd is usually a mix of both gay and straight guys – and those in between!

  • Address: Cavo Paradiso is located next to Paradise Beach – around 15-minute drive from Chora. 
  • Opening hours: 8 pm – 2 am every day.
  • Entry fee (updated 2024): entry is around $30 normally, but tickets for the XLSIOR WE night in August can cost upwards of $100.
Cavo Paradiso is a famous mega-club of Mykonos and often rated as one of the best in the world which hosts some amazing gay parties!

3. XLSIOR and other gay parties in Mykonos

During the peak summer months, there are always large ad hoc parties happening throughout Mykonos at various venues such as the Fou Club, Zenit, and others. The biggest ones will be happening during the XLSIOR festival in August (like WE at Cavo Paradiso mentioned above).

The best advice is to look out for the hot speedo-clad GoGo boys who will be advertising any parties during the day at Super Paradise and Elia Beach.

Mykonos is home to lots of gay parties throughout the year, like the XLSIOR festival in August

Gay parties in Mykonos

XLSIOR is the mama of all gay parties in Mykonos!

This is a week-long festival every August, which is also the height of the summer peak season. It's massive – one of the most famous gay events in Europe, and in our humble opinion, the world! Just imagine – 30,000 speedo-clad gays all descend on Mykonos every August to party in the sunshine. The bulk of these guys have flown over directly from the Barcelona Circuit party which takes place in the preceding weeks to XLSIOR.

Highlights of XLSIOR to look out for include the opening pool party as well as the many parties at clubs like Cavo Paradiso, which usually spill out onto the beach.

Where are the gay cruising spots?

The main cruising spot is just outside the Paraportiani Church in the main town. Yes, a church! We also gagged when we first found this out…!

Otherwise, pick any of the remote nude-friendly beaches and they'll be a private area where lots of mischief happens. Here are some of the more popular gay cruising areas in Mykonos:

Paraportiani Church

Late at night, the rock area just behind the church is a notorious cruising ground. It's also a sight to behold – more for the irony of this happening just by a church! Careful on those rocks though, they can get quite slippery. Paraportiani is located in the main town, Chora.

Elia Beach

As you approach Elia Beach from Super Paradise, keep walking to the other end, away from all the sunbeds (where the straight crowd hangs out). The far end is the gay nude part. If you continue over to the rocky area just after this, you'll quickly locate the spot where all the shenanigans happen!

Agrari Beach

Agrari Beach is located next to Elia and is more relaxed with fewer crowds. The further along Agrari beach you head, the quieter and more nude it gets. In the rocky and foresty areas around it is where all the gay boys go to play.

Paraga Beach

Paraga is a small rocky beach on the southern side of Mykonos. Not one of our favorite beaches to be honest as we prefer sandy beaches. But for gay cruising, the rocks on the southern end of Paraga is where you'll want to head.

Paraportiani church in Mykonos is a very popular gay cruising spot
Paraportiani church, a very popular gay cruising spot in Mykonos. What happens in Mykonos, stay in Mykonos…

Our favorite restaurants in Mykonos

Mykonos has lots of excellent restaurants, whether you want a late-night souvlaki, or guzzle a few retsinas with some meze. We've set out the main gay restaurants of Mykonos below, including a few gay friendly favorites we think you should have on your radar when heading over:

Jackie O' Beach Club

Jackie O' Beach Club on Mykonos is a fun spot to hang out which also does pretty incredible food

The Jackie O' bar in the Chora was so popular that they decided to expand, opening a gay beach club and restaurant at Super Paradise Beach. Not only can you enjoy the beach here, there's also a pool, Jacuzzi, bar, and restaurant. We love coming to the restaurant in between sunning and swimming on the beach. Perched above the beach you can dine on a huge variety of sumptuous seafood dishes along with flavourful salads, pasta, and fresh fish. There's even a cigar menu to end off your meal – yes, a cigar menu…this is the first time we've ever seen a cigar menu in a restaurant! If you come for dinner, make sure you also stick around for the drag show afterward.


Notorious is a great restaurant in Mykonos that attracts a lot of gay clientele

Located in Mykonos town is Notorious, Notorious is a cocktail bar/restaurant with a really sweet French owner and a large gay clientele. We loved coming here for their signature Notorious cocktails and antipasti. It's a beautiful little spot with green details inside, comfy seating, art, and friendly cats wandering around. They serve simple but delicious homemade food like pizza, soups, and antipasti platters, as well as plenty of vegan or vegetarian options. It's perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail and snack, a proper meal, or breakfast in the morning! The artwork on the walls is also for sale if you want a unique souvenir of your time in Mykonos.

Noa Greek Restaurant

Noa is a gay friendly restaurant on Mykonos that serves delicious and authentic Greek cuisine

Noa is one of the most highly-rated Greek restaurants on the whole island. We love to come here when we're craving some authentic Greek food, especially Stefan – this is, after all, staple comfort food for him. Noa attracts a mixed crowd including lots of gay boys because it is a few minutes' walking distance to the gay bars. Not only is the restaurant gorgeous, the views are super romantic and the food certainly packs a punch! We could have stuffed ourselves with gyros, kebabs, lamb chops, grilled octopus, souvlakis, tzatziki, and baklava all day long, but then we'd need to roll back home! As excellent as Noa restaurant is, we also like the fact that it's not too expensive either (at least for Mykonos standards!).


Lalala is our favourite place for brunch on Mykonos with the best pancakes on the island!

Lalala is one of the most popular places in Mykonos to go for a gay brunch. We certainly rate it as our favorite breakfast/brunch spot. Why? Their pancakes are famous for being the best on Mykonos (trust us!), the coffee is superb and if you want something a little healthier, we recommend the Greek yogurt with fruit and honey. Like Noa, Lalala is close to the gay bars and hotels in Chora, which makes it a popular choice for the gay boys looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before heading down to Elia Beach. It's owned and run by two (super cute!) brothers, who are just the loveliest guys you'll ever meet!

Top things to do in Mykonos

Tired of partying and want to do something different? For us, we always welcome a cultural injection whenever we're holidaying in Mykonos. Beyond the gay bubble, Mykonos is a really pretty Greek island to discover, with ubiquitous classic white buildings set against the blue sky and turquoise waters, 16-century windmills, and gorgeous ancient Churches. Yes, the infamous Paraportiani Church may be a cruising area at night, but during the day it is, in fact, an 800-year-old cultural gem that we recommend you check out!

We've set out some of the main highlights of Mykonos to inspire you. We've also suggested a few tours for each, some are gay, others mixed.

Explore Mykonos town – Chora

Explore the main sights of Mykonos town or get a taste of the gay nightlife on a gay tour

The number-one thing all travelers to Mykonos will (and should) do is explore Chora. Chora is Greek for “town” and is a way to specify whether you're talking about the island Mykonos or the main town which is also confusingly called, ‘Mykonos'! Here you will find picturesque white buildings (think Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia), the famous windmills, the main harbor, and the pretty area known as Little Venice. If it's your first time on Mykonos, we highly recommend joining a gay tour which will take you to all the main sights, and, bring you face-to-face with Mykonos' most famous resident: Petros the Pelican! Doing a gay tour is also a fantastic way to make a fantastic new group of friends who you can then party with for the rest of your trip.

Explore Delos Island

While in Mykonos make sure you also explore nearby Delos Island, where the Greek god Apollo was said to have been born

Right next to Mykonos is another small island called Delos. It is considered one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in the whole of Greece. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Delos Island was the birthplace of Zeus' two children: Apollo (the God of sun and music) and Artemis (the Goddess of hunting and chastity). Today Delos is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site and in our opinion, a very worthwhile day trip from Mykonos to explore the archaeological remains of this sacred place. There's a museum filled with artifacts from all around the island, but just walking around is like being in an open-air museum. Also, look out for the famous ᑭhalluʂ column at the Terrace of the Lions. It's half of a (giant!) pҽղìs perched atop the column!

Discover a more authentic Mykonos

Join a tour to different parts of the island to get a feel for real life on Mykonos

For something completely different, away from the crowds, we recommend this authentic Mykonos tour. It's easy to think that Mykonos only exists for the large swathes of foreigners that visit in the summer season, but there is a large local community living on the island throughout the year (honestly, this surprised us as the island is super touristy, crowded and expensive!) This tour includes visits to remote villages like Ano Mera, hidden harbors like St Ioannis port, and secret secluded beaches. One of the highlights for us on this tour was visiting the Mykonian Spiti farm where we got the chance to try a bit of local cooking and lots of wine tasting.

Go island hopping

Exploring Mykonos and the nearby islands on a catamaran is a heavenly experience!

Most visitors will include Mykonos as part of an island-hopping adventure in the Greek islands. We agree that sailing between the Greek islands is a top Bucket List must-do item! Other nearby highlights in the Cyclades include Santorini, Paros, Naxos, and Ios. If you're already in Mykonos, we suggest joining a full-day sailing excursion on a catamaran to visit the best beaches on Delos and Rhenia islands. The catamaran also passes lots of beaches, which he can stop off at if the group wants – these include Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Psarou, Platys Gualos, Paraga, Paradise, and Super Paradise. This tour also includes the chance to go snorkeling and stand-up paddleboarding.

Do a romantic sunset cruise

A sunset cruise is an ultra-romantic experience for gay couples visiting Mykonos

Another great idea to impress your date or if you're a couple visiting Mykonos and want to celebrate with something special is to go on a romantic sunset cruise. This five-hour cruise includes unlimited drinks and a light snack, as well as lots of stops for swimming along the way. You'll get to visit many of the island's best beaches, go swimming and snorkeling, or just work on your tan. Lying in the sun on a catamaran is a very relaxing way to spend some time together, and on the way back to Mykonos you'll get to enjoy the stunning colors as the sun sinks back below the waves. As I said above, when Seby and I argue, a few drinks and a stunning sunset backdrop are usually enough to win him over!

Plan your trip to Mykonos

We've put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your trip to Mykonos. Read on to find out everything we think gay travelers should know before heading to Mykonos:

Travel insurance: It doesn't matter how well you plan and prepare, sometimes things just go wrong when traveling. We recommend all travelers to Mykonos organize travel insurance to ensure that you're protected against things like accidents, illness, or canceled flights. We've been using Heymondo Travel Insurance for years and love them. They provide affordable and comprehensive cover, plus it's easy to make a claim online when/if you need to.

How to get to Mykonos Mykonos: You can either take a 5.5-hour ferry from Athens to Mykonos or fly directly to Mykonos airport from Athens and most other destinations in Europe with budget airlines like Easyjet. The easiest way to get from the port or airport to your accommodation in Mykonos is by booking a private transfer with Welcome Pickups. We love their services because they provide professional English-speaking drivers to whisk you straight to your hotel so you don't have to juggle your luggage on public transport.

Visa requirements to Greece: Many visitors to Mykonos will not need a visa to enter Greece and stay as a tourist for up to 90 days. If you come from another country in the EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States then you won't need a visa, but make sure you check your personal visa requirements before booking anything.

Getting around: The main town (Chora) of Mykonos is a vehicle-free zone, so you will only be able to explore it by walking – which simply adds to its charm as far as we're concerned! To explore the rest of the island you can use buses, taxis and water taxis.

Vaccinations: All travelers to Mykonos should ensure they are up to date with routine vaccinations for measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. Depending on where else you might be visiting in Greece and what you might be doing you may also need vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B or rabies. Make sure you check the CDC website and speak to your doctor before planning your trip.

Currency: The currency used in Mykonos is the Euro, just like in the rest of Greece. The symbol for the euro is € and $1 US converts to about 90 euro cents while £1 is worth around €1.17.

Tipping culture: Since Greece as a whole (and Mykonos in particular) is a popular tourist destination, tipping is widely expected as a reward for good service. Some restaurants may include the tip on the bill so don't tip on top of that. Generally, a few euros or ten percent of a bill is a normal amount to tip for good service. You can read more about tipping in Greece here.

Internet access: Free WiFi is available at nearly every hotel, restaurant, cafe, and bar on Mykonos. If you need a reliable connection for work or want to be able to connect multiple devices, you can organize a portable WiFi device to use during your trip.

Accommodation: For more gorgeous accommodation options on Mykonos, check out We always use them to find places to stay as they have a huge range of properties at the best prices, often with free cancellation included. The online booking process is simple to use and their 24/7 online support is also excellent.

Sightseeing and adventure: There are plenty more exciting things to see and do on Mykonos besides what we've mentioned in this guide. We like to use GetYourGuide to plan our adventures since they have many wonderful options, an easy-to-use online booking system, and 24/7 online customer support.

When to visit: The peak period is the last 2 weeks of August during the big gay Xlsior Festival, however, the island is packed with family tourists as well, so consider coming in September when children go back to school. Between October and April many hotels and restaurants close, plus the weather is much colder, so it's not an ideal time to visit.

Gay map of Mykonos

This is our gay map of Mykonos to show you where everything we've mentioned in this article is located. Use it to find out where all the best gay friendly hotels, bars, and activities are located.

See where all of the gay bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and more are located on Mykonos

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Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Thank you for all these golden nuggets. Where/what area should I stay for Xlsior parties? It will be my first time in the island.

Stefan Arestis

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Thanks for your message Marko. I would recommend staying in Mykonos main town. It's the place where most will be based and the gay bars are. The XLSIOR parties will be spread out at different places in the island, the transport for each will start/end in Mykonos main town, so makes sense to be based there.


Tuesday 4th of August 2020

From whitewashed villages to bohemian chic retreats and beaches with crystal clear waters Mykonos is a gay's summer paradise. Mykonos offers a party scene that lasts for almost 24 hours straight, during the whole course of summer. You should definitely visit the Super Paradise beach, which was once the biggest gay beach on the island.

Stefan Arestis

Wednesday 5th of August 2020

Absolutely - and Elia beach as well :)

Josh Clement-Sutcliffe

Saturday 18th of July 2020

I loved the night life in Mykonos! Being able to party on the beach is so much fun, I loved my time on the island

Stefan Arestis

Sunday 19th of July 2020

LOVE Mykonos :)


Saturday 16th of November 2019

Mykonos can also be reached with high speed boats from Athens (either Piraeus or Rafina ports) in 2.5 to 3 hours!

Lots of happy cruising around Paraportiani church at night or Elia rocks and hill (naked) during the day. Much fun!

Stefan Arestis

Sunday 17th of November 2019

Agreed!! :)


Tuesday 1st of October 2019

Lola is a great bar aswell. I missed it on your site. We had a lot of fun there last week. We met a lot of paradisebirds there. Unfortunately, the pianobar is closed.

Stefan Arestis

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

Hi Niels thanks for the comment! We've updated the article :)