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The best gay Instagrammers you need to be following in 2021!

The best gay Instagrammers you need to be following in 2021!

We celebrate our 20 favorite best international gay Instagrammers in 2021 ranging from travel, gay relationships, families, fashion, and more.

Instagram is one of our favorite sources of inspiration for pretty much everything! As a gay couple, we love seeing how other LGBTQ couples interact whether it's on their holiday, their fashion sense, with their children, how they cook together, or just awwww-ing over some of their day-to-day images.

We're fortunate to have a very active and engaged LGBTQ community on Instagram from all around the world.

We rate Instagram as one of our favorite travel apps, not only to inspire ideas for the next thirst trap but as a way to connect with other queer travelers. We've made some terrific lifelong travel friends over Instagram who we meet up with again and again.

In this article, we celebrate our 20 favorite best international gay Instagrammers and influencers in 2021 that we think you should check out and follow right away! For more inspiration, make sure you also check out our guide to the best gay travel bloggers and best gay Tik Tok accounts.


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What makes a good gay Instagrammer?

When going through the list of many wonderful LGBTQ influencers on Instagram, there are several factors we look at beyond the headline number of followers:

  • Engagement: how well connected is that Instagram influencer with their following and community. We think this is the most important factor to ascertain how influential someone is. A good Instagrammer will be active online and work to gain the trust of their followers.
  • Inspiring: how much does this Instagram influencer inspire us and make us want to “join in” their lifestyle? Here we look at the quality of the photos and the use of captions. They need to produce top-notch content to qualify as a great Instagrammer. Humour, wit or anything that makes us smile is a massive added bonus!
  • Unique and distinctive: the final factor we look at is asking the question – “what makes this influencer unique in our LGBTQ community?” We have so much love and respect for queer influencers that use their platform to help bring awareness to LGBTQ issues.
Nomadic Boys travel blog, gay couple travelling around the world

Are you following us yet?

Our Instagram aims to inspire and show LGBTQ travelers that they can visit more places in the world than they thought possible. Together we've been traveling the world with Pride since 2009 from trekking the Himalayas in Nepal, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, traveling on the Tran Siberian railway, and more. We are very proud that we have been voted as the Gaycities' top gay travel Instagrammer for the past 3 years.

20. OriolPamies – Gay activist & travel

Oriol is a Spanish travel influencer and activist you should be following on Instagram!

Oriol is a Spanish travel influencer who is also an activist and CEO of the Queer Destinations travel agency. Oriol posts inspirational and captivating LGBTQ photos and stories which we love following.

Oriol spent most of his adolescent years studying at an Opus Dei school but left when he started to question his attraction to men. He is a strong advocate of the October 11th National Coming Out Day and has published a book in Spanish about his coming out story called, “Ahora que ya lo saves“.

Oriol is known for co-founding the LGBTQ social network app, Moovz and he sits on the board of the influential IGLTA Travel Association.

19. DadnDaddies – LGBTQ family

Devon is a sassy gay dad who shares what it's like to be a single gay dad of two boys

Devon is super handsome sassy single gay dad with 2 adorable children based in Salt Lake City. He has beautiful posts about his life as a single parent which are full of positive energy – as well as the odd cheeky thirst trap!

Devon aims to share the goodness, humour and humanity in all families.

His posts and stories always make us smile. His interaction with his children is infectious!

Devon also has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about single parenting, how he came out to his children and how he became a dad. He also does Q&A videos which we think are a vital resource for wannabe gay dads.

18. AsianMapleLeaf – Gay travel

Asian/Canadian Barry shares inspiring travel content on his IG and blog

Barry is a gorgeous Canadian block from Toronto based in New York.

He has some of the best inspirational travel moments in his feed, and his Insta stories beautifully compliment this. He also has inspiring posts with his handsome boyfriend, Teraj about what it's like for an inter-racial couple.

Barry fell in love with traveling the first time he flew to Hong Kong when he was a kid. Since then he has been exploring new destinations each year.

He posts about all the different foods he tries, his adventures living in New York and his inspiring journey in self-discovery. Barry is also a stud who knows how to post a few thirsty pics!

Find out more about Barry in our interview with him about what gay life is like in Canada. Also, be sure to check out his Asian Maple Leaf blog.


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17. Krystian_Gabrielle – LGBTQ family

Krystian is a cool mom who posts about life as a mixed race lesbian couple raising a son in Tampa, Florida

Krystian is a ridiculously cool mom!

She posts about her married life featuring her wife, Caitlyn, and their angel-faced, curly-haired son, Grey. They are based in uber-cool Tampa, Florida, a city we know and love well.

We love following Krystian because as well as being so inspiring, her posts are thought-provoking, always challenging gender roles and toxic masculinity. She promotes the message that children should be able and encouraged to play freely without being constricted to society’s norms, and the need to confront issues of toxic masculinity that reinforce negative male stereotypes, challenging and calling it out where possible.

In Krystian's own words – “Let’s teach them to destroy stereotypes and show the world how beautiful toxic-free masculinity can be!” Preach Moma K – a big AMEN from us!

16. ProbablyThis – Gay lifestyle

Follow Beu and Matt from Probably This on Instagram and their blog for inspiring home and garden content with sassy gay flair

Beau and Matt are a darling gay couple from New Orleans who post gorgeous pics focusing on improving your home and garden. In their words, ‘Matt's the bald one, Beau's the sassy one, and Fox is the one that's six pounds and covered in hair!'

We love the boys' Probably This blog, where they have an online shop and also publish content about food, interiors, travel, and menswear. The boys have a passion for beautiful homes, delicious food, and gay reality TV dramas, which they post about in their Insta stories every day.

Look out for the Instagram Lives cooking sessions the boys frequently do, with wonderful subtle thirst traps featuring Matt's impressive torso and Beau's tantalising hairy legs!

15. TheTravellingGays – Gay travel

Doug and Sanjay are a married couple who travel the world and share cute couple pics on Instagram

Doug and Sanjay are a married gay couple from the UK, taking us around the world with their adorable and super romantic couple pics. Or in their words, “Serving Gaytravel, Lifestyle & LGBTQ Realness”.

Doug works in travel and is originally from the Lake District in northern England, UK. Sanjay is half Indian, half English from London, and works for an LGBTI charity. The boys originally met at Manchester Pride back in 2009 at a mutual friend’s house party. They saw each other across the room, and the rest is history!

You may recognise Sanjay, who was a contestant on the 2014 BBC show “The Apprentice”.

14. TheAngelinos – Lesbian lifestyle

You can follow The Angelinos on Instagram for inspiring content about being a mixed-race gay couple

Ariana and Hannah are a lesbian couple based in Los Angeles who use their account as a platform for inclusivity, visibility and post a lot of inspiring content about what it's like being an interracial couple.

You will fall in love with the Angelinos!

The girls met on Tinder in 2016 and quickly fell in love. They have a lifestyle blog where they publish content about everything relating to our lives, from their love of retro diners, vintage stuff, and beauty products.

They also publish a weekly LGBTQ+ related video on their YouTube channel which covers issues they face every day as an interracial lesbian couple. It's extremely insightful and we recommend checking it out.

13. MichaelandMatt – Gay travel

Michael and Matt are a cute gay couple from Oregon who post inspiring photography from their travels and everyday life

Michael and Matthew are a really cute gay couple from Oregon who inspire travel and have the cutest day-to-day post of their lives in Portland.

Their photography is simply stunning!

The boys originally met in 2014 over YouTube after posting their coming-out videos. One week later, Michael purchased a flight to visit Matthew in Seattle. They fell in love and Matthew moved to Nebraska for a number of years to be with Michael while he worked through Dental school. After graduation, they got married!

When not traveling, Michael is a dentist and Matthew a nurse as well as a freelance photographer and writer.

The boys also produce engaging videos from their travels which you can check out on their YouTube channel.

12. Keenanblogger – Singer, actor and gay lifestyle

Andrew Keenan one of best gay Instagrammers

Andrew is super cute, inspiring and really well dressed!

Andrew Keenan-Bolger is primarily known for his acting and singing, especially on Broadway. In 2010 he co-created an online comedy called “Submissions Only” and then directed two short films – “Sign” and “The Ceiling Fan”.

His Instagram is one of our favorites because it's always full of inspiration, charm, and the odd cheeky thirst-trap. He is also extremely cute with the best smile ever!

Andrew uses his Instagram to show off his travels and also showcase his many outfits via his popular Lightroom presets. Together with his husband, Scott Bixby (“Third Lady of the United States”!), they made a very handsome power couple.

You can see more of Andrew on his blog, Twitter, and YouTube channel where he posts fascinating backstage videos from his Broadway shows.


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11. TylerandTodd – Gay lifestyle

Tyler and Todd are a married gay couple from Canada you need to follow on Instagram for tiny living inspiration

Cute Canadian couple Tyler and Todd are almost as adorable as their 2 golden retrievers, Charlie and Eddie.

They are a married gay couple from Edmonton, Canada, who redecorate houses and manage them as rentals.

In September 2019, they set off on a North American road trip in their fully renovated 1996 RV and have been on the road ever since with their two pups close at hand.

Their feed is simply beautiful. Every photo so carefully crafted – cuteness overload with an infectious positivity. We also love the boys' stories where they show us how they furnish each property and also showcase many different vegan and pet-friendly recipes. See more of the boys in their YouTube videos.

10. Kit Williamson – Filmmaker and storyteller

Kit Williamson is a gay film maker and influencer

If you haven't watched the Emmy-Nominated Eastsiders yet on Netflix, then you're missing out!

Kit initially created this dark LGBTQ comedy and launched it on YouTube. He crowdfunded the remaining episodes, eventually selling it to Netflix. Eastsiders is funny, moving and very real, exploring queer issues ranging from relationships, substance abuse, coming out, seҳʊal health and more. Kit is all about Eastsiders on his Instagram, along with some very thirsty snaps and most importantly, posts about LGBTQ issues.

Kit's handsome husband, John Halbach (and co-star in Eastsiders) is also big on Instagram, together making up one very influential power couple team. When not producing an award-winning series, the boys are also passionate about travelling and use their Instagram to promote gay travel, which we also love following.

We were lucky to meet the boys when we were all on a press trip together in Canada for Whistler Pride.

9. Raffinee – LGBTQ Family

Raffinee and her wife Lola share details of their lives as mums of three on their Instagram and blog

Raffinee is the yummy mummy of 3 beautiful children – Mateo and twins Luca + Lola, with her wife, Micaela. They describe themselves as a vegan family and are based in San Francisco.

The interesting thing about Raff and Mica is that they both went through IUI almost at the same time so that Micaela got pregnant first with Mateo, then 7.5 months later, Mica delivered twins Luca and Lola. Find out more in their Raff Out Loud blog where they share fascinating stories about what it's like going through IUI (intrauterine insemination).

Raffinee and Micaela are passionate vegans, publishing insightful content about vegan beauty products and other discoveries that promote a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

8. Zakartwins – Proud gay Iraqis

The Zakar twins are two gorgeous gay men from Iraq who share details about coming out and challenging stereotypes in the Arab world

They are hot, like smoking hot. And frickin' funny too!

But we love the Zakar twins, Michael and Zak, because they do something that is so important – challenge negative stereotypes about homosexuality in the Arab world via very thirsty pictures!

The boys are originally from Detroit, born to Iraqi immigrant parents. They've published their coming out story, which has been adapted into a stage play called “Pray the Gay Away“. Their story is about how they came out to their mother who was a gay-hating, devout Catholic and tried to pray the gay away as a reaction to her boys coming out to her.

We love how the boys use comedy to tell their story from awkward and closeted teenagers to confident men who are out and proud.

7. Team2Moms – Queer family

You can follow Team2Moms on Instagram or Tiktok to learn about their lives as a mixed-race lesbian family with three gorgeous kids

Denise and Ebony are the power mom team behind this handsome family, which includes the adorable Olivia and twins Jayden + Lucas. They share posts about their day-to-day cute gay family life in New York.

The girls aim to inspire possibility with family-hopeful LGBTQ+ fans and to destigmatize queer families through relaying their own journeys.

They do posts about self-acceptance, their family milestones and loving moments of their family always aiming to encourage people to be authentically who they are.

Denise and Ebony launching their YouTube channel in honour of President Obama’s second term re-election back in 2012. Team2Moms are also huge on Tik Tok where they post hilarious but poignant videos challenging stereotypes about same gender families.

6. Nellykin1 – Drag model

Make sure you follow Albert on Instagram to see his FIERCE drag looks!

Nellykin is the personification of FIERCE serving Grace Jones realness!

Ms Nelly is actually Albert Kinnah who is originally from Ghana and moved to Duisburg in Germany where he is now based. He is one of our favourite drag models artists on Instagram. Every post is a true work of art.

Albert has legs to die for, the most magnificent outfits, and striking cheekbones that will make any gal wet herself with envy! We were fortunate to meet Albert during our trip in gay Cologne where he showed us the gay scene as well as his impressive dance moves. His Insta stories are an extended bonus of his fabulousness and we cannot get enough of it!

5. Popo_Vaz – transgender model

Popo Vaz is a Brazilian trans man who shares details about his life on Instagram and Youtube

Paulo Vaz is a Brazilian transman model with a fascinating story about his transition which he openly discusses and showcases across his profile.

Paulo also has an influential YouTube channel focusing on transgender issues, which we highly recommend everyone to check out to educate yourself, especially this video.

Paulo is from Minas Gerais where he graduated in design and now works in art, production and fashion. Paulo was born as a woman but he identified himself as a man since his childhood. However, he only became aware of transgender men at the age of 25 due to lack of visibility growing up. Six months later, he came to the conclusion that he himself was one and began his transition.

Together with his super hot boyfriend @hmcpedro, they make up one of our favourite online power couples that we follow every day.

4. OnceUponAJrny – Lesbian travel

Roxanne and Maartje are gay travel bloggers you can follow on Instagram for serious wanderlust

Rox and Maartje are a super creative lesbian couple from Holland. They started their digital nomad career in early 2017 after leaving behind their lives in Amsterdam to travel full time. Since 2020, they've settled back in Amsterdam and are now slaying it on the ‘Gram.

We absolutely love following their adventures in their Stories as well as on their Once Upon A Journey blog where they showcase what it's like travelling the world as a lesbian couple. 

The story behind their name is inspiring: the ‘once upon a’ part suggests a fairytale or something magical. Traveling is something ‘magical’ thing, like a fairy tale. The name as a whole suggests that something is about to happen – a story is about to start. This is what traveling is like – it is magical, always the start of a great story!

Also, be sure to check out their Rainbow Recipes!


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3. Terrell and Jarius – Queer family

You can learn about Terrell and Jarius's experiences being gay dads of colour on their IG and Youtube channel

Terrell and Jarius are not only a handsome couple but loving fathers to twins Ashton and Aria.

They aim to break all stereotypes placed on gay couples, normalise LGBTQ+ parenting and redefine what marriage + family look like.

The boys first met when they were in their freshman year of college at a haunted house. They later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where they're based, and decided they wanted to have a family together. After a few attempts at traditional surrogacy, their charming twins were born, and the rest is history. This is one super cute gay family you need to be following!

Over on their TandJFamily YouTube channel, they publish super inspiring videos about their lives as gay dads and the process they went through to become a family.

2. ReadyToStare – Plus size fashion

ReadytoStare is a gorgeous queer plus-size woman who shares style inspiration on her IG and blog

Ms Alysse Dalessandro Santiago is one queer femme you need in your life!

She calls herself a Petite Plus Model and is all about promoting plus-size fashion, which she does so beautifully on her Ready To Stare website. Alysse is also a travel blogger, LGBTQ influencer, writer, designer and professional speaker, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Alysse started her first business, a pop-up vintage store back in 2009 while earning her degrees in Journalism and Gender Studies in Chicago.

We love her positive energy and the way she owns body positivity.

Her Insta name ReadyToStare is just spot on! She also posts inspiring stories with her partner, the CockyFlyTransGuy. Alysse is one of the most inspiring and engaging gay models we've come across on Instagram and we LOVE her!

1. Maxism – Model and activist

Maxism is one of the best gay instagrammers and inlfuencers in the world

We LOVE Max Emerson!

Alright, he's freakin‘ hot (and not afraid to show it in some of his thirstier posts!), but Max does something we love: he uses his platform to promote awareness of LGBTQ issues with a smile. His captions are absolutely hilarious, always with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. Max is definitely one of the best gay models to check out online.

We first ‘discovered' Max when we were researching our trip to gay Colombia many moons ago and found his goofy but hugely endearing Colombia travel video. This is why we also rate Max as one of the best gay Youtubers out there.

Max is also an actor, appearing in the season 5 finale of Glee. He's also written, produced, co-directed, and acted in two short films – DipSpit and Earwig, which were featured at the 2011 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

In 2017 he released his movie “Hooked”, telling the story of a homeless gay guy called Jack to highlight the problems faced by homeless LGBTQ youth and donated half the profits to gay charities.

As well as his thirsty pictures, Max also spoils us with posts about his life with his handsome Colombian boyfriend, Andrés Camilo, and their cute pup – Sergeant Pupper. This is one pair of hot gays you need to check out today if you aren't already!


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