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Gay cruises not to miss in 2024

Gay cruises not to miss in 2024

Let's get ship faced…we're going on a gay cruise!

It's every gay boy's dream whether you want to admit it or not. From the moment we both came out many many many moons ago, it was always our dream to go on an all-male gay cruise.

Since those days, the number of gay cruises available has completely mushroomed. As well as the large party orientated ones, there are now cruises going to places beyond the well-trodden pink destinations – like India, Indonesia and even the Galapagos Islands! There are even many gay nude cruises you can go on!

In this guide, we've put together some of the best gay cruises to look forward to in 2023, which include all LGBTQ cruises, i.e. not just male-only. We've sorted them in order of when they depart…and oh boy are we spoilt for choice!

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

How to pick the ideal gay cruise for you?

There are many different types of gay cruises available these days, from ones that are action-packed and thrilling to those that slowly saunter down the Danube, stopping in at local wineries. You can cruise on huge ships, small luxurious yachts, catamarans or traditional sailing boats. Whether you’re looking to party with thousands of new friends, or cycle among historic towns before relaxing with a drink at sunset back on board, there's a cruise for you. We’ve compiled all the different options here so that you can easily figure out which gay cruise is the perfect one for you.

Just be aware that some gay cruises are exclusively gay, meaning you will only be sailing with other gay guests, while others are actually small groups of gay travellers within a much larger cruise. This means you'll still get to be around like-minded friends but there will be other straight travellers on the cruise as well. These sorts of cruises can be ideal if you want to travel with your straight friends, but keep an eye on the fine print if you really want to be only surrounded by your rainbow family!

1. Gay river cruises

Going on a cruise doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taking to the high seas. Some quite luxurious cruises take place on rivers through Europe, Asia or India, where you’ll be able to relax onboard as well as explore cute villages, wineries and other places along the way. These are usually very relaxed and romantic cruises, ideal for couples or those who are looking for a cruise with a strong focus on culture.

Our top pick for luxury gay river cruises is the Brand G Prague and Danube River Cruise.

2. Clothing-optional or nude gay cruises

If you like to truly relax on your cruise and let it all hang out then perhaps you should join a gay nude cruise! These cruises are usually hosted on small yachts or catamarans and take place in warm destinations so, you know, you won’t get cold while being nude. There are also some cruises that are exclusively gay and nude, while others are clothing-optional, so you don’t need to feel pressured to be nude all the time if you don’t want to.

The Everything to Sea cruise in Indonesia is our favourite clothing-optional gay cruise, while GaySail Tahiti cruise is our top pick for nude cruises.

3. Gay party cruises

For a fun-filled cruise packed with plenty of hot young guys and lots of great parties, check out some of the bigger gay cruise companies like Atlantis. These usually take place on the larger cruise ships, with lots of pools, bars and different entertainment like DJs or drag performers. They usually attract a young and energetic crowd, but anybody who’s up for a good time will be welcome!

The best gay party cruise in our opinion is the Atlantis Auckland to Sydney Gay Cruise.

4. Gay cruises for single travellers

Single travellers are often daunted at the prospect of going on a cruise alone as you usually have to pay an expensive single supplement to have a room to yourself. If you still want to join a gay cruise but without paying a huge supplement then you can choose one of the cruise companies that offer programs to pair you up with a bunkmate with similar interests. This way you can still enjoy everything the cruise has to offer, plus you’ll meet at least one new friend.

VACAYA offers a cool “Solo Travelling with Ease Program” (or STEP) where you can fill in a questionnaire and be paired up with a like-minded travel mate. The Atlantis and GaySail cruises also match single travellers up with others to share a room at no extra charge. Read more about the best gay cruises for singles in our full post.

5. Adventure gay cruises

Do you like your luxury with a side of adventure? There are some excellent gay cruises that include exhilarating activities like snorkelling, SCUBA diving, hiking or getting up close and personal to lots of wildlife. Generally, you will need a reasonable level of fitness in order to take part in all the fun activities on this type of cruise, although there will also be plenty of opportunities for relaxing.

Out Adventures do some really exciting ones, particularly their Galapagos gay cruise that will have you hopping all over the islands, spotting Galapagos tortoises, sea lions and beautiful tropical fish. If your bucket-list item is to see Antarctica, check out the best gay cruises to the icy continent here!

6. Gay cruises for bears

If you identify as a Bear, a Cub, or just a friend of the Bear community, then there are also some cruises exclusively for the Bear community. Adventure Bears organizes an exclusive cruise for bears (and those who love them) to the Mexican Riviera. This is a very welcoming cruise that hops between the best cities and beaches, including the exciting gay mecca of Puerto Vallarta!

7. Gay cruises for lesbians

Don’t worry ladies, we haven’t forgotten you! It’s not all about the gay men as there are companies that organize exclusive lesbian cruises to stunning locations, so you can relax and enjoy yourself with like-minded female travelers. Olivia Travel is a great company that organizes exclusive lesbian tours and cruises like this fun Tahitian Intimate Luxury Cruise

If you're the kind of lady who prefers smaller expeditions, check out Out Adventures' all-women cruises such as this departure in Croatia.

Gay cruises not to miss in 2024:


VACAYA Caribbean gay cruise

17 February – 24 February, 2024

Escape winter and head to gorgeous Caribbean islands on VACAYA's Caribbean gay cruise

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 17 February – 24 February, 2024
  • Itinerary: Fort Lauderdale – Puerto Rico – Antigua
  • Ship: Huge luxury cruise ship
  • Prices: from $1,197 per person

Starting at one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, Fort Lauderdale, the VACAYA Caribbean gay cruise will take you to the stunning islands of Puerto Rico, St Croix and Antigua.

A whole day will be spent docked at the beaches of St Croix, where you can frolic around on the white sands, sip on a delicious fruit cocktail or even do some serious sightseeing. Buck Island Reef National Monument and Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge are both close to port for a trip. Animal lovers will geek out at the cuteness overload!

Other days will see you falling in love with St John’s Old Town in Antigua, where you can experience amazing fresh seafood in between visiting historic sights like historic sites like Fort James and St. John’s Cathedral.

The days at sea are every bit as fun and magical as the days exploring. Drag icon Sister Helen Holy will delight crowds with a game of bingo (don’t worry, it will be way more salacious and naughtier than it sounds). Though if that isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the clothing-optional sunbathing deck, socializing with all the other guests. 

Just wait for Day 5 – when there will be an epic concert with jaw-dropping, star-studded performances. Past acts have included none other than Lady Bunny (RuPaul’s partner in crime from back in the day), so expect big things to happen!

Prices for the VACAYA Caribbean gay cruise start from $1197 per person:


Egypt and The Nile River Gay Cruise

08 March – 17 March, 2024

Experience the wonders of Egypt with this gay Nile river cruise by Out Adventures!

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 08 March – 17 March, 2024
  • Itinerary: Cairo – Luxor – Aswan
  • Ship: Small, luxurious cruise ship
  • Prices: from $5,395 per person

Out Adventures are finally taking on Egypt – with their first gay cruise along the Nile River.

When you’re not kicking back aboard the ship, soaking in the river views and warm sunlight, you’ll be discovering the magic of Cairo. Your guide will take you on a walking tour around the city, giving you titbits into incredible history and culture that made the city what it is today.

You’ll get to go inside the tombs of Egypt’s only openly gay governors Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum. Shocking right? In a country like Egypt!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Egypt without pyramid spotting. Your guide will be a fountain of knowledge on the history of Giza and floor you with tales of the mythical Sphinx. Or you’ll be popping into the Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings. A true highlight is seeing Hatshepsut’s temple – a badass female pharaoh who dressed and ruled like a king.

Trips to Edfu and Aswan will make the trip even more memorable. Edfu is a sugar haven – if you've got a sweet tooth like us you will definitely need someone to hold you back!

When all the traveling is a bit too much, you can choose to treat yourself with a massage onboard. There’ll also be lavish dinners, cocktail treats, and tons of socializing with fellow guests. Life onboard is simple, refined, and relaxed. The total opposite of what we’re used to when traveling, but hey, it’ll make a nice change.

Prices for the Egypt Nile River gay cruise start from $5,395 per person:


Olivia Portugal Douro Lesbian River Cruise

8 May – 15 May, 2024

With the Olivia Douro River gay cruise you'll get to see some of the best of Portugal with other gay ladies

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 8 May – 15 May, 2024
  • Itinerary: Porto – Salamanca – Porto
  • Ship: Elegant river cruise ship
  • Prices: from $4,999 per person

Forget about the bright lights and big city bravado for one week while instead falling in love with the magic of Portugal's more rustic areas. This lesbian cruise reminds the traveler of how wonderful a quiet and peaceful life can be, by visiting the adorable villages along Douro River Valley.

One of the highlights is exploring the town of Salamanca, essentially described as a “living museum” due to how steeped in history it is. You’ll also get to enter the fortified village of Castelo Rodrigo, where you’ll dine in a century-old winery and soak up the lush Portuguese atmosphere.

The final two days of the tour are devoted to Porto, where you’ll embark on a guided tour around the city learning about the ancient monuments and chequered past. It’s capped off with a much-deserved wine-tasting before you’re free to wander around the city on your own terms. 

While onboard, there is never a dull moment. The pool is ever so refreshing, perfect for taking a cool dip beneath the warm Mediterranean sun. Even cooler considering you’ll be surrounded by the sight of seaside villages and crumbling castles. Each night, learn a new style of dance with performances featuring folkloric and local Fado/blues musicians, while you socialize with the other women on the cruise.

Prices for the Olivia Portugal Douro River cruise start from $4999 per person:


Brandg Bordeaux and the Loire Valley Cruise

22 May – 29 May, 2024

A French chateaux with its reflection in still water in front of it.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 22 May – 29 May, 2024
  • Itinerary: Bordeaux – Nantes – Saint-Nazaire – Ancenis – Angers – Bordeaux
  • Ship: Luxury river cruise ship with max. 92 guests
  • Prices: from $5,049

Embark on an unforgettable LGBT+ adventure with an all-inclusive, full-ship charter experience that begins on land in Bordeaux, a city boasting the world's largest urban World Heritage Site.

Bordeaux's architectural splendoris showcased by the elegant symmetry of place de la Bourse and palaces adorned with stone-sculpted mascarons (faces). The tree-lined boulevards are graced by hôtels particuliers (mansions) built for 18th-century wine merchants, and rank among the finest in the world!

The journey continues with a cruise along the legendary Royal Loire River, where the beauty of the landscape is truly iconic. Explore Nantes, home to The Machines of the Isle of Nantes, a gallery that transports you into the imaginative world of renowned writer Jules Verne.

In Saint-Nazaire, admire the shipyard and delve into the fascinating world of steamships at the Escal’Atlantic, offering insights into their colossal construction and life on board. Additionally, bask in the enchantment of Loire's magical castles, including the towering Brissac Castle, which boasts monumental facades rising majestically from its sprawling landscaped park. This journey promises a wealth of cultural and historical treasures awaiting discovery along the Royal Loire River.

Prices for the Brandg Bordeaux and the Loire Valley Cruise start from $5049 per person:


Galapagos Gay Cruise

27 May – 05 June, 2024

Doing your morning yoga with sea lions on the beach during your gay cruise to the Galapagos with Intrepid

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 27 May – 05 June, 2024
  • Itinerary: Quito – Galapagos Islands – Guayaquil
  • Prices: from $8,695 per person
  • Ship: Luxurious private yacht with max 16 guests

Kicking off from the high-rise city of Quito, this cruise will see you sailing off along the equator to the stunning and unique Galapagos Islands.

As you visit the Galapagos Islands, you'll discover places that remained undiscovered by mankind for thousands of years. Because of this, they have been able to develop incredible ecosystems unseen anywhere else in the world.

Walk among an assortment of fabulous creatures, who harmoniously live side by side, free from predators. It almost feels like visiting the Garden of Eden – it's so raw and wild here, where animals and nature are in control! If the animals on land weren't enough, you'll get to discover a whole new world as you spend a day snorkelling in the surrounding waters.

One of the most popular highlights is snorkelling around Pinnacle Rock – an iconic natural landmark that looks like a dragon's tooth protruding from the sea. Other adventurous activities we loved on our Galapagos cruise include hiking, kayaking and canoeing, as well as visiting the giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

You'll join a small group of other gay travellers with a maximum capacity of 16 people. The yacht is the luxurious Grand Queen Beatriz, which has super comfy and spacious cabins, all with window views. This gorgeous yacht also has sun-decks to lounge on and even a hot tub you can enjoy underneath the stars!

You'll spend seven nights onboard the yacht as well as two nights in a lovely four-star hotel in Quito at the beginning and end of the tour. But with seven full days of cruising, you'll get to see all the main islands with lots of opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, hiking and getting up close to the diverse wildlife of the islands.

The whole yacht is outfitted with sleek polished wood and looks oh so glamorous. The indoor dining room is where you'll be provided all your meals on board, in the lovely air conditioning while you get to know all your new gay friends and be prepped about what to expect for each day's adventures. If you're looking for more exciting options, read our guide on cruises in the Galapagos!

Prices for the Out Adventures Galapagos Gay Cruise start from $8695 per person:


Brandg Columbia River USA Gay Cruise

02 June – 10 June, 2024

A traditional American paddle steamer moored at a jetty with mountains and clouds in the background.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 02 June – 10 June, 2024
  • Itinerary: Spokane – Clarkston – Richland – The Dalles – Stevenson – Astoria – Portland
  • Ship: Luxury river cruise ship with max. 200 guests
  • Prices: from $4,649

If you're looking for a cruise experience a little closer to home, then this exceptional USA adventure might be just the ticket!

Brandg has exclusively chartered the American Empress river ship to offer discerning travelers an extraordinary journey through the Pacific Northwest on a Columbia and Snake River cruise.

From the comfort of your private veranda, watch the landscape transform, from majestic spruce and pine forests to rolling hills adorned with vineyards. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, and savor the finest wines and freshest seafood that Oregon and Washington have to offer. This cruise also delves deep into Native American history and culture, providing a rich and unforgettable experience.

As you laugh, dance, smile, and relax on this sensory adventure, the carefully curated Brand g Signature Entertainment program ensures dazzling experiences with top cabaret acts, drag queens, piano artists, lecturers, and more. While the focus is on sightseeing and socializing, they also add a touch of frivolity with themed deck parties. Whether you choose to participate with extravagant costumes or simply observe, these lively events promise unforgettable moments. Party themes will be announced four months before departure, ensuring an exciting and memorable journey through the heart of the Pacific Northwest!

Prices for the Brandg Columbia River USA Gay Cruise start from $4649 per person:


Greece, Croatia & Montenegro Gay Group Cruise By Two Bad Tourists

16 June – 23 June 2024

Two men in shorts, shirts, pink sunnies and cheesy grins posing on a stone wall in front of a beautiful bay and harbour town.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 16 June – 23 June 2024
  • Itinerary: Athens – Dubrovnik – Kotor – Corfu
  • Ship: Virgin Voyages (gay group 75-100 guests)
  • Prices: from $1,500 per person

Join our gay travel blogger buddies Two Bad Tourists on their gay group cruise onboard Virgin Voyages, the newest, multi-award winning cruise line designed for adults only.

There’s no better playground for gay group than onboard The Resiliant Lady. From 16 – 23 June 2024, you’ll enjoy seven days and three countries – you don’t get much better than that.

Join the duo as they team up with the adult-only LGBTQ+ friendly cruise line for the Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems cruise. Beginning in Athens you’ll port at Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia, Kotor in Montenegro and finally loop back to Corfu and Athens in Greece.

Enjoy group dinners, shore excursions, private events plus amazing entertainment, drag shows & more. They’ve hosted over 200 travelers on their trips since 2018 and this will be their third gay group cruise onboard Virgin Voyages. Come with your friends, family, partner or even come alone. In fact, most of their guests are solo travelers so you’ll be in good company.

Prices for the Two Bad Tourists Greece, Croatia and Montenegro Gay Cruise start from $1,500 per night:


Atlantis Athens to Barcelona Cruise

04 July – 13 July, 2024

Four sexy gays in swimwear walking on a beach.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 04 July – 13 July, 2024
  • Itinerary: Athens – Turkey – Mykonos – Malta – Sicily – Naples – Palma de Mallorca – Barcelona
  • Ship: Large luxury cruise ship
  • Prices: from $2,249 per person

If you've been looking for a way to work on that tan, this gay cruise through the Mediterranean is the perfect choice.

This is one of the best gay cruises for getting sunshine and seeing fabulous beaches. It sails from Athens to the coast of Turkey and then back across the Mediterranean Sea with stops at gorgeous islands or coastal cities including Mykonos, Malta, Sicily, Naples, and Palma de Mallorca, before ending in the gay party capital of Barcelona!

Embark on a captivating journey from historic Athens to picturesque Bodrum, Turkey, where pristine shores meet whitewashed houses. Mykonos awaits with its enchanting streets, offering a mix of history and modern luxuries. You'll enjoy an overnight stay on this gay-welcoming island, known for its vibrant nightlife and charming ambiance.

Sail towards Valletta, Malta, a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring stunning baroque architecture and ancient fortifications that recount tales of knights and conquests. Continue to Catania in Sicily, where Roman ruins blend with bustling markets. Naples beckons with its vibrant atmosphere, offering options to explore Pompeii, and Capri, or savor its culinary scene.

This cruise really is one big party, taking place on the luxurious Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady with more than 2,700 gay guys from around the world. And there are plenty of places to socialize, with T Dances, pool games, drag bingo, volleyball, and even waterslides to be found all over the ship. There's also a fantastic spa if you need some time to relax between partying, although the idyllic beaches you'll be visiting are also perfect for that.

Prices for the Atlantis Athens to Barcelona Cruise start from $2249 per person:


Croatia and Dalmatia Gay Cruise

12 July – 20 July 2024

A luxurious gay sailing cruise with Out Adventures is the best way to explore the coast of Croatia

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 12 July – 20 July 2024
  • Itinerary: Split – Hvar – Dubrovnik
  • Ship: Luxurious yacht with max. 34 guests
  • Prices: from $4,995 per person

What could be better than nine days in the Adriatic Sea, discovering the delights of the Croatian coastline? How about doing it on a gay cruise, with 33 other gay guys? We think that sounds like a dream!

On this gay cruise, there are no rest days. Yep, that’s right – every day is filled with activity, whether you are embarking on a walking tour of an ancient town or exploring the sandy beaches, absorbing that sweet, golden sunlight. 

It will begin with a stay at a 4-star hotel in Split with a welcome dinner and drinks. Guests will set sail on the Black Swan yacht early the following morning, heading to the island of Brač. Across 9 days, you’ll get to discover the birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous salt lakes of Mljet National Park, and a walk along the old city walls of Dubrovnik. You’ll be flat out!

The hosts Scott, Livio, and Robert will always be around to make sure every guest is comfortable and feels included in the action. They are great at breaking the ice and getting people to mix and make friends. There’ll only be 34 guests onboard, so if you felt intimidated by the idea of embarking on a massive gay cruise, this one could be a perfect fit.

Prices for the Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise start from $4,995 per person:


Atlantis Istanbul to Athens Cruise

17 July – 24 July, 2024

A middle distance shot of the Sphinx and pyramids in the background on a sunny day with blue sky behind the yellow structures.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 17 July – 24 July, 2024
  • Itinerary: Istanbul – Cyprus – Cairo – Tel Aviv – Mykonos – Athens
  • Ship: Large luxury cruise ship
  • Prices: from $3,449 per person

Embark on an unforgettable journey with this exceptional gay cruise departing from the captivating and vibrant city of Istanbul.

This unique Atlantis cruise also introduces you to the enchanting island of Cyprus, a place steeped in diverse cultures and historical wonders.

The adventure continues as you set your sights on the iconic pyramids of Egypt, their awe-inspiring majesty leaving an indelible impact. With an extended stay in Egypt, you'll have ample time to explore both the pyramids and the historic city of Cairo, where the Egyptian Museum offers an up-close glimpse into history.

Along with relaxing days at sea, you'll spend time exploring Mykonos, where tranquil beaches meet a vibrant playground that never sleeps. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, Mykonos has it all before your return to Athens, filled with cherished memories.

Your home on this extraordinary journey is the luxurious mid-size Oceania Riviera, recently re-imagined to perfection. Eight exceptional restaurants cater to diverse culinary tastes, complemented by nine inviting bars and lounges. The large heated pool and three whirlpools offer relaxation, while the spacious teak decks invite sun-soaking and lively poolside t-dances!

Prices for the Atlantis Istanbul to Athens Cruise start from $3499 per person:


Brandg Dutch & Belgian Delights River Cruise

05 August – 12 August, 2024

A boat full of people waving pride flags on the canals of Amsterdam.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 05 August – 12 August, 2024
  • Itinerary: Amsterdam – Arnhem – Middelburg – Ghent – Antwerp – Rotterdam – Amsterdam
  • Ship:  Luxury river cruise ship with max. 164 guests
  • Prices: from $4,149

Don't miss the must-attend gay cruise of 2024! Start by celebrating Amsterdam Pride and then embark on an unforgettable 8-day LGBT+ river cruise along the enchanting Dutch and Belgian waterways on the luxurious Amadeus Star.

With the entire cruise chartered exclusively for our guests, you'll be pampered by an attentive crew in an atmosphere of pure relaxation, all while enjoying signature Brandg entertainment.

As you sail through these lush landscapes, historic windmills will transport you to a bygone era, and the picturesque cities of the region, known for their culture, canals, and stunning architecture, promise to amaze you at every turn.

Take a moment for quiet introspection as you glide along the idyllic waterways of Holland and Belgium, where charming fishing villages still embrace traditional costumes, and centuries-old windmills set the rhythm of day-to-day life. Indulge in delightful Edam cheese and explore cities like Bruges, Amsterdam, and Antwerp, each offering a unique blend of culture and architecture that will make you lose track of time as you wander through their enchanting streets.

To make this experience even more memorable, you can add a 3-night hotel package from August 2nd to 5th, which allows you to participate in one of the world's largest Pride events in Amsterdam – which takes place on the famous canals! With over 300 events, including the Canal Parade, Pride Walk, Pride Park, and vibrant street parties, this 9-day extravaganza promises an unforgettable celebration of love and diversity.

Prices for the Brandg Dutch & Belgian Delights River Cruise start from $4149 per person:


Atlantis Barcelona to London Cruise

13 August – 23 August, 2024

A landscape shot of a village and bridge built on the top of very steep cliffs.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 13 August – 23 August, 2024
  • Itinerary: Barcelona – Malaga – Seville – Lisbon – Bilbao – London
  • Ship: Large luxury cruise ship
  • Prices: from $1,999 per person

For the ultimate summer party experience, you can enjoy Circuit Festival's Water Park Party in Barcelona before setting sail on a floating party at sea – the Atlantis Barcelona to London gay cruise!

After departing from Barcelona you can look forward to exploring some gorgeous Spanish cities like Malaga and Seville, before heading to Lisbon in Portugal.

Prepare to be captivated as you arrive in Lisbon, a city with a unique coastal charm and vibrant nightlife. With a full day and Saturday night to explore, you'll immerse yourself in one of Europe's most dynamic cities. Next, savor the culinary delights and breathtaking landscapes of Galicia in La Coruna, where awe-inspiring cliffs, pristine beaches, and exquisite seafood await.

Bilbao beckons with its modern museum, setting the stage for your journey into the enchanting Basque region of Spain. Finally, enjoy an extended day to either explore Bordeaux's legendary vineyards or delve into the city's recent transformations. As you unwind during one more day at sea on the Resilient, anticipate your arrival in Portsmouth, just in time for London's lively summer holiday weekend.

This cruise takes place on the luxurious Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady ship, and will feature all the epic onboard parties and entertainment that can be expected of an Atlantis cruise! Step aboard the world's first purpose-built ship for hyper-social, interactive fun that redefines ocean cruising. This massive yacht-like playground offers an array of experiences, from a thoughtfully designed pool deck for relaxation and dancing to a state-of-the-art gym.

Prices for the Atlantis Barcelona to London Cruise start from $1999 per person:


Brand G Prague and Danube Gay River Cruise

27 August – 5 September, 2024

You'll make plenty of new friends while enjoying the sights on Brandg's Prague and Danube River gay cruise

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 27 August – 5 September, 2024
  • Itinerary: Prague – Vienna – Budapest
  • Ship: Luxury river cruise ship with max. 168 guests
  • Prices: Prices start from $4,149 per person

Winding down the Danube, the second-longest river in Europe, the Amadeus Imperial plays host to an all-gay cruise with Brand G that takes you around the beating heart of the continent.  

Things kick off in Prague, one of Eastern Europe’s most gay-friendly cities. There’ll be plenty of time to explore everything it has to offer, from walks along the Vltava River, to treating yourself in a traditional Czech restaurant. 

Throughout the gay cruise you’ll visit the stunning Baroque buildings of Budapest, admire the Gothic-style architecture in Bratislava in Slovakia, and stroll around the charming city gardens of Vienna in Austria. 

Drag act icon Miss Conception will pop in for some night-time entertainment, scandalizing audiences with their razor-sharp wit, crazy stories, and spot-on caricatures. Also performing is Amy Armstrong with Fernando Gonzalez, mixing musical comedy with Latin excellence in their show “SPANGLISH”

One of the nights will feature a Blue Danube T-Dance – bring your blue-est outfit and prepare to battle for the crown!

Meanwhile, 40 staff members will pull out all the stops to make you feel pampered during your journey. Did we mention guests have full rein of the bar? Yep, that’s right, there are complimentary bar, wine, and soft drinks throughout the entire gay cruise.

Brand G is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for this gay cruise. Click the button below to find out more.

Prices for the Brand G Prague and Danube gay river cruise start from $4149 per person:


Olivia Lesbian Tahiti Luxury Cruise

5 September – 12 October, 2024

Lesbian ladies will love all the fun activities on offer on the Olivia Tahitian Paradise cruise!

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 5 September – 12 October, 2024
  • Itinerary: Papeete – Moorea – Bora Bora
  • Ship: Luxurious yacht with max. 312 guests
  • Prices: from $3,999 per person

This one is for the ladies! Olivia is a travel company devoted to providing great cruise, resort, riverboat, and adventure vacations for lesbians. In 2023 they are hosting the Tahitian Intimate Luxury Cruise, and it looks incredible.

The islands surrounding Tahiti and the panoramic views are really something to behold. Plus you’ll get to explore some of the best locations the Society Islands have to offer.

We think Bora Bora, in particular, is an invigorating stop and truly the definition of paradise; author James Michener described Bora Bora as “the most beautiful island in the world”. You'll be able to experience all this beauty with hundreds of other gay women of all ages and backgrounds.

There are plenty of ways to explore the island too. Olivia offers snorkeling tours, underwater walks, helicopter tours, and sunset tours by jet boat. The excitement doesn’t end when you return to the ship though: entertainment includes fabulous lesbian performers, from DJs to singer/songwriters and other performers.

Prices for The Olivia Lesbian Tahiti Luxury Cruise start from $3999 per person:


BearCruise HALLOWEENIE in Hawaii

26 October – 01 November, 2024

A group of 8 guys posing for a photo together on a cruise ship.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 26 October – 01 November, 2024
  • Itinerary: Honolulu – Kahului – Hilo – Kona – Kauai – Honolulu
  • Ship: Small gay group on a huge luxury cruise ship
  • Prices: from $2,271 per person

If you've ever worried about not fitting in on a gay cruise filled with twinks twerking in nothing but their speedos, then perhaps a BearCruise might be more up your alley.

And if you want to experience a unique and spectacular Halloween at sea, then the BearCruise HALLOWEENIE in Hawaii is unlike anything you've ever before seen!

Not only is this the only cruise that visits four different Hawaiian islands in seven days, but you'll also be onboard for Halloween which is set to be a pretty epic party event. On this cruise, you'll join a small group of fellow gay travelers on board the Pride of America, the only cruise ship offering year-round round-trip journeys from Honolulu. This means there'll be plenty of private excursions and social events to make new friends, along with your own private HALLOWEENIE party.

On this cruise, you'll not only travel between stunning destinations but also immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture, thanks to native ambassadors on board. Pride of America provides a stylish island-hopping adventure with a range of dining options, bars, and spacious suites with balconies perfect for whale watching, witnessing the Kilauea Volcano, or enjoying breathtaking views of the lush landscapes.

You'll also get to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian culinary experience on board, featuring local cuisine like Pineapple Beurre Blanc with fresh seafood, papaya with Asian short ribs, and a selection of tropical juices. Aloha!

Prices for the BearCruise HALLOWEENIE in Hawaii Cruise start from $2271 per person:

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The Nomadic Boys guide to the best gay cruises around the world

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thomas quigley

Thursday 9th of November 2023

want to mention Daddy Cruise, similar to the bear cruise you mention, it's a gay group within a larger boat population. Been around for many years.

Stefan Arestis

Thursday 9th of November 2023

Absolutely! We'd love to know more.

Doug Jardine

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

I look forward to all the upcoming Gay events

Stefan Arestis

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Agreed - we too :)


Sunday 10th of May 2020

Very keen on coming on a holiday can you please send me information

Stefan Arestis

Sunday 10th of May 2020

We definitely recommend the cruises in this article :)

Jason Fitzgerald

Sunday 29th of March 2020

I love you and can't wait to do this xoxo

Stefan Arestis

Monday 30th of March 2020

Awesome :)

Luis Del Moral

Tuesday 10th of March 2020

Thank you for taking care for all this information!!! Finally I´ve found everything in one site!! Regards from Mexico and thanks again!!! :)

Stefan Arestis

Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Awesome :)