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Gay cruises not to miss in 2023

Gay cruises not to miss in 2023

Let's get ship faced…we're going on a gay cruise!

It's every gay boy's dream whether you want to admit it or not. From the moment we both came out many many many moons ago, it was always our dream to go on an all-male gay cruise.

Since those days, the number of gay cruises available has completely mushroomed. As well as the large party orientated ones, there are now cruises going to places beyond the well-trodden pink destinations – like India, Indonesia and even the Galapagos Islands! There are even many gay nude cruises you can go on!

In this guide, we've put together some of the best gay cruises to look forward to in 2023, which include all LGBTQ cruises, i.e. not just male-only. We've sorted them in order of when they depart…and oh boy are we spoilt for choice!


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How to pick the ideal gay cruise for you?

There are many different types of gay cruises available these days, from ones that are action-packed and thrilling to those that slowly saunter down the Danube, stopping in at local wineries. You can cruise on huge ships, small luxurious yachts, catamarans or traditional sailing boats. Whether you’re looking to party with thousands of new friends, or cycle among historic towns before relaxing with a drink at sunset back on board, there's a cruise for you. We’ve compiled all the different options here so that you can easily figure out which gay cruise is the perfect one for you.

Just be aware that some gay cruises are exclusively gay, meaning you will only be sailing with other gay guests, while others are actually small groups of gay travellers within a much larger cruise. This means you'll still get to be around like-minded friends but there will be other straight travellers on the cruise as well. These sorts of cruises can be ideal if you want to travel with your straight friends, but keep an eye on the fine print if you really want to be only surrounded by your rainbow family!

1. Gay river cruises

Going on a cruise doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taking to the high seas. Some quite luxurious cruises take place on rivers through Europe, Asia or India, where you’ll be able to relax onboard as well as explore cute villages, wineries and other places along the way. These are usually very relaxed and romantic cruises, ideal for couples or those who are looking for a cruise with a strong focus on culture.

Our top pick for luxury gay river cruises is the Brand G Prague and Danube River Cruise.

2. Clothing-optional or nude gay cruises

If you like to truly relax on your cruise and let it all hang out then perhaps you should join a gay nude cruise! These cruises are usually hosted on small yachts or catamarans and take place in warm destinations so, you know, you won’t get cold while being nude. There are also some cruises that are exclusively gay and nude, while others are clothing-optional, so you don’t need to feel pressured to be nude all the time if you don’t want to.

The Everything to Sea cruise in Indonesia is our favourite clothing-optional gay cruise, while GaySail Tahiti cruise is our top pick for nude cruises.

3. Gay party cruises

For a fun-filled cruise packed with plenty of hot young guys and lots of great parties, check out some of the bigger gay cruise companies like Atlantis. These usually take place on the larger cruise ships, with lots of pools, bars and different entertainment like DJs or drag performers. They usually attract a young and energetic crowd, but anybody who’s up for a good time will be welcome!

The best gay party cruise in our opinion is the Atlantis Auckland to Sydney Gay Cruise.

4. Gay cruises for single travellers

Single travellers are often daunted at the prospect of going on a cruise alone as you usually have to pay an expensive single supplement to have a room to yourself. If you still want to join a gay cruise but without paying a huge supplement then you can choose one of the cruise companies that offer programs to pair you up with a bunkmate with similar interests. This way you can still enjoy everything the cruise has to offer, plus you’ll meet at least one new friend.

VACAYA offers a cool “Solo Travelling with Ease Program” (or STEP) where you can fill in a questionnaire and be paired up with a like-minded travel mate. The Atlantis and GaySail cruises also match single travellers up with others to share a room at no extra charge. Read more about the best gay cruises for singles in our full post.

5. Adventure gay cruises

Do you like your luxury with a side of adventure? There are some excellent gay cruises that include exhilarating activities like snorkelling, SCUBA diving, hiking or getting up close and personal to lots of wildlife. Generally, you will need a reasonable level of fitness in order to take part in all the fun activities on this type of cruise, although there will also be plenty of opportunities for relaxing.

Out Adventures do some really exciting ones, particularly their Galapagos gay cruise that will have you hopping all over the islands, spotting Galapagos tortoises, sea lions and beautiful tropical fish. If your bucket-list item is to see Antarctica, check out the best gay cruises to the icy continent here!

6. Gay cruises for bears

If you identify as a Bear, a Cub, or just a friend of the Bear community, then there are also some cruises exclusively for the Bear community. Adventure Bears organizes an exclusive cruise for bears (and those who love them) to the Mexican Riviera. This is a very welcoming cruise that hops between the best cities and beaches, including the exciting gay mecca of Puerto Vallarta!

7. Gay cruises for lesbians

Don’t worry ladies, we haven’t forgotten you! It’s not all about the gay men as there are companies that organize exclusive lesbian cruises to stunning locations, so you can relax and enjoy yourself with like-minded female travelers. Olivia Travel is a great company that organizes exclusive lesbian tours and cruises like this fun Tahitian Intimate Luxury Cruise

If you're the kind of lady who prefers smaller expeditions, check out Out Adventures' all-women cruises such as this departure in Croatia.

Gay cruises not to miss in 2023:

Out Adventures Galapagos Gay Cruise

Dates: 13 November, 2023 - 22 November, 2023

Starting in: Quito, Ecuador

Out Adventures Galapagos gay cruise

This gay cruise to the Galapagos with Out Adventures will see you sailing off along the equator to the stunning and unique Galapagos Islands. Walk among an assortment of fabulous creatures, who harmoniously live side by side, free from predators, both on land and in the surrounding waters.

VACAYA Caribbean gay cruise

Dates: 12 February, 2023 - 19 February, 2023

Starting in: Fort Lauderdale, USA

VACAYA Caribbean gay cruise

This gay cruise will see you uncovering the magic of the Caribbean. You’ll visit the beautiful Aruba and Curaçao islands, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, and make friends with fellow travelers. For fun, you’ll be treated to the comedy of drag stars and internationally famous performers.

Brand G Amazon gay cruise and Machu Picchu Discovery

Dates: 19 March, 2023 - 31 March, 2023

Starting in: Lima, Peru

Brandg Amazon Cruise and Machu Picchu

From the Amazon jungle to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, Brand G have created one heck of an adventure. Nature enthusiasts and history geeks will have a field day with this gay cruise, as they discover the Amazonian jungle and learn about the fascinating Incan citadel.

Scotland gay cruise

Dates: 3 June, 2023 - 15 June, 2023

Starting in: Inverness, Scotland

Brandg Scotland gay cruise

Brand G host this epic gay cruise around beautiful Scotland. A smaller cruise ship makes everything feel intimate, so it’s easy to find friends. You’ll move through wondrous natural landscapes, be introduced to Celtic folklore, and get a glance at the bridge that appeared in several Harry Potter movies.

GaySail Exclusive Gay Cruise in Croatia

Dates: 10 June, 2023 - 17 June, 2023

Starting in: Dubrovnik, Croatia

gaysail croatia

GaySail’s Croatia cruise takes you to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, before hopping between the islands of Miljet, Lastavo, Vis, and Brac, then ending up in the bustling city of Split. It’s a fantastic way to make fast friends with the other fabulous guests as you relax and explore the Croatian coastline together.

Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise

Dates: 7 July, 2023 - 15 July, 2023

Starting in: Split, Croatia

Out Adventures Gay Croatia Cruise

Nothing like a gay cruise around the Croatian coastline to make your summer pop. A mix of hotel stays and sailing on a ship, you get the best of both worlds with the Out Adventures gay tour. If big crowds aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely fall for the small and intimate atmosphere aboard.

Prince Charming Croatia gay cruise

Dates: 22 July, 2023 - 29 July, 2023

Starting in: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Prince Charming Croatia gay cruise

Prince Charming has put together a wonderful cruise around the Croatian bays and islands. Make new friends and, with a bit of luck, meet The One! Glamorous scenery, a quaint-sized ship and few guests means everything feels luxurious and personable.

Brand G Prague and Danube gay river cruise

Dates: 12 August, 2023 - 21 August, 2023

Starting in: Prague, Czech Republic

Brandg Prague and Danube gay cruise

Central Europe is calling! It’s begging you to explore Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Uncover the incredible culture and history as you sail aboard the Amadeus Imperial. With performances from drag artists and musical stars there won’t be a dull moment on this gay cruise.

GaySail Special gay Cruise Greece

Dates: 19 August, 2023 - 26 August, 2023

Starting in: Athens, Greece

gaysail greece

If Greek island-hopping with 22 other gay guys sounds like a fun time, you'll want to get onto GaySail's gay cruise in Greece. This cruise departs from Athens and includes stops in the islands of Poros, Hydra, and Spetses. GaySail also offers the option of a gay nude sailing cruise in Greece!

Everything to Sea nude gay cruise in Indonesia

Dates: 24 August, 2023 - 30 August, 2023

Starting in: Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Everything to Sea gay cruises

Everything to Sea is a clothing-optional cruise for gay men, that takes place onboard a large wooden sailing ship in the traditional Indonesian Bugis style. This cruise explores the pristine waters of the Komodo National Park, breathtaking mountains, flying fish, flying foxes, and of course, the famous Komodo dragons.

Out Adventure Egypt Nile River gay cruise

Dates: 24 November, 2023 - 3 December, 2023

Starting in: Cairo, Egypt

Out Adventures Nile River gay cruise

Don’t be in de-nile… you deserve a trip around Egypt! This gay cruise will unlock the magic of the country’s long history and ancient myths. Spot pyramids, visit tombs, and gorge on scrumptious foods, as you sail down the iconic Nile River.

Olivia Portugal Douro lesbian river cruise

Dates: 8 May, 2024 - 15 May, 2024

Starting in: Porto, Portugal

Olivia Portugal gay river cruise

Olivia’s fabulous gay cruise around Portugal is what lesbian dreams are made of. Warm weather, serene seaside villages, and fabulous beaches will make up the perfect break you’ve been craving. Love history and art? Then you’ll be kept busy with visits to ancient towns and fascinating museums.

Cruises that have already departed

Olivia Costa Rica and Panama lesbian cruise

Dates: 14 January, 2023 - 21 January, 2023

Starting in: Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

Olivia Costa Rica and Panama gay cruise

If you love nature, you’ll love Olivia’s gay cruise around Costa Rica and Panama. This one is just for the ladies looking to enjoy a male-free experience and gal bonding. Experience jungle life, colonial towns, and fantastic weather – the perfect start to a new year.

Olivia Discover Iceland lesbian cruise

Date: 26 December, 2022

Starting in: Reykjavik, Iceland

Olivia Discover Iceland gay cruise

We love this epic gay cruise by Olivia for the gay girls to travel around the incredible Iceland. Every part of this experience is drenched with luxury, from world-class spa days to expert dinners. Prepare to be dazzled by the incredible fjords, rugged mountain ranges, and powerful waterfalls on show.

Brand G Christmas Markets gay river cruise

Date: 20 December, 2022

Starting in: Vienna, Austria

vienna christmas market

Deck the halls! Start Christmas early aboard Brand G’s cruise that’ll take you around Europe’s most spectacular holiday markets. Guests can also look forward to a tour of Salzburg, excursions to Vienna, and a tasting of Nuremberg’s famous gingerbread.

GaySail Exclusive Gay Cruise in Seychelles

Date: 20 December, 2022

Starting in: Mahe, Seychelles

seychelles gay cruising

GaySail is hosting this fantastic gay cruise along the coast of Seychelles in West Africa. This cruise is made for all the big animal lovers of the world! Spot lizards running through the sands, listen to the parrots squawking from the treetops, and try your hand at horseback riding.

Olivia Greece, Cyprus and Israel lesbian cruise

Dates: 22 October, 2022 - 29 October, 2022

Starting in: Athens, Greece

Olivia Greece Cyprus Israel gay cruise

Mythology fans will be gagged over Olivia’s lesbian cruise. In Greece and Cyprus, much of the sights offered inspiration to the great myths in the Iliad. It’s then off to Israel for some cultural discoveries and fabulous partying in the gay mecca of Tel Aviv.

Brand G Royal Clipper Mediterranean gay Sailing

Dates: 15 September, 2022 - 24 September, 2022

Starting in: Cannes, France

the royal clipper

Brand G host this spectacular gay cruise onboard the Royal Clipper, the largest and only five-masted, full-rigged sailing ship. Embarking from the glittering Cannes, you'll get to spend time at sea as well as exploring stops on the Italian islands of Corsica and Sardinia, before heading to Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Athens to Istanbul gay cruise

Dates: 2 August, 2022 - 9 August, 2022

Starting in: Athens, Greece

Source Events Athens to Istanbul gay cruise

Obsessed with Mamma Mia? Then you’ll love this gay cruise, as it takes you to the very island the movie was filmed on. This fabulous experience will make you fall for the rugged Greek coast and surrounding islands. Tropical bays, delicious food, and small towns dripping with mythological tales await.

Out Adventures Italy Malta gay cruise

Dates: 25 June, 2022 - 3 July, 2022

Starting in: Naples, Italy

Gay beaches Malta

Sail between Italy and Malta, marveling at the smoldering volcanoes, bustling piazzas, and towering temples. This gay cruise offers a relaxing expedition across the glamorous Mediterranean, with cozy interior décor and a small guest list of just 38 guys. The smaller, the better we say!

Brand G Amsterdam and Castles of the Rhine Cruise

Dates: 3 June, 2022 - 11 June, 2022

Starting in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam gay travel guide

For a spot of history and culture in Europe, you can't go past Brand G's Rhine River cruise. The cruise takes you from Switzerland to France with stops for sightseeing and wine-tasting. It then heads to Germany before concluding in one of the most exciting gay cities in Europe: Amsterdam!

R Family ‘OUT in Venice' gay Cruise

Dates: 1 May, 2022 - 8 May, 2022

Starting in: Venice, Italy

venice grand canal

This exclusive LGBT gay cruise takes place in northern Italy, including stops at Padua, Porto Viro, Chioggia, Bologna, and Venice. Activities onboard include comedy performances, cabaret singers, cooking classes, and dance parties. Other activities on stopovers include learning to make traditional Italian pasta, biking on a small bragozzo, and more.

Dreams of Tahiti gay cruise

Dates: 24 March, 2022 - 31 March, 2022

Starting in: Papeete, Tahiti

Source Events Full Moon Tahiti gay cruise

A smaller, yet far more intimate experience, Source Events Tahiti gay cruise will immerse you in French Polynesian life. Walk among the beaches and spot jagged volcanoes and blue lagoons. On the yacht, hang out with fellow guests and marvel as you get treated to a fire dance performance.

Gay singles cruise in the Western Caribbean

Dates: 23 January, 2022 - 29 January, 2022

Starting in: Galveston, Texas

Daddy Cruise gay singles Mexico and Belize cruise

Calling all singles! This is the gay cruise for you. Daddy Cruise has organised a trip for solo gay men embarking on the Caribbean, stopping by plenty of beautiful beaches and towns. You’ll no doubt find the man of your dreams and if not, you’ll still make lifelong friends along the way!

Antarctica Solar Eclipse Gay Cruise

Dates: 28 November, 2021 - 10 December, 2021

Starting in: Ushuaia, Argentina

Source Events Antarctica Solar Eclipse gay cruise

Bundle up tight. It’s time to head down South and uncover the secrets of Antarctica. Spot everything from glaciers to penguins, as you sail through the iconic Drake Passage. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a total eclipse.

Source Events gay cruise along the Amalfi Coast

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Starting in: Rome, Italy

Source Events Amalfi Coast gay cruise

Source Events takes you around the glamorous coastline of Italy on this gay Amalfi Coast cruise. Stop by petite villages full of simple living, delicious gelato, and beautiful buildings. Make lifelong friends during themed nights, dancing the night away under the cloak of the night sky.

GaySail Exclusive Cruise in Montenegro

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Starting in: Tivat, Montenegro

gaysail montenegro

This gay cruise by GaySail takes place along the gorgeous coastline of Montenegro. You get to enjoy sandy beaches, uninhabited islands, inlets accessible only by boat and charming harbours. This cruise will be a chance to escape the hustle and bustles of crowded tourist destinations in favour of more secluded spots.

Burgundy and Provence gay river cruise

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Starting in: Paris, France

Brandg Burgundy and Provence gay river cruise

Brand G’s romantic gay river cruise through France is the ultimate choice for love birds everywhere. By day, explore the French countryside, enjoy wine tasting, and discover quiet towns. By night, experience lavish cabarets and campy drag shows. Art fans can look forward to a trip to Van Gogh’s beloved town of Arles.

The Olivia Lesbian Tahiti Luxury Cruise

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Starting in: Papeete, French Polynesia

olivia lesbian cruises

This one’s for the ladies! Olivia is a travel company devoted to providing great cruise, resort, riverboat, and adventure vacations for lesbians. This year, they are hosting the Tahiti Luxury Cruise, and it looks incredible! The islands surrounding Tahiti and the panoramic views are really something to behold.

Atlantis Odyssey Med Cruise

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Starting in: Rome, Italy

Atlantis Odyssey Med Cruise

Sail from Rome to Turkey (and back) with a stop on the gay island playground that is Mykonos aboard the magnificent luxurious Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas! The ship includes a huge variety of activities to enjoy, from swimming in the (multiple) pools to bumper cars, surfing and even skydiving (simulation) on board. There's a bar with robot bartenders and, of course, plenty of the iconic Atlantis T Parties to enjoy.


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