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The BEST Gay cruises to Antarctica in 2021/2022

The BEST Gay cruises to Antarctica in 2021/2022

Here are the best gay cruises to Antarctica so you can tick off the ultimate travel bucket list item.

Antarctica – free of mankind, homophobia and city noise!

A vast landscape of snowy ice caps and monumental glaciers, home to an assortment of creatures that couldn't survive anywhere else… now THIS is the ultimate Winter Wonderful!

What used to be a destination only for scientist and explorers, Antarctica is fast becoming a popular tourist destination with many luxury cruises on offer. Gay travellers who wish to plant the rainbow flag in Antarctica can now do this whilst aboard a fabulous gay cruise!

We've rounded up the best gay cruises to Antarctica for LGBTQ travellers. So grab your cuddly Olaf toy and live out your Elsa fantasy on the world's most remote continent!

Note: all the gay cruises mentioned here are made of gay groups joining a larger expedition trip with other (i.e. non-gay!) travellers.


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HE Travel Antarctica Adventure and Gay Cruise

January 31 to February 10, 2022

Show your pride to Antarctica on the He Travels gay cruise!

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices start from $11,000 per person
  • Dates: 31st January – 10th February 2022
  • Large eco-friendly and comfortable expedition ship
  • Ushuaia – Drake Passage – Vernadsky Research Base

Starting off in charming Ushuaia, you'll spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the very tip of South America. From here you wave goodbye to civilisation as you know it before heading south towards Antarctica.

Crossing through the Drake Passage, you'll be treated to some marvellous sights. It generally takes two days to make the trip, so you'll get the time to just chill, kick your feet back and gasp in awe at the towering glaciers and icecaps.

This gay cruise, in particular, takes a deep dive into all the surrounding islands of the mainland like Melchior, Brabant and Anvers. Here you can see penguins, sea lions and if you're really lucky, a few blue whales. You'll have the option to join shore excursions on Zodiac boats, allowing you to cross off ‘walking on Antarctica' from your bucket list. The best part? You don't have to worry about checking your surroundings before indulging in any PDAs as there's no such thing as a homophobic penguin!

You'll also get to learn about all of the fascinating projects conducted by scientists who call Antarctica their home. They do various research studies, discovering all sorts of secrets of the Earth. You'll swing by The Vernadsky Research Base – where the hole in the ozone layer was first discovered. And to top it all off, there's a visit to the world’s southernmost bar for some Antarctica inspired cocktails!

The gay cruise takes place on the m/v Hondius, a very comfortable polar expedition ship that's also one of the most environmentally friendly ships out there. This means you get to enjoy the incredible landscapes and wildlife of Antarctica while impacting them as little as possible. The rooms vary in size but with a high standard of comfort. If you're looking for a splurge, you can book a grand suite, which has its own private balcony.

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Source Events Antarctic Solar Eclipse Cruise

November 28 – December 10, 2021

Sail in elegance and luxury through Antarctica on board Le Lyrial with Source Events's gay cruise

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices start from $16,499 per person
  • Dates: 28th November – 10th December 2021
  • Large eco-friendly and luxurious expedition ship
  • Ushuaia – Drake Passage – Weddell Sea

If you missed the 2020 cruise, bookings for 2021 are open!

Climb aboard the World Navigator ship, with 5-star treatment, a heated outdoor pool and two spa hot tubs – you can count us in!

Not only is the ship luxurious but it's also equipped with the most eco-friendly technology available. We love that it combines luxury whilst being eco-friendly at the same time.

Starting off from, yep you guessed it, Ushuaia, the Source Events Solar Eclipse Cruise takes you off through the Drake Passage. Throughout the trip, you'll explore the South Shetland Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands. You'll also sail on the Wedell Sea, with its blindingly blue waters and fresh, crisp air. On top of all this, the cruise coincides with a total eclipse, which you will be able to witness on December 4th while surrounded by icebergs!

The ship offers truly luxurious accommodation, with capacity limited to just under 100 suites, all with panoramic ocean views and most with balconies. The package also includes all meals and drinks as well as a private jet chartered flight to Ushuaia, Argentina departing from Orlando, Florida.


Zoom Antarctica Gay Adventure Cruise

no dates yet

The Zoom gay cruise to Antarctica skips the Drake Passage in favour of flying, and also includes optional extras after you've visited Antarctica

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices start from $16,495 per person
  • Dates: upcoming dates TBA
  • Large luxurious expedition ship
  • Punta Arenas – Antarctic Peninsula

Zoom! Chase your dream, and explore Antarctica amongst other fabulous LGBTQ people aboard a luxury cruise ship.

For those of us (like our Seby!) with nervous stomachs, this cruise does you the favour of skipping the sailing through the rough Drake Passage waters and flies you over it instead, which is also good because it gives you more time to explore Antarctica.

The cruise starts on the South Shetland Islands from where you explore the Antarctic Peninsula. Unlike most other Antarctica cruises, Zoom's allows you to camp overnight on the mighty ice continent. Keep your eyes peeled for Adélie and Gentoo penguins as well as whales and seals.

The Zoom Antarctica cruise is onboard the luxurious World Explorer expedition ship. The din dining rooms area super cosy and we love that it has a library stocked with books and games. Gym bunnies will be relieved to know there is a gym onboard, as well as a swimming pool and sauna.

The Zoom cruise also gives you the option to add on a 2-4 night stay in Buenos Aires, which has one of our favourite gay scenes in Latin America. Be sure to check out our gay guide to Buenos Aires for more inspiration.


Out Adventures Antarctica Gay Expedition

no dates yet

Out Adventures offers a gay Antarctica cruise that's the perfect mix of luxury, relaxation, excitement and excursions!

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices to be announced
  • Dates: upcoming dates TBA
  • Large luxurious cruise ship
  • Ushuaia – Drake Passage – Antarctic Peninsula

Out Adventures is one of our favourite gay cruise companies out there, and their annual gay Antarctica cruise is notorious!

The group starts in Ushuaia, located right on the southern tip of Argentina. Here you'll kiss the world of grass and rocks a final goodbye before heading out into the icy waters…and beyond!

Penguins and seals and whales, OH MY! When you think about it, Antarctica is very much like Oz. Spot as many of these creatures as you can, as you're unlikely to see them anywhere else. This gay cruise will take you on an exploration of the Drake Passage – a vast body of water between South America's Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. Whilst the waters around here can be unpredictable, the South Shetland Islands are a big highlight of the cruise. You get to go on Zodiac boat excursions onshore to visit penguin rookeries and seal spotting. You also have the option to go kayaking and do stand-up paddleboarding. You can even take a plunge into the freezing Antarctic waters(if you dare!), in what is coyly referred to as “The Polar Plunge!”

The Out Adventure gay cruise to Antarctica takes place aboard the luxurious World Explorer expedition ship. The ship features luxurious rooms, all with exterior views. Some have private balconies so you can watch the icebergs sliding by. There are plenty of open spaces for relaxing and socialising, like the glass-domed Observation Lounge and the ship's library. You can also keep fit in the small gym, or go for a run on the outdoor track. There's even a sauna and spa to relax in after the daily excursions.


Pied Piper Travel South America and Antarctica Cruise

no dates yet

With Pied Piper travels you can join a luxury cruise to Antarctica on board the incredible Celebrity Eclipse

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices start from $2,489 per person
  • Dates: upcoming dates TBA
  • Huge luxury cruise ship
  • Buenos Aires – Cape Horn – Falkland Islands

Follow the sweet trails of the Pied Piper. Just like the character in the old fable, this cruise has such a magnificent charm about it. Firstly, it's a massive ship, that can welcome almost 3,000 passengers onboard. Like a floating hotel, every detail within is picked for maximum comfort.

Starting the new year off right, the Pied Piper takes you from the mountainous South American tip to the stunning whiteness of Antarctica.

With 10 days to explore Antarctica, this gay cruise offers up some of the most magnificent views. You'll also have ports of call in Puerto Madryn (Argentina), Cape Horn (Chile) and Port Stanley (the Falkland Islands), allowing you to explore more of South America and its wildlife as part of this cruise. From Paradise Bay to Elephant Island, the Pied Piper leads you on a trail that you'll never forget. A highlight of the trip is exploring the Gerlache Strait – the only strai(gh)t thing about this tour! With mountainous glaciers that look like giant mushrooms and cotton candy on the horizon, you'll be starkly reminded of how far from home you are.

There's also plenty of breaks and rest times between excursions so you can soak up the majesty of the ship: the Celebrity Eclipse. This is one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships, with a wide variety of entertainment options onboard.

NOTE: this is a cruise without any stops in Antarctica. So whilst you get to see Antarctica from the ship, you won't be walking on it.


Brand G Antarctica Luxury Expedition Group Cruise

no dates yet

Plant your rainbow flag in Antarctica with Brand G's luxury gay cruise to Antarctica!

The cruise at a glance

  • Prices start from $16,999
  • Dates: upcoming dates TBA
  • Large luxurious cruise ship
  • Punta Arenas – Antarctic Peninsula

Another gay cruise that skips the rough waters of the Drake Passage, this luxury expedition whisks you through the sky from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island.

Afterwards, you'll board the luxurious World Explorer ship, your new home-away-from-home while you experience the magic of Antarctica. This refined and roomy ship is very comfortable, so you can be well-rested for all your icy adventures!

After setting sail from the South Shetland Islands you'll head to the other-worldly landscapes of the Antarctic peninsula. Each day will be different, with guides keeping an eye out for whales and onboard lecturers teaching you all about the white continent's geology, history and wildlife. You'll get to take part in shore excursions to visit penguin and seal colonies, or just take a cruise in the small Zodiac boats. There are even options for stand-up paddle-boarding and sea kayaking – not many people can say they've done that in Antarctica!

One of the best things about this particular expedition is that the World Explorer is an environmentally friendly polar expedition ship, with a hybrid engine, so you don't need to feel guilty about visiting such a pristine environment. The ship also provides oodles of luxury, with six floors of accommodation and shared spaces. There is a sauna and spa for relaxing in after a long day of exploring as well as a small gym for keeping in shape. Our favourite part has got to be the stunning glass-domed Observation Lounge, where you can watch the stars at night.


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