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Top gay nude cruises to set sail on in 2022

Top gay nude cruises to set sail on in 2022

What can we say? We love a gay nude cruise!

There's nothing like standing on the deck of a ship whilst being completely nude. We can't get enough of the sensation of the sun beating down on our skin, listening to the waves crashing against the sides of the boat. The seawater helps create such a refreshing ambiance, one of serenity and calm. Plus, the nude gay factor means we're surrounded by other men without any clothes on, great music, delicious drinks, and fine dining. It's basically a floating gay man's paradise…

We've never felt so close as a couple than when we were sailing across the sea, embracing the bodies that were given to us. Free of all shame and bodily insecurity, nude cruises are made to make you feel proud of yourself, whether you're single or a couple.

It doesn't matter how you look or what age you are, you will always be made to feel like the beautiful creature you are.

If it's your first time, you might feel inadequate standing beside other unclothed men with ripped muscles and perfect figures, but you will really quickly feel like a part of the crowd. This is a list of our favorite nude gay cruises from all around the world that we think you should set sail on.


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Cruises that have already departed

Gay nude cruise in the Greek islands

Dates: 20 August, 2022 - 27 August, 2022

Starting in: Spetses, Greece

Greek islands gay nude cruise

This gay nude cruise sails from Spetses to Athens, with stops at idyllic islands that are NOT crowded with tourist, and where you can enjoy your own Adonis fantasies while stripped down to your birthday suit! Of course, you'll want to cover up when you step foot on the islands to explore the artisan cafés and antique shops.

Everything to Sea nude gay cruise in Indonesia

Dates: 6 August, 2022 - 12 August, 2022

Starting in: Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Everything to Sea gay cruises

Everything to Sea is a clothing-optional cruise for gay men, that takes place onboard a large wooden sailing ship in the traditional Indonesian Bugis style. This cruise explores the pristine waters of the Komodo National Park, breathtaking mountains, flying fish, flying foxes, and of course, the famous Komodo dragons.

Gay nude cruise in Croatia

Dates: 11 June, 2022 - 18 June, 2022

Starting in: Dubrovnik, Croatia

gaysail croatia

You will never forget the seven days you will spend aboard this luxury catamaran in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It departs from Dubrovnik before visiting many gorgeous and picturesque villages along the Croatian coast, as well as some of Croatia's most acclaimed nudist beaches!

GaySail nude cruise in Tahiti

Dates: 9 April, 2022 - 16 April, 2022

Starting in: Raiatea Island, Tahiti

tahiti gay nude cruise

From jagged volcanoes to exotic wildflowers, a cruise around Tahiti is a study in contrasts. Surrounded by calm waters, cool beaches, and relaxed company, this cruise is simply bliss. The boat is small enough to feel intimate, yet big enough to separate yourself from the other guests when you want some alone time.

GaySail St. Martin nude gay cruise

Dates: 19 February, 2022 - 26 February, 2022

Starting in: St. Martin

Saint Martin Sint Maarten gay friendly Caribbean island

The GaySail cruise to St. Martin feels like a true detox and also includes stopovers at St. Barths, Anse du Colombier, and Grand Casse. Whether you're into scuba diving, snorkeling with turtles, or a shopping spree in Gustavia, there’s so much to do in this tiny treasure trove of the world!

Clothing optional gay cruise in Thailand

Dates: 31 December, 2021 - 7 January, 2022

Starting in: Phuket, Thailand

gay nude cruise thailand

You will love being on this nude gay cruise, and getting to see the various delights dotting the coast of Thailand! Climb aboard one of two luxurious 40-foot Lagoon Catamarans to explore some of Thailand's most beautiful islands. This cruise takes place over Christmas, so you can swap freezing snow for sun and sand!


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These are the best gay nude cruises for you to enjoy travel and luxury totally in the buff!
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