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Top gay nude cruises to set sail on in 2024

Top gay nude cruises to set sail on in 2024

What can we say? We love a gay nude cruise!

There's nothing like standing on the deck of a ship whilst being completely nude. We can't get enough of the sensation of the sun beating down on our skin, listening to the waves crashing against the sides of the boat. The seawater helps create such a refreshing ambiance, one of serenity and calm. Plus, the nude gay factor means we're surrounded by other men without any clothes on, great music, delicious drinks, and fine dining. It's basically a floating gay man's paradise…

We've never felt so close as a couple than when we were sailing across the sea, embracing the bodies that were given to us. Free of all shame and bodily insecurity, nude cruises are made to make you feel proud of yourself, whether you're single or a couple.

It doesn't matter how you look or what age you are, you will always be made to feel like the beautiful creature you are.

If it's your first time, you might feel inadequate standing beside other unclothed men with ripped muscles and perfect figures, but you will really quickly feel like a part of the crowd. This is a list of our favorite nude gay cruises from all around the world that we think you should set sail on.

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥


Everything to Sea nude gay cruise in Indonesia

All throughout 2024

Everything To Sea gay nude cruises

The cruise at a glance

  • When: Multiple departures throughout the year
  • Itinerary: Flores – Rinca Island – Komodo National Park – The Coral Triangle
  • Prices: start from $2,790 per person
  • Ship: Traditional wooden sailing boat with max. 12 guests

Blissful. Free. Fun.

Everything to Sea is an independent cruising company that specializes in 4 and 7-day voyages through Indonesia for nude men. Sounds fun? We think so!

Oozing with pride about their cool, relaxed, and free ambiance onboard, the Everything to Sea crew declares, “clothing-optional”, and insists that all guests wear and do whatever makes them feel most comfortable!

They sail on a Pinisi boat, which is a large wooden sailing ship made completely without nails. As for accommodation, the Everything to Sea team offers a private room or the option to share with other guys… Note that their website describes the ship as “an ideal spot for men to enjoy each other – mind, body and soul”

Wake up each day surrounded by sparkling blue waters and the smell of French-pressed coffee with a delicious breakfast. Peer over the side of the boat as you approach your next adventure for the day. Expect to see lush green hills or volcanic mountains. Either way, you'll know you're in for a treat. You'll be setting sail aboard the gorgeous “Pinisi” boat – a large wooden sailing ship, made completely free of nails, in the traditional Indonesian Bugis style.

The staff are super friendly and informative, knowing lots of interesting facts to share about the places you will visit. With a mix of Western meals and local dishes, you'll have the temptation to try something new, as well as the comfort of your home favorites. From hot chilis to coconut and peanut sauces to tofu, there is a diverse range of new foods for you to try. You can expect fresh Juice-of-the-Day, and island fruits available all the time. Plus, the crew’s catch results in delicious fresh seafood.

Some of the highlights of this cruise include stunning sunrises and sunsets, a relaxed chill vibe amongst participants and crew, and nude dancing on a beach after a BBQ. The cruise makes an effort to sail in secluded waters so that you are free of clothes (and free of worry) for as long as you want to be.  

Perhaps best of all, every day’s an opportunity for snorkeling. Take full advantage as you’re in the world-famous Coral Triangle. With colorful reefs, dazzling clear waters, and a marine population nothing short of amazing, the sea will feel like a whole new environment. Just picture this: six of the seven turtle species on the planet, giant sea stars, flying fish, bioluminescent plankton, and pods of dolphins. Not to be outdone, those manta rays (with average wingspans of 2 meters) will approach and surprise you with their size and grace. With all this biodiversity, you won’t be disappointed if you don’t see any mer-men…after all, there will be plenty of live men right on the boat!

On this gorgeous wooden ship, you can book cabins with either queen-sized beds or four single beds. All meals are provided for you by the onboard cook, as well as alcoholic drinks, snacks, a massage every three days, and even body-shaving services. Get ready to be pampered! Read more about the Komodo National Park in our gay guide to Flores and the surrounding area.

As for the sights, we’re amazed by the locations and wildlife you can enjoy on this trip, such as crystal clear water, breathtaking mountains, flying fish, flying foxes, and of course, the notorious Komodo dragons. Everything to Sea runs around 12 trips a year. Prices differ depending on whether you choose a four-day or seven-day cruise. We also have a guide on the best gay cruises in Asia if you want to explore more of this area.

Prices for the Everything to Sea nude gay cruise in Indonesia start from $2,790 per person:


St. Martin nude gay sailing

11 – 18 May 2024

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is split between France and the Netherlands, but both sides of this Caribbean island are safe for gay travellers to enjoy!

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 11 – 18 May 2024
  • Prices: start from €1,895 per person
  • Itinerary: St. Martin – St. Barths – Anguilla
  • Ship: Two luxury catamarans with max. 20 guests

Quiet. Intimate. Minimal.

Sometimes you just need to destress… and de-robe! That's right: get it all off aboard the GayNudeSail to St. Martin.

The GaySail cruise has a warm spot in our hearts for the very fact that it feels like a true detox. Whilst other cruises can liven you up, fill you with excitement, with party party party all day/night long, the GaySail cruise focuses on stripping away all your stresses and asks you just truly….relax!

Setting sail on two large luxury 40 feet catamarans, you'll spend time with fellow gay travelers who also appreciate seeing the world and being in the nip! Both catamarans have four double cabins, perfect for couples or friends. There are also options for those who are single and don't want to share a cabin.

Hitting up spots like St. Barths, Anse du Colombier, and Grand Casse, you'll become infatuated with St. Martin and all its surrounding islands. Whether you're into scuba diving, snorkeling with turtles, or going on a shopping spree in Gustavia, there is so much to do in this tiny treasure trove of the world. A highlight of this cruise is the Prickly Pear Cays, famous for its labyrinth of coral reefs, hiding schools of brightly colored fishes and sea creatures.

Gay Sail is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for any cruise booked on their website. Just use the coupon code NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

Prices for the GaySail St. Martin start from €1,895 per person:


Gay nude sailing in Croatia

01 – 08 June 2024

Relax and enjoy the stunning beaches and islands off the Croatian coast on this gay nude cruise

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 01 – 08 June 2024
  • Itinerary: Dubrovnik – Brac – Split
  • Ship: 1 or 2 luxury catamarans with max. 10 guests on each
  • Prices: start from €1,895 / person

You will never forget the seven days you will spend aboard this luxury catamaran in the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Along this trip, you'll see more bays than you could ever imagine – with a day trip to the island of Vis sporting over 54 bays along its coast…now that's a lot of bay! You'll also get to visit many gorgeous and picturesque villages along the Croatian coast.

Dubrovnik, where your cruise will depart from, is one of the highlights of this gay cruise. The town is filled with medieval castles, meandering footpaths, bespoke cafés, shops, beaches and of course, the filming location of much of Game of Thrones. Make sure you find the time to walk along the famous walls, which stretch up to 1.21 miles. The Stradun area is particularly stunning! Packed full of activity, this square (built inside city walls) gives off a feeling of being sent back in time to the old-time markets. A simpler way of living!

Another highlight of this gay sailing trip is the island of Korcula…the birthplace of Marco Polo. Have fun playing that game whilst annoying all the locals!

As part of this itinerary, you will also get the chance to visit some of Croatia's most acclaimed nudist beaches. Just remember to apply sun lotion everywhere!!

This cruise takes place on one or two luxury air-conditioned catamarans with spacious rooms. You'll also be enjoying the services of a gay cook who will prepare your breakfast and lunch each day. At night you'll be able to go ashore and try the local cuisine. The decks feature comfy lounges and lots of space for sunbathing.

Gay Sail is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for any cruise booked on their website. Just use the coupon code NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

Prices for the Gay nude cruise in Croatia start from €1,895 / person:


SAILORdudes Greek Ionian Isles Nude Gay Sailing

15 – 22 June 2024

A group of nude men seen from behind as they look out over a yacht moored in a rocky bay.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 15 – 22 June 2024 (and other dates)
  • Itinerary: Lefkas – Meganissi – Skorpios – Ithaca – Kefalonia – Lefkas
  • Ship: Luxury yacht with max. 10 guests
  • Prices: from €759 per person

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the Ionian islands, where natural beauty and relaxation await.

You'll begin your journey in the charming village of Lefkas, nestled among shops and restaurants. From the marina, your gay sailing adventure in Greece's Ionian islands begins on a comfortable sailing yacht.

Setting sail to the south, you'll enter one of Greece's most serene and picturesque sailing regions. Here, the islands are largely untouched and lush, with only a few scattered villages. Crystal-clear water bays abound, providing ideal spots for lunch breaks, refreshing swims, and overnight anchorages. These small, picturesque villages offer delightful dining options.

Explore Ithaca, the legendary island of Odysseus, or extend your stay on Lefkas, known for its sandy (and sometimes nude) beaches and light blue waters, along with the captivating Katziki Bay. Your journey also takes you to Scorpios Island, once the private retreat of the Onassis family. Drop anchor in front of its pristine beach, where Jackie Onassis' beach house once stood, offering a glimpse into their lavish lifestyle!

Since this is a gay naked sailing cruise, and the aim is to find anchorages with ample privacy, allowing you to enjoy this adventure au naturel whenever possible. The comfortable yacht features 5 cabins, accommodating up to 10 adventurous sailors. You're sure to make new friends and it's not unusual for sailor dudes to stay in contact long after the cruise ends.

Prices for the SAILORdudes Greek Ionian Isles Nude Gay Sailing start from €759 per person:


SaltyBoys gay nude sailing in Sardinia

08 – 15 June 2024

A nude man seen from behind while stand-up paddleboarding on blue waters with two yachts in front of him.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 08 – 15 June 2024
  • Itinerary: Olbia – Lavezzi Islands – Capo d’Orso
  • Ship: 2 luxury sailing catamarans with max. 8 guests on each
  • Prices: from €1,395 per person

Embark on a captivating and liberating nude sailing cruise along the enchanting North East coast of Sardinia – an island that's often overlooked by tourists, to their own detriment!

The northeast coast of Sardinia presents a harmonious tapestry of beaches, each with its own unique charm, turquoise waters that invite endless exploration, and picturesque villages where time seems to stand still.

One of the cruise highlights is the fact that you'll get plenty of opportunities to indulge in the culinary delights of lovely Italian restaurants. There's nothing better than savoring the flavors of the region as you unwind in the warm embrace of the coastal atmosphere! Well, except perhaps for the sights of the renowned Maddalena Archipelago, where picture-perfect turquoise waters lap against pristine white sandy beaches.

Your maritime escapade unfolds against the backdrop of iconic landmarks, including Capo d'Orso and Capo Testa. As you sail further, the Lavezzi islands come into view, adding an extra layer of allure to your voyage. These granite outcrops, adorned with unique flora, create a surreal backdrop against the crystal-clear waters. Whether snorkeling among vibrant marine life or simply soaking in the panoramic views from the deck, the Lavezzi islands offer something for everyone.

Since it's such a small and intimate group you're bound to make lifelong friends on your journey, as well as being free to socialize or not as much as your heart desires. While fun times are guaranteed this cruise is much more for exploring the natural world au naturel, rather than partying. It can be very romantic and/or very serene.

Prices for the SaltyBoys gay nude sailing in Sardinia start from €1,395 per person:


Gay nude cruise in the Greek islands

31 August – 7 September 2024

Have the time of your life on a gay nude cruise through the Greek islands with GaySail

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 31 August – 7 September 2024
  • Itinerary: Spetses – Epidavros – Athens
  • Ship: 2 luxury sailing yachts with max. 11 guests on each
  • Prices: start from €1,895 / person

Imagine being awakened by the sound of waves lapping and seagulls crying as your ship pulls into the dock of a charming village on your first morning of this gay nude sail cruise in the Saronic Gulf of Greece.

What an unusual and delightful way to start a new day. But you'll make an exception for the Greeks! This cruise is all about visiting the more idyllic and less crowded islands, although the famous amphitheater of Epidavros might be a little more popular, especially for those who like to sing.

In this gay nude cruise from GaySail, you will sail from Spetses to Navplion, then from Astrous to Ermioni. That's just the beginning. The Greek islands are truly something to behold, filled with artisan cafés, antique shops, rolling hills, golden cliffsides and of course, stunningly blue waters. It's a non-stop sightseeing and exploration experience.

But remember, it's a no-clothing cruise, so as soon as you board your sailing yacht in Spetses, the rule is to strip down to your birthday suit, alongside 20 other gay men, and begin the preparations for a night of partying. This is the magic of nude cruises in a nutshell. One moment you're prancing around on a beautiful deck, totally free of clothes, and the next, you're strolling up a gorgeous promenade taking in the stunning views of the Mediterranean sea.

On this cruise, you'll be able to enjoy the services of a gay skipper and gay cook, accommodation on board, plus breakfast and lunches prepared for you by the cook. At night you will have the opportunity to dine in local restaurants. You'll be sleeping in either bunk beds, split doubles or a normal double bed if you book as a couple. The luxury sailing yachts feature air-conditioning, outdoor areas for sunbathing/relaxing, a spacious saloon and kitchen.

Gay Sail is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for any cruise booked on their website. Just use the coupon code NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

Prices for the Gay nude cruise in the Greek islands start from €1,895 / person:


SaltyBoys gay nude sailing in Turkey

07 – 14 September 2024

Two nude men seen from behind as they look down from rocks onto a beautiful blue bay where two yachts are moored.

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 07 – 14 September 2024
  • Itinerary: Bodrum – Datca – Bocek
  • Ship: 2 traditional classic wooden gulet yachts with max. 12 guests on each
  • Prices: from €1,795 per person

Prepare to set sail on a fully catered, relaxing, and enjoyable clothing-optional Gulet cruise along the stunning Turkish coast!

This epic SaltyBoys journey encompasses visits to the Datca markets, the historic Knidos castle, the rejuvenating mud baths on the Dalyan River, the pristine Turtle Beach, and the captivating cruising area nestled among the islands of Gocek Bay.

As you sail, numerous beaches and unspoiled bays dot the coastline, providing ample opportunities to bask in the sun and sea au naturel. The cruise unfolds aboard two remarkably spacious and comfortable traditional classic wooden gulet yachts, each boasting six large double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The lounge area features a fully stocked bar that remains open throughout the day and night, while the front deck invites relaxation with 12 plush sunbeds for nude sunbathing or unwinding.

Saltyboys Gulet cruises are renowned for offering a gastronomic delight, treating guests to outstanding meals three times a day. From morning favorites like your preferred style of eggs to fresh and healthy lunches crafted from locally sourced ingredients, culminating in sumptuous dinners featuring freshly caught fish and barbecue-grilled meats. The cruise formula is tailored for relaxation, pampering, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, socializing, and, of course, lively evening parties!

The adventure kicks off and concludes with a taste of Bodrum's vibrant gay scene. The first and last nights are spent at Bodrum's gay beach bar, Queen, and the city's lively nightclubs, including Murphy's. Additionally, during the cruise, you'll get to anchor down in front of Bodrum's gay nude beach for a truly unique and liberating experience.

For those harboring reservations about traveling to Turkey, rest assured—Bodrum and its coastal area have long been recognized for their liberal atmosphere. This cruise has been a staple for many years, guided by Turkish skippers and crew who are well-versed in the region's hospitality.

Prices for the SaltyBoys gay nude sailing in Turkey start from €1,795 per person:


GaySail nude cruise in Tahiti

23 – 30 November 2024

Experience the stunning beauty of Tahiti on a gay nude cruise with GaySail

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 23 – 30 November 2024
  • Itinerary: Bora-Bora – Raiatea – Tahaa – Huahine
  • Ship: Luxury catamaran with max. 14 guests
  • Prices: from €1,795 per person

Tahiti – the largest island in the South Pacific archipelago. And wow! It sure does impress.

From jagged volcanoes to exotic wildflowers, Tahiti is a place of contradictions. One moment, you will find yourself clambering over rocky hillsides, and the next you'll be threading through the softest of sandy beaches. The Tahiti package gives a taste of everything that you are looking for.

The cruise experience itself, which lasts for one week, pulls out all the stops to make you feel like royalty. From being greeted with a friendly smile, and a welcome drink (before setting sail), to the delicious food, the staff go out of their way to make you feel special.

The boat is small enough to feel intimate, yet big enough to separate yourself from the other guests when you want some alone time. It's definitely the kind of holiday you should take if you're looking to escape the madness of your life. Surrounded by calm waters, cool beaches, and relaxed company, this cruise is simply bliss.

It takes place on a luxury catamaran with spacious rooms. You'll also be enjoying the services of a gay cook who will prepare your breakfast and lunch each day. At night you'll be able to go ashore and try the local cuisine. There's also lots of space for lounging on the deck or socializing in between the frequent swimming stops.

Gay Sail is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for any cruise booked on their website. Just use the coupon code NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

Prices for the GaySail nude cruise in Tahiti start from €1,795 per person:


Clothing optional gay cruise in Thailand

24 – 31 December 2023

Experience the stunning islands of Thailand on this clothing optional gay cruise

The cruise at a glance

  • When: 24 – 31 December 2023
  • Prices: from €1,895 per person
  • Itinerary: Phuket – Ko Phi Phi Don – Patong
  • Ship: 2 luxury catamarans with max. 10 guests on each

Climb aboard one of two luxurious 40-foot Lagoon Catamarans. Altogether, this gay cruise will see you travelling with 20 other gay guys, so you won't feel too overwhelmed with other guests.

Plus, it means you'll find it much easier to seek out a quiet spot on the boat for some alone time.

You will love being on this cruise, and getting to see the various delights dotting the coast of Thailand!

Often referred to as ‘The Land of Smiles', the Thai people are considered to be warm, hospitable and we rate it high on our list of the most gay-friendly countries in Asia! This makes it the ideal destination for a gay cruise. Not only are the people fantastic, but the sights along the coastline are something to behold.

The cruise is worth doing alone for the visit to Koh Hong. It's a cluster of islands surrounded by limestone pinnacles and underground caves, offering plenty for you to explore. Enjoy a quick dip in the waters before venturing through a tunnel into an enclosed lagoon. Your jaws will drop as you enter into a room that's big enough to throw a fabulous ball in.

Now, if you've checked the dates, and are scratching your head, then yes, this cruise takes place over Christmas. But why not swap out the snow and family squabbles for a festive season in the sun and Thai waters? The cruise members pull out all the stops to make it feel extra special, with Christmas crackers, dinner, and great company – you'll happily substitute your family relatives for your new gay fam!

Towards the end of the week, you'll get the chance to roam around the Thai fishing villages, and stand atop of the Ko Chang Lat cliffs – you'll feel like you're on top of the world! With chatty locals and plentiful market stalls, there is so much to see and so much culture to learn from.

This cruise takes place on two luxury air-conditioned catamarans with spacious rooms. Each catamaran hosts up to ten guests but you'll be able to socialise with up to 19 other gay guys each day. You'll also be enjoying the services of a gay cook who will prepare your breakfast and lunch each day. At night you'll be able to go ashore and try out local restaurants. The decks have lots of space for sunbathing in between frequent swimming stops. To find out more about Thailand, check out our country guide to Thailand for gay travellers.

Gay Sail is offering our readers an exclusive 5% discount valid for any cruise booked on their website. Just use the coupon code NOMADICGS5 at checkout.

Prices for the Clothing optional gay cruise in Thailand start from €1,895 per person:

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