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The BEST Gay adventure cruises in 2021

The BEST Gay adventure cruises in 2021

Do you know what we love about cruises? Lazing around and being pampered in ultimate luxury. But do you know what makes a cruise even more exciting for us? The opportunity to visit exciting destinations where you can take part in lots of different adventurous activities.

For us, gay cruises that have an adventurous twist have a special kind of magic to them, whether it's snorkelling with sea lion pups in the Galapagos islands or kayaking in the icy waters of mighty Antarctica. It's also one of the most exciting ways to tick off lots of those bucket list items!

These are some of our favourite gay adventure cruises on offer at the moment. We've split this guide up into two parts: the first focusing on exclusively gay adventure cruises, the second on gay groups that are part of a larger (“non-gay”) group.


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Out Adventures Galapagos Gay Cruise

Dates: 13 November, 2021 - 22 November, 2021

Starting in: Quito, Ecuador

Out Adventures Galapagos gay cruise

This gay cruise to the Galapagos with Out Adventures will see you sailing off along the equator to the stunning and unique Galapagos Islands. Walk among an assortment of fabulous creatures, who harmoniously live side by side, free from predators, both on land and in the surrounding waters.

HE Travel Galapagos Islands Gay Cruise

Dates: 8 June, 2021 - 14 June, 2021

Starting in: Quito, Ecuador

Galapagos biggest species of tortoise

HE Travel offers a chance to see the Galapagos Islands with a gay group within a larger cruise. The cruise takes place aboard the opulent Isabella II yacht as it explores the exciting world that inspired Charles Darwin! Look out for tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, and many different types of birds.

VACAYA Iceland Gay Cruise

Dates: 1 September, 2021 - 8 September, 2021

Starting in: Reykjavik, Iceland

iceland gay cruise

Exploring the stunning landscapes of Iceland (including the Northern Lights) on a cruise with other gay travelers? Yes, please! This is a unique gay cruise where you will circumnavigate Iceland onboard the 5-star Le Jacques Cartier, a huge explorer yacht by French luxury cruise line PONANT.

GaySail Exclusive Gay Cruise in Seychelles

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Starting in: Mahe, Seychelles

seychelles gay cruising

GaySail is hosting this fantastic gay cruise along the coast of Seychelles in West Africa. This cruise is made for all the big animal lovers of the world! Spot lizards running through the sands, listen to the parrots squawking from the treetops, and try your hand at horseback riding.

HE Travel Nile in Style Gay Egypt Cultural Tour

Dates: 20 November, 2021 - 1 December, 2021

Starting in: Cairo, Egypt

Egypt Nile cruise

With a name like “Nile in Style” we're already hooked! This gay cruise starts with 2 nights in Cairo, before heading to Luxor to board the luxurious and historic paddle steamer: the SS Karim. The bulk of the cruise takes place along the Nile River from Luxor moving south towards Aswan.

HE Travel Antarctica Adventure and Gay Cruise

Dates: 31 January, 2022 - 10 February, 2022

Starting in: Ushuaia, Argentina

He travels Antarctica

This gay cruise by HeTravels heads to the surrounding islands of Antarctica like Melchior, Brabant, and Anvers. Starting off in charming Ushuaia, you wave goodbye to civilization as you know it before heading south towards Antarctica. Here you can see penguins, sea lions and if you're really lucky, a few blue whales.

Cruises that have already departed

Zoom Antarctica Gay Adventure Cruise

Dates: 19 February, 2021 - 26 February, 2021

Starting in: Ushuaia, Argentina

zoom vacations antarctica

Discover beaches that are entirely inhabited by just penguins, spot blue whales swimming alongside your ship, enormous rising icebergs, and snow-capped mountains. This adventure starts with an overnight stay in Punta Arenas in Chile before flying out to King George Island on Antarctica where this exciting gay cruise commences.


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