Our 9 favourite gay travel apps you need to download today!

After years of travelling the world including our big trip in Asia and in Latin America, we've put together our 9 favourite gay travel apps.

Whilst they aren't all explicitly gay, they are the apps we use everyday when travelling, whether it was for booking flights, hotels, planning, networking or socialising.


Man About World one of best gay travel apps

ManAboutWorld is the first gay travel magazine created specifically for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It is a 10-issue/per year magazine with high-resolution images, well researched and written text, slideshows of images, videos and live links.

This is one of our favourite gay travel apps because the content is thorough, up to date and also available to download/read offline.

You can claim a 1 year’s free subscription worth $39,99 by clicking this link and entering the password code thanks.


ExpressVPN useful gay travel apps

A VPN is a way to connect to the internet via a foreign server, necessary in countries like China where the government bans access to many website like Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Pornhub and many more! In places like Dubai, even the gay dating sites like Grindr are blocked, so you will need a VPN to connect to it.

Thankfully VPNs are cheap and easy to set up.

Of all the VPN services we have tried, ExpressVPN is the easiest install and works extremely well. Click here to download.

Mister bnb one of best gay travel apps for planning

Misterbnb is the Airbnb equivalent for the LGBTQ community. It is one of our favourite gay travel apps for planning because unlike Airbnb, you know your host is gay (or at least gay friendly). It's also handy because your host will most likely show you the gay scene.

It's very easy to use and the website also offers useful destination gay guides. Once you've signed up, you can download the app, or use the mobile friendly version of their website and choose a stay.

Bonus: if you sign up with this link or click on the image below you can claim a $15/£10 travel credit. Also check out this article abot other alternative websites to Airbnb.

Grindr, Hornet, Scruff etc…

Hornet one of our fav gay travel apps for networking

In countries where there is little or no gay scene, the gay dating apps literally become the scene. For us they were the best way to find out where to go and what is happening. Thanks to Grindr and Hornet we've discovered underground events in countries where homosexuality is illegal, such as the gay scene in Delhi. This is why the gay dating apps are list as one of our favourite gay travel apps.

For us we found that Grindr is the most famous almost everywhere in the world, followed by Scruff and Hornet. Some apps like Hornet have added more social networking features which allow you to search for gay events happening near you.

XE Currency

XE Currency one of our fav gay travel apps for planning

This is a crucial app every gay traveller needs, especially if like Stefan you can't do simple currency conversions in your head!

When researching flights, places to stay, transport options, tour costs etc, you’re going to be overwhelmed with a mix of your home currency, US dollars and a bunch of local currencies from the countries you're planning to visit.

This app nicely unites everything on one screen and also works offline.


Icoon one of useful gay travel apps for commication

ICOON is a really useful app to help conquer language barriers by listing pictures of everyday objects you may need. It is sorted by category, making it easy to find the type of image you need.

We found it useful when we were a taxi in Xi'An in China and tried to explain we needed to go to the airport but driver didn't speak any English, so we showed him a picture of the airplane in ICOON:

Google Maps

Google Maps one of best gay travel apps for offline navigation

We found Google Maps to be the most accurate and user friendly of all the map based app. It allows you to pre download the maps for a particular place for offline use, which is very handy.

Google Maps has been one huge life saver for us during our travels in Asia, especially when travelling in India when tuk tuk drivers frequently tried to take us to the wrong destination so they could get a commission.


Skyscanner useful gay travel apps for planning

Skyscanner is our #1 resource for researching flights and finding the best deals online. They also have a very user friendly app. We like it because of all the flight search engines we've used, we've found it has the widest variety of flight operators, including budget ones like Air Asia and easyJet, thereby maximising your options.

We also like the way the search results show you the cheapest prices for each month and then each day. This allows you to select the most cost effective flight around your schedule.


Dropbox one of our best gay travel apps

Another less obvious “gay” app, but so important. This is where we save copies of important documents like our travel insurance, passport, birth certificate etc so that we can access it offline and across all our devices. Dropbox is also super handy to quickly exchange photos across devices which aren't the same. For example, Stefan has just Mac products and Seb anything non mac. Dropbox has been the best way to send each other photos in their original format (WhatsApp reduces the format).

Use our sign up link to download the app and you'll get an additional 500 MB of free space added to your starting allowance.


⭐️ TRAVEL INSURANCE — We recommend you always take out travel insurance before your next vacation. What happens if you suffer from illness, injury, theft or a cancellation? With travel insurance, you can have peace of mind and not worry. We love World Nomads travel insurance and have been using it for years. Their comprehensive coverage is second to none and their online claims process is very user friendly.

⭐️ SAFETY & SECURITY — All travelers (gay or not) can sometimes encounter danger when traveling. CloseCircle is your “virtual body guard” mobile app which provides security alerts and support wherever you are in the world. They have a 24/7 emergency response team monitoring their users who will contact you immediately if the SOS swipe button is activated. Support can include anything from practical advice, to free evacuation from areas with extreme weather or security risks. You can read more about CloseCircle in our article about how to stay safe whilst traveling.

⭐️ ONLINE ANONYMITY — A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a must in many countries: it allows you to surf anonymously and maintain your privacy whilst traveling. You'll particularly need it in countries where gay dating apps are blocked by the government. We recommend ExpressVPN, a reliable and cost effective service which we used and loved during our travels.

⭐️ HOTELS or APARTMENTS — When we plan a trip, we always look for the best hotel deals. We love Booking.com because not only do they have a comprehensive listing of accommodation options, they also offer the best prices. Added bonus: they provide 24/7 support and free cancellation for most listings.

⭐️ SIGHTSEEING and ADVENTURES — When we travel somewhere, we like to seek out the best experiences, whether it is cooking with locals in Bangkok, hiking on a glacier in Patagonia, or going on a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka. Our favorite place to look is GetYourGuide because they have over 30,000 highly rated activities, a user-friendly booking process with free cancellation and a 24 hour customer support.

This article contains affiliate links. If you click on them, we may receive compensation which keeps our website alive and helps us bring you to more destinations.

For more inspiration, check out our update to this article in our 5 new gay travel apps we are loving.

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Hi there! We are Stefan and Sebastien, Greek/French couple behind the travel blog Nomadic Boys. Since we met in 2009, we have been travelling all around the world together, visiting over 100 countries.

Our mission is to inspire you, the gay traveller, and show you that you can visit more places in the world than you thought possible, by providing a first-hand account of our travel adventures, to help you plan a fun and safe trip.

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46 thoughts on “Our 9 favourite gay travel apps you need to download today!”

  1. I use Maps.me (rather than Google Maps) when I travel as all of the maps (and they are really good quality) are pre-downloaded, so you don’t need to have a connection. Handy.

    • Thanks Richy and very true.

      For us though we found G maps more user friendly especially since they allow you to pre download maps.

  2. Great list of apps! I see a few favourites on the list – XE Currency, Skyscanner, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor. ICOON is new to me and I will check it out – thanks 🙂

  3. Like you said, a lot of these aren’t just for gay travelers, but I can see how some of these would be essential. I’ve never heard of MrB&B, it’s a great idea, as I’m sure not all accommodations are gay-friendly

  4. Ooo the Icoon app looks handy, though it would take away from the fun game of charades I always like to play when trying to communicate in another language! It’s interesting to learn about a whole bunch of apps that I didn’t know existed – Misterbnb…smart!

  5. Thanks for the great tips! I really should get around to using Skyscanner more often. (I’ve gotten frustrated in the past by other flight comparison sites that don’t include budget airlines, and when you’re travelling Australia there’s a manageable number of airlines to individually search, so has encouraged me to be lazy.)

  6. I’ve been using 4 of these apps and have been happy with them. Interesting to know about Vespa and misterbnb. I wouldn’t have expected the former to be what it is – as Vespa to me would always be the Italian scooter brand. 🙂

  7. I use a lot of those apps too and can’t live without them. I’m terrible at doing currency conversion in my head on the fly, but that app does it for me quickly and no one has to know I’m bad at math! 😉

  8. Some great tips. I definitely need a currency converter when I’m traveling abroad and love how you used Grindr to figure out where folks hung out. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Everytime I see a post from you guys or discover a Pin on Pinterest etc. I spend about 5 minutes giggling to myself – you honestly look like super fun people to hang around with! Your grimaces honestly crack me up! Awesome list of apps – i love the fact that there is an airbnb equivalent with gay-friendly accommodation – hopefully one day we won’t need it anymore and everyone in the world welcomes gay people with open arms!! Sorry for the cheesy sentence…haha. But you get the drift… 😉

  10. Great list guys! Skycanner and TripAdvisor are my faves, and who can complain about GoogleMaps?! Icoon I have never come across and looks great! I wish I had had it throughout my previous travels but will download now for my next adventure!

  11. I love the sky scanner app too. Haven’t heard of Icoon but can see that it would be really handy. We’ve been struggling here in Brasil now that we’ve left the big cities and don’t know any Portuguese. Hardly anyone speaks English and Spanglish does not seem to equate to Portuguese 🙂

  12. Guys, this is a great list! Some I would use next time traveling. I also had problems with Skype in Abu Dhabi (couldn’t call someone out of the country on a phone). And I think it’s great there are more gay apps coming out and it allows you to meet people who are gay in countries where it’s not accepted and illegal. That’s a great way to meet others and learn more about their daily struggles and it gives you a completely different perspective than for other travelers. Nice post!

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