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Gay Puglia: guide to the best gay bars, clubs, hotels and more

Gay Puglia: guide to the best gay bars, clubs, hotels and more

Our gay travel guide to Gallipoli and the region of Puglia includes the best of the gay scene, gay friendly hotels, fun things to do, where to eat & more.

Our gaydar went absolutely crazy on the beaches in Puglia.

Everywhere we looked, these metrosexual studs were posing and just looking absolutely ripped…Italian men sure know how to take care of themselves!

Puglia is located in the southeastern region of Italy – the heel of the country's boot. It's a popular holiday retreat and a prime hotspot for gay travelers, particularly Gallipoli. It's also stunning, full of UNESCO sites like Alberobello, pretty cities like Lecce, lush landscapes like the Grotta della Poesia, and some of the best food in the entire country…orecchiette anyone?

To get a flavor of gay Puglia, we recommend watching the 2010 Italian movie, Loose Cannons (“Mine Vaganti”) about a bourgeoise family in Lecce coming to terms with their two gay sons… You'll laugh your socks off, but will also get some fantastic inspiration about the region. We also help to inspire you with our detailed gay guide to Puglia setting out our first-hand experience of the gay scene out here, the best gay hotels to stay, beaches, events, and more.

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

Organise a gay tour of Italy to experience this wonderful country with other LGBTQ travellers

Discover Puglia on a gay tour:

Our buddy Sergio is one of the craziest human beings we've ever been fortunate to meet, and we love him! He has his own gay tour company based in Puglia and organizes many different trips for gay travelers throughout the year. We highly recommend joining one of them: foodie tours in Lecce, a gay bike tour across Puglia, gay yoga retreats, and so much more!

Find out more

Is Puglia safe for gay travelers?

Yes, it is! Whilst Italy is a conservative country with regard to LGBTQ rights, over the years, Puglia has become a bohemian playground for gay travelers. There are a handful of gay beaches across the region, as well as many gay hangouts in the main cities, particularly Gallipoli.

Obviously don't come here expecting to find Mykonos-type Circuit gay beach parties. Instead, there's a mix of remote beautiful beaches, delicious food, plenty of culture, and of course, bronzed Adonises everywhere.

We focused on the sub-region of Puglia called Salento, which is the Southern part. Salento stretches from Taranto on the western side and Brindisi on the east, all the way to the coastal tip. For us, we found the best gay beaches and gay hangouts in Salento, particularly around Gallipoli and Taranto.

One tip for gay travelers to Puglia is to rent a car to get the most out of it. Public transport is very limited, and taxis are expensive.

Getting around Puglia

The most convenient way to explore the region of Puglia is by renting a car and driving from town to town. This way you'll be able to get to hidden gems not as accessible by public transport and stop wherever or whenever you fancy!

There are lots of beautiful places to explore in the Puglia region of Italy
Stretching our legs after driving around Puglia

Gay hotels in Puglia

Puglia is a gay travel hotspot in Italy with a ton of gay-friendly accommodation options available to choose from across the region. From luxury resorts to down-at-heel gay B&Bs just a stone’s throw from the hotties on the beach, Puglia hotels feature every kind of option any queen could need!

These are some of the best gay hotels and gay-friendly accommodations in this stunning corner of Italy which we tried, loved, and highly recommend:


Tenuta Monticelli

in Alezio


Why we love it

  • Beautiful isolated location
  • Opulent rooms
  • Near to gay nightlife hubs
  • Attentive, professional staff

Tenuta Monticelli is a stunning place to stay that totally took us by surprise.

Located close to a lovely little town named Alezio, this gorgeous, gay-friendly boutique hotel sits amid the lush countryside of Puglia.

Close to Gallipoli, this is the ideal spot to recharge after some wild nights out down at the beach or in the gay nightlife spots of this vibrant coastal town.

It goes without saying that we felt extremely welcomed by the staff at Tenuta Monticelli, who was non-judgemental and incredibly professional.

The fact that Tenuta Monticelli has just five rooms means you really feel attended to at this luxury accommodation. Their rooms are luxurious, with superior options providing a private rooftop terrace including a jacuzzi from which jaw-dropping views of the rural surrounds provide the most romantic backdrop. As you can imagine, we really made the most of this private, romantic set-up!

For us, Tenuta Monticelli had one of the most gorgeous pool areas of any place we stayed in Puglia. You truly feel isolated in this area of the hotel, swimming with nothing but the sound of the birds and views of rural Puglia. With an outdoor shower and sun loungers that are tailor-made for catching some rays, you can enjoy some much-needed rehab after a wild night out in Gallipoli, ready to go again later…


Monteforte Resort


Monteforte is a stylish, gay friendly resort that combines modern innovation with centuries old architecture

Why we love it

  • Luxury rooms
  • Rooftop massages available
  • Close to gay beaches
  • Delicious breakfast served on the rooftop

Monteforte Resort is a beautiful boutique hotel that offers you the chance to get up close and personal with rural Puglian life.

Through melding modern luxury with classic Italian farmhouse vibes, Monteforte manages to create a truly unique place to stay that’s ideal for gay couples seeking a romantic hideaway.

The fact that Monteforte Resort is close to gay hotspots in Puglia like Gallipoli and Spiaggia d’Ayala makes it the perfect spot to recharge after late nights partying and mingling with local hotties on the sand or the dancefloor!

The rooftop is where all the real action happens at Monteforte Resort. In fact, there is a veritable pleasure zone atop this boutique hotel! With the expertly trained staff providing sensuous massages (alas, you can’t choose from who), there is a gorgeous jacuzzi area too that offers great views of the local countryside. For us, sipping a nightcap whilst taking a long hot soak together was one of our most cherished Puglian memories!

The rooftop at Monteforte Resort is also the place to grab your meals at the hotel, which includes an especially sumptuous free breakfast that makes the most of the region’s delicious fruits, cheeses, and of course, pastries!

Without a doubt, a stay at Monteforte Resort is a great way to enjoy Puglia and the gay hub of Salento in particular. The staff is professional and discreet, with many of them gay. You never know, maybe you’ll bump into that hot waiter one night down at the beach club…


Anima Bed & Wellness

near Ostuni

A bright and quirky room at the Anima Bed and Wellness in Puglia, Italy.

Why we love it

  • Beautiful gay-owned, adults-only B&B
  • Located in a charming olive grove
  • Lovely swimming pool and a Finnish sauna
  • Stay in a traditional Trullo or rustic room

Anima Bed & Wellness is perfect for relaxing and getting close to nature without missing out on any of life’s little luxuries.

Located in the middle of a beautiful olive grove, Anima is the love child of gay couple Francesco and Sieb, who’ve converted an old farmhouse into an idyllic (and eco-friendly) place to stay away from the hustle and bustle. There are just four rooms to choose from, two suites inside conical trullos, one room in the former stables and one in the former oven of the farm!

While these rooms and suites are quite quirky, they’re also perfectly comfortable, with both heating and cooling. Since there are only four guest rooms it’s easy to feel completely alone here, so we found it very romantic. 

The swimming pool is definitely one of the best places to relax, and there’s also a lovely waterlily pond next to the sun terrace which just adds to the feeling of peace. There’s a Finnish-style sauna inside a large barrel where you can also relax with a view of the olive grove.

Anima Bed & Wellness feel totally secluded in the Puglia countryside, but it’s still just a short trip to the nearby towns of Ostuni (about a 20-minute drive) and Ceglie Messapica (about a 15-minute drive). There’s a shared kitchen area while Sieb and Francesco also provide a delicious buffet breakfast. They’re also a trove of information on nearby attractions and restaurants to discover.

Best gay beaches in Puglia

Puglia is renowned for its stunning beaches, with more and more tourists beginning to flock to this once-undiscovered corner of Italy. Gay beaches are plentiful, with each possessing its own unique character and attracting a different crowd.

Most gay beaches in Puglia are scattered around the Salento region, which is also the area where Puglia’s finest beaches can be found. This means you can look forward to white sands, crystalline water, and tanned Sun Gods by the boatload!

For more, be sure to check out our detailed guide about the best gay beaches in Italy.

D'Ayala Beach

Our favorite gay beach in Puglia, D’Ayala Beach is about an hour north of regional hub Gallipoli (and 45 mins drive from Taranto City). If you’re coming by car, best to search for ‘Spiaggia D’Ayala’ – the official name – in your GPS.

As D’Ayala Beach is separated from the main road by a forest, it’s super private and a haven for nudists, meaning there’s plenty of great scenery to enjoy here! Certainly, D’Ayala is a center for gay guys in Puglia looking to mingle and have some sun-soaked fun. 

Torre Guaceto

Located on the opposite side of the Salento peninsula (around 25 mins drive north from Brindisi) is Torre Guaceto, a gorgeous stretch of sand that attracts queens from across Italy and beyond! Although quite remote, Torre Guaceto is worth the trek as it is a popular spot for nudists and gorgeous gay guys who come here to show off their toned abs and bulging biceps in the tiniest of speedos!

Park your car at Penna Grossa beach as you drive in from the Torre Guaceto junction. From here, walk south for around 45 minutes and you will reach this gay hub of eastern Salento.

Lido Zen in Gallipoli

Although not explicitly a gay beach club, Lido Zen attracts a young, liberal crowd who don’t bat an eyelid when a group of queens turns up or a gay couple feels like sharing a kiss! Close to Gallipoli town and boasting great facilities, this place is ideal for those days when you just can’t be bothered to trek across Salento for your gay beach fix!

WARNING: be wary of G Beach Club in Gallipoli

What used to be a gay beach club in Gallipoli (and is still being reported as such by other LGBTQ online guides) dramatically changed its tune recently. Following a change of management, they've appeared to move away from their previous “gay” image by asking gay couples who were kissing to leave. As if that wasn't bad enough, they also asked gay clients not to tag G Beach in their social media posts. A sad sign that homophobia remains strong in parts of Italy…one to avoid!

Puglia is home to many stunning beaches including plenty of gay ones
Hand in hand, on the sand…

Best gay bars in Puglia

As a firmly established fixture on the gay tourist trail, Puglia is home to some fabulous gay bars. Whether you seek late-night hysteria or something a little more cosmopolitan, we’re sure that you’ll find it in the best gay bars of Puglia.

The best gay bars are located in the major hubs of Puglia, such as Bari, Lecce, and Gallipoli, a must-visit for any fun-loving gay boys in the area. Note that the Marilyn Cafe Lounge gay bar in Lecce closed its doors for good in 2020.

Caffe Bellini in Gallipoli

Cafe Bellini is one of the most popular gay bars in Puglia, Italy

The action at this renowned Gallipoli gay bar starts early, with most of the fun spilling onto the packed terrace out front. This makes Bellini a great place to start the night and meet other gay guys to see where the party is at later on! Indeed, Cafe Bellini is a Gallipoli haven for gay boys both local and foreign, so you really have to visit for a cocktail (or three!) whenever you’re in town.

Location: Corso Roma, 11, 73014 Gallipoli LE, Italy

Open: Daily from 11am to 11pm

Ze Spazio Sociale

Staff at Zei Spazio Sociale gay bar in Lecce standing with their backs to the camera showing their sweaters with Zei on the back.

This fabulous joint is the place to be for all the fierce and fabulous members of the LGBT+ community in the region, and honey, it's all about acceptance and inclusivity up in here! From the amazing drag shows to the killer cocktails and the friendly staff, this place has got it all. And let's not forget about the fabulous events and activities that go down all year round, from movie screenings to themed parties, you better believe there's always something going on!

Location: Ze Spazio Sociale is located at Corte dei Chiaromonte, 2 in Lecce

Open: It's open Monday – Thursday from 6.30 pm until 1 am (until midnight on Wednesday) and from Friday – Sunday from 7.30 pm until 2 am

Best gay clubs in Puglia

Across Puglia, gay clubs are located in the region’s major hubs. You’re sure to find some amazing parties here, teeming with handsome studs! 

Gallipoli, Lecce, and Bari are the main areas for gay clubs, with queens from across Puglia flocking to these hotspots for no-holds-barred fun into the early hours of the morning. From enormous superclub set-ups to smaller city center fun boxes, we've set out some of the best gay clubs in Puglia to check out.

Note that the iconic Village Picador gay club of Puglia sadly closed its doors for good just after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pacha Mama gay party in Bari

On Saturday nights in Puglia you can dance the night away at Pacha Mama, a fabulous gay party which takes place on a beach

A legendary gay night takes place on a beach close to Bari. Pacha Mama only goes down on Saturday evenings so you’re guaranteed to see a packed event brimming with eager, delicious beefcakes from across all of Puglia! Theme nights here include “Men At Work” with drag animation in addition to live DJ sets and hot Go-Go dancers. It’s safe to say that your eyes are going to be busy on a night out at Pacha Mama…

Location: Contrada Le Paludi, 6, 76121 Barletta BT, Italy

Open: Saturday from 10pm til late

Makumba parties in Bari

Makumba parties take place once a fortnight at the Bari Aquapark, so you can combine dancing and some watery fun!

Drag queens and dancers abound at this fortnightly event taking place inside the Bari Aquapark. Makumba Parties have been a gay staple in Bari every other Saturday in the summer months since time immemorial and the fun is just as wild nowadays as ever! Expect to meet an international crowd of gay groups with their queen bees and local singles and couples partying the summer nights away at this Bari gay scene hotspot.

Location: Prolungamento, Via Caldarola, 6, 70126 Bari BA, Italy

Open: Every second Saturday from 10 pm til late but only during the summer months

Gay saunas in Puglia

As a liberal region of Italy and a hotspot for gay travel, you might think that Puglia would be home to a plethora of exciting gay saunas. Alas, that isn’t so and at the time of writing, there is only one of any note in the region. We hope that by the time you head over, there will be a thriving gay sauna scene for you to dip into and report back to us on!

Millennium gay sauna in Bari

This clean, modern sauna in central is situated across two floors and attracts a wide variety of local gay guys seeking to relax and meet new people. With a variety of treatment rooms as well as a dark area and bar, Millennium Gay Sauna is sure a fun place to spend a couple of hours in this vibrant city.

Location: Via Adriatico, 13, 70132 Bari BA, Italy

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 3:30pm to 10pm, Monday closed

Millenium is the only real gay sauna in Puglia, but it sure is worth visiting
Now doesn't that look mysterious and inviting?

Gay Pride and other events in Puglia

Due to the fact that Puglia is quite an open-minded area of Italy that attracts gay boys from across the globe on their travels, Gay Pride and other events are big news in this part of the world. This means fabulous parades, plenty of dressing up, and, of course, flocks of studs teeming into the area from all over the place. Let’s take a look at some of the main gay events taking place in Puglia.

These are the two main gay events in Puglia we could find:

Italy Gay Travels Summer Party (August/September)

This three-day bonanza event is a must for gay guys visiting Puglia in late summer. Comprising all sorts of parties including boat parties, dinners, and club nights, it is one of the premier exclusively gay summer parties taking place not only in Puglia but anywhere in Italy! Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that this means boatloads (literally!) of tanned Italian and international studs partying into the early hours for three days straight in nothing but their favorite swimsuits…

Puglia Pride (August)

By now it's common knowledge that Puglia is a prime hotspot for Italian gay guys. Naturally then, it only makes sense that the region has its own Gay Pride festival taking place every August. Featuring a massive parade, parties, and all kinds of hedonism, Puglia Pride is one of Italy’s biggest Pride celebrations and brings together gorgeous guys from across the nation to celebrate their sexuality on sunny, sandy beaches.

Salento Pride is a fabulous gay celebration with plenty of beach time in Italy
Beach Pride time!

Gay travel agency in Puglia

If you need a local Italian gay tour company to show you around and help you flesh out your itinerary, we recommend our buddy, Sergio. As well as being a gay local, he was also born/bred in Puglia and knows the region like the back of his hand. Sergio can put together an itinerary for your Puglia trip and to other parts of Italy. He also has a variety of excellent gay tours happening throughout the year which we strongly recommend joining. A fabulous way to discover Italy and quickly make friends.

Our friend Sergio organises fabulous gay tours of Puglia which we definitely recommend
Look how much fun this gay tour group is having!

Top things to do in Puglia for gay travelers

Puglia is the heel of long-legged Italy and one of the country's underrated gems. It has plenty of gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and unique architecture to explore, with far fewer crowds than in Venice or Rome.

Puglia is famous for producing around 40% of Italy's olive oil, as well as bread and pasta, which is why it is nicknamed the “breadbasket of Italy”. It also has one of the longest coastlines of Italy with over 500 miles (800km), so you just know you're guaranteed to find many excellent beaches here! There is so much to see and do in this remarkable region of Italy. We summarise some of the highlights here:

Foodie tour around Puglia

Taste some of the Puglia regions delicacies on a gay foodie tour!

As passionate foodies, we knew we were in for a treat when we heard Puglia's nickname is “the breadbasket of Italy“. It comes from the fact that Puglia produces over 80% of the country's pasta. One of our favorite culinary prizes we recommend you try is the ear-shaped “orecchiette”, which literally translates to “little ears”. Puglia is also renowned for its cheeses including Canestrato Pugliese, Burrata di Andria, and Fallone di Gravina. We also recommend joining a gay foodie tour to learn more about the region's delicacies!

Lecce: exploring unique Baroque architecture

Lecce city tourist highlight of gay Puglia

Lecce was our cultural highlight of Puglia. It's a UNESCO-listed site full of Baroque-style buildings, cute narrow cobblestone roads, Roman ruins, and impressive churches. As such it is nicknamed “the Florence of the South”. The main sites to look out for include the Piazza del Duomo main square and Lecce Cathedral. To get a flavor for Lecce, we recommend you watch the 2010 film called “Loose Cannons” (“Mine Vaganti”) about a family in Lecce who own a pasta-making business and also have two (very cute!) gay sons.

Ostuni: experience a gay yoga retreat

Gay yoga retreat in Ostuni one of best things to do in Puglia

We loved exploring the narrow cobblestone streets of Ostuni's whitewashed old town. It's perched on a hill, fortified by ancient walls. It dates back to the pre-classical period, was subsequently destroyed by Hannibal, and then rebuilt by the Ancient Greeks, who named it Astynéon, meaning: “new town”. In fact, Ostuni's modern-day nickname is “La Città Bianca” (“the White Town”) because of the many Greek island-like white-painted buildings. If you join a gay yoga retreat you'll also have time to explore Ostuni in between those asanas!

Alberobello: exploring the famous trulli huts

Trulli of Alberobello one of best things to do in Puglia

A trullo is a stone Hobbit-like hut with a conical roof, unique to Puglia, especially in the Itria Valley. The trulli (plural of trullo) are a UNESCO-listed site and are mainly found in Alberobello, which has over 1,500 trulli, some dating back to the 1300s. Today the trulli are preserved as inns, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. They are so iconic to the region as well as very Instagrammable! We recommend heading up to the balcony of one of the trulli cafes for the best views.

Otranto: a pretty seaside town

Ostuni one of best places to visit in Puglia

Otranto is a pretty coastal town in Puglia famous for its Aragonese Castle dating back to the 1400s. It also has an impressive 11th-century Cathedral which also attracts large crowds. The old town has many small winding streets, which are fun to get lost in. We particularly loved the harbor area, a nice spot to get a bite to eat, coffee, or a romantic sunset cocktail. The views of the fishing boats out in the water are particularly picturesque.

Polignano a Mare: famous cliff diving

Polignano a Mare one of best things to do in Puglia

Polignano a Mare was one of our favorite coastal towns in Puglia. It has a pretty dramatic and picturesque beach, surrounded by cliffs, where the waves come crashing onto the rocks. This spot is also famous for cliff diving and has even hosted the famous Red Bull diving competition, attracting huge crowds of around 50,000. Polignano a Mare also has a cutesy old town with lots of cafes to hang out at and watch the world (also, super-hot local guys) go by…

Grotta della poesia: swim like a mythical Princess

Poetry Caves one of best things to do in Puglia

The “Grotta della Poesia” in Roca Vecchia is a 100-foot wide sinkhole at the edge of the sea. According to legend, this used to be the favorite swimming spot for an ancient princess. The sight of her swimming inspired poets, hence the name “Caves of Poetry” (Grotta della Poesia). On the North side of the cove is an archaeological site with ruins of an ancient city dating back to the 4th Century BC, which is thought to have been an important place of worship.

Castel del Monte: the back of the one-cent coin

Castel del Monte is an impressive UNESCO listed 13th-century castle in Italy that's octagonal in shape

Currency-collecting geeks, listen up! The back of the Italian one-cent coin? That's Castel del Monte, an impressive UNESCO-listed 13th-century citadel located on a hill in Andria at an altitude of 1,770 feet (540m). It was built in 1240 by King Frederick II of Swabia. Its layout is famous for its mathematical and astronomical precision, which also has a perfect octagonal shape. Castel del Monte is also where the 2015 Salma Hayek fantasy movie Tale of Tales was set.

Plan your trip to Puglia

We've put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your own trip to Puglia. Read on to find out everything the gay traveler should know before they go.

Travel insurance: We definitely recommend getting travel insurance for any trip because you just never know when something might go wrong, whether it's just lost luggage or something more serious. We personally love to use Heymondo Travel Insurance (and have been for years) as their coverage is so comprehensive and it's easy to make a claim online.

How to get there: There are two main airports in Puglia, in Bari and Brindisi, so it's relatively easy to fly into the region from most parts of Europe. If you're already in Italy you can also drive, catch a train, or even a ferry to the heel of the boot. We recommend hiring a car to explore as you'll be able to reach more beautiful and remote spots than you can access via public transport.

Visa requirements: Travellers from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand don't need a visa for stays in Italy for up to 90 days, so you can easily visit Puglia. Members of the Schengen Zone can also travel freely in Italy but if you're coming from somewhere else (or just want to be sure) make sure you check your personal visa requirements beforehand.

Getting around: As we've mentioned, while there are bus, rail, and ferry routes between parts of Puglia, the easiest way to explore is by renting a car. If you really don't feel comfortable driving then the official Puglia tourism website has helpful links to all the public transport options to help you plan your movements.

Currency: The currency in Italy is the Euro, like most countries in Europe. Generally, €1 converts to around $1.10 US or about 89 pence in British Pounds.

Tipping culture: Tipping isn't generally required when traveling in Italy, although it's starting to become more expected in popular destinations due to the large influx of American tourists. You won't need to tip very much, maybe just €1 or so. For a full guide to tipping in Italy, check out this article.

Internet access: Most hotels, restaurants, and cafes in Puglia will offer free WiFi. If you know you'll need to get some work done or require reliable internet access, we suggest bringing a portable WiFi device.

Accommodation: There are lots of other great places to stay in Puglia, so make sure you check out if you want to see even more options. We love using them because they have excellent online support, it's really easy to book online and a lot of places even offer free cancellations.

Sightseeing and adventure: For more fun things to do in the Puglia region, check out GetYourGuide. We love using their easy online booking system to find exciting activities and tours to do wherever we travel.

When to visit: The best time to visit Puglia is between April and June when the spring flowers are in bloom, and the weather is just warm enough but not too warm. Visiting during this time means you can also avoid the tourist crowds of summer and higher prices for everything.

Gay map of Puglia

Here's our detailed gay map of Puglia which includes our favourite gay friendly hotels, gay bars and clubs as well as the best things to do in in the region:

Check out our gay map to Puglia in Italy with the best places to stay, drink, party and more

For more inspiration:

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Here's our gay guide to Italy's region of Puglia, with the best gay hotels, bars and more
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