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Gay TikTok: top 11 influencers to follow in 2024

Gay TikTok: top 11 influencers to follow in 2024

Wondering who are the best gay TikTok accounts to follow this year? Here's some inspiration for you with our roundup of the Top 11 LGBTQ TikTok influencers!

Ok, ok, we finally gave in to the TikTok craze…

After months of faking a smile and nodding along as our friends chatted about viral videos, dances, and bright-eyed influencers, we bit the bullet and downloaded the app. And call us fish because we are hooked!

Seby and I never thought we could spend hours staring at a screen and yet here we are. We won’t humiliate ourselves by telling you our screen time – we don’t think you’d look at us the same way ever again.

The best part about it is that there is content for everyone. If you’re a musical theatre stan, Broadway TikTok will open its doors for you. If you love fitness, that side of the app will knock you out of the park. And of course, the best side of Tiktok, like the greatest part of anything, is that this is where the gays are at! If you’re not on gay TikTok, you are missing out…

From academics geeking out over gender and homosexuality discourse, history lovers sharing facts about queer icons, drag queens lip-syncing iconic songs, and thousands of hot gay guys to gush over – there's something for everyone. We bumped heads a couple of times making this list, but we finally came to an agreement. Here are our top 11 best gay TikTokers to follow in 2024. For more, make sure you hit up our guide to the best gay Instagrammers to follow.

What makes a good gay TikToker?

On top of posting consistent videos that feed our over-active brains, we think some of the key parts in becoming a good gay TikToker goes something like the following:

  • Positivity: it might seem like a small thing, but have you noticed how much LGBTQ media is obsessed with making gay life look so miserable? If it’s not homophobic bullies, it’s dealing with self-hatred or unaccepting parents. So, it’s beyond refreshing to have something where gay people can share their stories, their love lives, and their adventures, with unabashed queerness. On TikTok, we get to be seen having fun, letting loose, dancing, and being our gorgeous, fabulous selves.
  • Education: we love learning about all aspects of the LGBTQ community. Whether it’s finding out about a queer historical figure or smarting up on issues that exist in the gay community, like racism and misogyny, it’s super important to be educated.
  • Inspiring: so many closeted gay people across the world turn to TikTok to see themselves represented. Seeing an out and proud gay influencer gives followers the courage to open up and be themselves.
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1. Kayes Hurricane

Kayes Hurricane is a gay Arab Muslim, living in Indiana, USA. When he isn’t busy making his followers swoon over his dreamy looks, he is making tons of goofy videos that will have you in stitches. Prepare for dad jokes, pop culture gaffs, and inside humor that only us gays can relate to. 

His popularity shows how vital an app like TikTok is for all types of marginalized communities. Representation matters and there are millions of LGBTQ people out there who are brown-skinned and/or Muslim who are afraid to come out due to a lack of visibility.

Not everyone has the space to turn on a gay movie/TV show in their living room for fear of a family member walking in. But what they can do is go to Kayes’ TikTok and see how fabulous and unstoppable an LGBTQ person of any color can be.

This is our fave video by Kayes to check out!

Kayes Hurricane is a gay Arab Muslim who shares hilarious Tik Tok videos

2. Doctor Carlton

We know, we know.

As gay guys, we get how terrifying the word “doctor” can be. We can practically feel our own jewels jump back into their shell when we hear the dreaded D-word! But believe us when we say that TikTok’s Doctor Carlton is informative and friendly… and eh, he’s not so bad to look at either…

He gives amazing advice on the importance of HIV testing, safe bedroom fun, and looking after your body. As an openly gay man himself, he understands that members of the LGBTQ community tend to feel more comfortable talking to fellow queer people about their body issues. He also gives invaluable advice such as the best ways to find LGBTQ and gay-friendly doctors.

It’s not all serious with him either. He loves making silly videos, talking about his partner and his everyday life with a few Dad-joke-like poo-rfect puns thrown in for good measure.

Here's our fave video by Doctor Carlton to check out!

Doctor Carlton's Tik Tok is our go-to for funny and informative videos with advice for gay viewers

3. Yani Macute

When you aren’t reading our own gay travel guides, you should be watching Yani Macute’s TikToks! He gives great advice on how to avoid food poisoning when traveling, the best phone apps to download, and how to stay safe. No matter how experienced we may think we are in the travel game, there are always new things to learn, which is why we love his videos.

Macute also does plenty of videos on traveling as a gay person, particularly around homophobic countries. He does a stellar job of showing the underground gay scenes in places like Malaysia, highlighting the importance of these queer-friendly safe spaces.

He also does a whole bunch of light-hearted videos such as showcasing how awesome the drag queens in Thailand are…bad girl Ri Ri just got even badder! We especially love his series on travel hacks that allow you to book flights/hotels for free.

This is one of our favorite videos by Yani in which he cleverly uses a popular TikTok trend.

Yani Macute is a gay Tik Tok influencer who shares lots of travel inspo and advice

4. RomeoTwink

If you took Disney’s Joshua Bassett and mixed him up with Justin Timberlake circa 2001…you’d get RomeoTwink! He’s a young, fresh-faced guy who posts funny takes on coming out, going on your first gay date, and “losing the V-card” (whatever that means *cough cough*). Followers can’t help but fall in love with his brown eyes, bright smile, and infinite charm – and that includes his many female fans. Sorry huns, this Romeo ain’t quite looking for a Juliet…

It’s guys like Romeo that have made us fall in love with TikTok. There was a time when it was so rare to see young LGBTQ people being comfortable with their online identity and expressing themselves openly, spreading their gay magic! Thanks to gay TikTok accounts like RomeoTwink, many teenagers, and closeted adults get to see how incredible being LGBTQ is, which inspires them to find that inner confidence within themselves.

We know that if we were in our late teens/early 20s, seeing someone like RomeoTwink would have massively boosted our morale by miles.

This is our fave of Romeo's videos to check out.

RomeoTwink is a cute young gay Tik Tok influencer who posts funny and informative videos

5. Abe Yoon

Abe Yoon is sassy, sarcastic, and sculpted like a Greek God – where can we adopt him?

We don’t just love him for his hilarious sense of humor, where his wit is as dry as the Sahara Desert. Nope, we love him for how informative he is. He uses his comedic chops to point out the problems within the gay dating world, Asian stereotypes, and the cringeworthy experiences he has had to face.

In one of our favorite of his many gay TikTok videos, he mimics a conversation tons of Asians have had where white guys say they’d “never date an Asian”. We say – what self-respecting person wants to date a racist, right?!

The Asian community has been poorly represented in entertainment – and gay Asians even more so. We like to believe it is changing and platforms like TikTok allow influencers like Abe Yoon to provide visibility for this marginalized group. We believe it’s super important for white gay guys especially to follow so they can quickly become aware of any microaggressions they may be causing without realizing it.

This is our pick of Abe's best video to check out.

Watch Abe Yoon's Tik Toks for humor and sharp takes on Asian representation and gay dating

6. Sugar & Spice

After famously featuring on series 15 of RuPaul's Drag Race, the gay TikTok Coyle twins have gone from strength to strength. Sugar and Spice do comedy, serve looks, and are utterly lovable.

Known as Sugar and Spice to almost 8 million followers, we are dying for them to show us how they go from muscled everyday boys to “cartoon life-sized dolls”.

They love answering fan questions with clever rhymes. When someone asked about their preferred pronouns, they responded with “We don’t really care what you call us, he, she, they, them, we’re just boys that like to dress up as fem!” Shakespeare was found shaking…

They also share hilarious storytimes, including how their grandmother almost caught them in drag. On top of the story, they were wearing our favorite look they’ve ever served – a Spice Girl homage! Sugar was dressed as Baby, whilst Spice was giving us Ginger-in-the-iconic-Say-You’ll-Be-There-music-video realness.

This is one of our favorite Sugar & Spice videos to check out.

The Coyle Twins are gay drag artists on Tik Tok who should definitely be on RuPaul soon

7. Olly & Mama LuLu

Iconic! Simply an iconic duo.

Not only are Olly and Lulu super adorable, but they have helped shape internet culture in the 2020s. They’ve inspired tons of memes that have been seen around the globe. From sassy one-liners to Lulu’s hilarious facial expressions, they've never put out a dull video!

Many of their TikToks involve them sitting with their family enjoying dinner when Olly either pranks his adorable mother or does something to annoy her. Their chemistry has caught the attention of 8 million fans, who love making reaction videos to all their hilarious shenanigans.

Having been born in the Philippines, Lulu moved to the USA two decades ago, hoping to raise a beautiful family. And that’s exactly what she got! Not only does she have a gay son, but she also has a lesbian daughter. In one of our favorite of their many gay TikTok videos, she answers the question of whether she is homophobic or not. Spoiler alert: she sure ain’t!

Here's the best video by Olly and Mama LuLu to check out!

Olly and Mama LuLu are a hilarious mother-son duowho have inspired many gay memes on Tik Tok

8. Pierre Boo

We think it should be illegal to be THIS cute!

Yet, Pierre is so wholesome and lovely that we can’t stay mad at him for his AUDACITY to be that hot on TikTok. He's a vibrant, happy-go-lucky French dude, and we all know I love me a beautiful French man…

Pierre used to be part of a gay power couple with Nicky Champa but even though they may have ended their romantic relationship, they're both going strong with their TikTok shenanigans, which were always kept separate. Their relationship was so seminal to gay love in the media, that they were even written about by Forbes!

Of course, not all relationships are forever, and both these boys are well worth watching on their own merits. Check Pierre out for dreamy TikToks set in Paris and the rest of France, with lots of funny commentary in his gorgeous French accent.

Pierre Boo, a gay Tik Tok influencer dressing up as a French stereotype with a fake baguette and mustache!

9. Nicky Champa

Nicky is an American who originally built his following online with partner Pierre, although now they have gone their separate ways. Nicky loves to show his followers glimpses of his everyday life, whether it is decorating his house, dancing around, or getting real about the feelings of sadness and confusion after the end of a long relationship.

While we're sad that these two guys are no longer together, we also can't wait to see what Nicky does with his platform going forward, and we're pretty sure it will include plenty of pranks, fun, and SLAYS! Nobody does fashion like the gays and Nicky is definitely one of the most stylish young guys out there.

Follow his channel for funny videos, fun travel content, and lots of epic outfits – even his mom makes some cute cameos!

Nicky Champa, a gay Tik Tok influencer posing in front of a swanky villa in a beautiful silk suit.

10. Pink Neinu

Pink Neinu is a drag artist based in sunny LA. Pink's TikToks are a combination of comedy and make-up tutorials, often lip-syncing to trending songs whilst transforming into a gorgeous goddess. Pink has done dozens of make-up looks, from the casual to the truly eccentric. We gagged over her Shea Coulee and Trixi Mattel tributes!

Anyone looking to get into drag or simply learn new make-up tricks needs to be following her. Pink has an incredible ability to do a look that slays us within an inch of our lives, whilst still coming across as super lovely and genuine. We’d 100% go out for drinks with her!

Pink Neinu pokes fun at herself quite a lot – doing looks that compare her skills now to how they were back in 2016. She also uses her platform to spread awareness around the Black Lives Matter movement – which we think is super important for people to learn about and lend their support.

This is the best video by Pink Neinu to check out.

We love watching Pink Neinu's make up transformations on Tik Tok

11. Jonathan Kung

If you’re feeling peckish, looking to try some new snacks, or stuck for what to make for dinner, Jonathan Kung has you covered on his TokTok channel. He has fun dishes, some of which are inspired by Pokémon and other anime shows. We love it when a hot gay guy is a nerd at heart!

Jonathan (who uses he/they pronouns) makes cooking look so easy – Seby said that even I could follow these tutorials. He’s passionate about clean eating, experimenting with new flavors/spices, and having fun in your kitchen. There is no “one-way” to do anything when it comes to whipping up a meal.

Jonathan also gives advice on the best kind of cookers to use, must-have utensils you should get for your kitchen, the best foods to eat before/after a workout, and what to cook when you’re too tired to make something special – we’ve all been there!

Jonathan Kung is a gay chef who shares awesome cooking tips on Tik Tok

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If tire more into the daddy figure check out @mr.colbran2 Good mix of comedy, advice and sexyness.

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