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Our 5 favorite gay underwear for the sexiest thirst trap!

Our 5 favorite gay underwear for the sexiest thirst trap!

These are our 5 favorite gay underwear brands that we love to rock when taking a sexy thirst trap for the ‘gram.

Let's be real, who doesn't appreciate a good thirst trap? Especially when it's the irresistible Maluma flexing in his underwear selfies!

I'll bet if you open up any gay guy's Insta, their Explorer tab will be bursting with photos of thirsty guys, a splash of travel inspo, and a sprinkling of cat reels (or maybe that's just mine…).

We're not gonna lie, we both love creating a tongue-in-cheek thirst snap. We're fully aware we're soon approaching an age where we'll fondly look back at these pics, proudly saying, ‘Yep, that was me. I used to look like that once upon a time!'

We've discovered that Speedos make for some of the hottest photos so we've curated a guide to the best gay swimwear brands for your next gay beach vacation. But you know what's even thirstier? Spicy photos with high-quality underwear, crafted to showcase the goods, the curves, and the Crown Jewels, in the best way possible! We're not talking about the average underwear from your local High Street shop. Oh no, we mean business! We seek out brands that understand our need for undies that will make us look spicy on the Grid.

And here they are!

Our 5 favorite hottest gay underwear brands – the ones we've been relying on for years to perfect our #hotgirlsummer snaps!

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

Gay couple Stefan and Seby in UK and France boxer shorts on a gay cruise.
It's not just a carb-loaded fantasy down there…

Where can I buy gay underwear?

We buy most of our underwear online now, usually directly from each brand's site, particularly TEAMM8 and Addicted. If you prefer to mix and match, it's convenient to shop from a site like JOCKBOX, which features all the top gay brands in one place.

One of the joys of traveling to a queer-friendly destination is the plethora of gay shops where we can replenish our collection with more briefs, boxers, and jockstraps. For example, in the gay scene of Sydney, we found outlets Daly Male and TEAMM8, while the gay shops of Barcelona house ES and Addicted. In our vibrant gay London, we love heading to Prowler and Clone Zone.

It's worth noting that ‘gay underwear' generally offers higher quality compared to your average high-street lingerie. The sizing is also far more precise. Consequently, it may be a bit pricier, but the longevity and, most importantly, the enhanced look make it a worthwhile investment.

Stefan in his gay underwear pretending to be Spiderman.
Just your friendly curly-haired neighborhood wannabe Spiderman filling out his recent underwear purchase…


I first encountered TEAMM8 decades ago when I was a young gay guy navigating the gay scene of London. As I perused the pages of the latest weekly gay publications, QX and Boyz, I spotted these hot, sculpted guys modeling TEAMM8 Speedos. What captivated me most was how unapologetically gay they were. It felt like I had stumbled upon my tribe.

TEAMM8 is an Australian brand that has some of the finest activewear clothing in our wardrobe, ranging from obligatory grey sweatpants to impeccably crafted Speedos. They also have some of the best gay underwear that's not only comfortable but super sexy. We visited their outlet when discovering the gay scene of Sydney which is owned and run by gay men…these guys just know what gay men like to wear. They have a range of bold, eye-catching briefs for the flamboyant ‘peacock gays' amongst us. But for those of us who don't always want to be on show and prefer something subtle, they have a range of classic and classy trunks.

Our favorite TEAMM8 underwear is the Eclipse Bikini Brief range, which looks exceptionally enticing when paired with a sleeveless top in the same color. Another standout TEAMM8 item that we keep revisiting is their Speedo range, which we loved showing off at the gay beaches of Sydney. These guys sure know how to craft clothing that is both comfortable but also accentuates the goods in the best way possible!

HEADS UP: We've teamed up with TEAMM8 to offer our readers an exclusive 20% discount on online orders. Simply use our NOMADICBOYS20 code at checkout.

Seby hitch hiking at Sydney gay Obelisk beach wearing Teamm8 gay underwear.
Seby swears by his TEAMM8 Speedos when hitchhiking in Australia…would you stop?

2. Addicted

You only need to glance at Addicted's Instagram before realizing who their target market is! These guys are the epitome of the gay circuit scene in so many ways. We always see them at the big gay events like Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria and Barcelona Pride.

Whenever we're planning for one of the epic gay party cruises like Atlantis or La Demence, which have at least one themed party daily, we always do a bulk order from Addicted to stock up with things like sexy sailor outfits, rainbow Speedos, neon socks, and skimpy wrestler singlets.

Addicted have also come to dominate our underwear drawers. We love their range of briefs and jockstraps. They're beautifully crafted to accentuate one's posterior whilst also showcasing the bulge – we recommend a lighter white color for this if you're heading in this direction for an Insta thirst trap!

And if you're shower not a grower kind of guy, Addicted's got your back by including a pouch to insert into your underwear or Speedo to emphasize your bulge, giving it a smooth curved shape.

HEADS UP: We've teamed up with Addicted to offer our readers an exclusive 10% discount on online orders. Simply use our NOMADICBOYS code at checkout.

Stefan in his bed wearing Addicted underwear.
Addicted briefs perfect for the ultimate “I just woke up like this” thirst trap!

3. Code 22

Whilst we love a pair of briefs and jockstraps, we also relish diversifying our gay underwear drawer with a selection of trunks. PUMP! and Code 22 are perfect for this, radiating a captive allure that accentuates all the right bumps and lumps.

Much like our discovery of Addicted, we stumbled on Code 22 amid our exploration of the gay scene of Barcelona – the brand's hometown. Their diverse underwear collection spans briefs, trunks, jockstraps, thongs, and union suits.

Union what?…we hear you ask. A union suit is a traditional one-piece long underwear that was once fashionable men's underwear pre-1930s. The fabulous designers at Code 22 took the traditional union suit concept, zhuzhed it up, and created a pretty sassy range begging for a spot in your underwear drawer!

Other Code 22 clothing items we love include their cotton stretch pants…grab yourself a pair in beige and dare to wear it commando…trust us 🙂

Code 22 also has a generous accessories collection including harnesses and fetish socks…another heads-up tip from us: if heading to a particular themed dress-up party (you know what we mean!) Code 22 socks are a handy place to store your keys, phone, and lube.

Another hot tip for your next thirst trap is to get a lighter pair to show things off more. Case in point: compare Seby's white trunks to Stefan's darker pair in this pillow fight snapshot:

Gay couple pillow fight in Code22 gay underwear.
Pillow fight! Are you Team Seby or Team Stefan?!

4. PUMP!

TOUCHDOWN! The PUMP! models are primed and pimped ready for your entertaintment… Category is, Sports Jock Showdown. The bigger the bulge, the more glorious…!

We first noticed PUMP! underwear in the 2010s, captivated by the (ahem!), bulging hung models…

Incorporating the theme of American Football and boxing matches, PUMP! blended them with hot models, fashion flair, and daring concepts to create a product that has the gays thirsting for more! Their TOUCHDOWN! trunks stand out as some of the sexiest gay underwear we've ever laid eyes on, prompting us to order a pair each year without fail.

PUMP! was founded in 2009 in Canada, in one of our favorite gay cities: Montreal. This might have something to do with why we have such high regard for PUMP! We loved the gay scene of Montreal and always said it was a place we could move to.

PUMP! distinguishes itself in the realm of gay underwear brands with its unique style: striking reds contrasting with whites and popping blacks, often featuring durable mesh. While their marketing may scream, ‘Athletes‘, in our case it's gays who lust after athletic bodies!

PUMP!'s clothing range extends beyond underwear, including class swimwear and a few branded singlets. However, their forte lies in crafting hot underwear with an underlying sports theme.

Feeling a bit daring, ready to make a statement?

We recommend trying their ‘Access Trunks'. These beautifully crafted bad boys feature a unique twist: the butt area is cut out, allowing for easy access…hence the name Access Trunks!

Gay couple modelling PUMP! gay underwear.
Can you guess what Seby likes to hide inside his box?

5. Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is the OG of gay men's underwear!

This Californian-based brand has been around for as long as we can remember.

Since its inception in 1997, Andrew Christian has not only endured but has become a cornerstone in the gay scene. He can often be spotted at major gay events – we even spotted him on a drag race judging panel at Puerto Vallarta Pride. In 2013, he adorned the Pitt Crew in Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 5 with his iconic sexy underwear for a memorable mini-challenge, appearing alongside Ru in person.

One historical fact about Andrew Christian we particularly love: during the 2007/2008 season, his company produced Obama-themed underwear, donating $1 from every sale to the 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign!

The Andrew Christian gay underwear range is sizzling, featuring everything from jockstraps and boxers to briefs and thongs. Additionally, he offers a diverse selection of swimwear, sports clothes, and even toys. Need a rainbow-colored dildo? AC's got your back with his iconic Rainbow 9.25″ Boy Toy! Just remember to heed our handy safety tips when traveling with sex toys.

Keep an eye out for the entertaining (and super informative!) tongue-in-cheek videos on the Andrew Christian website, such as ‘Top Reasons Why Cream Pies Are The Best', and ‘Teaching Gay Sex Positions Balloon Pop Edition', featuring Andrew himself with a few of his models.

Andrew Christian stands as the only gay underwear brand we know of with such a captivating personality at its core, seamlessly becoming an integral part of the LGBTQ community.

Stefan posing with his Andrew Christian gay underwear on his shoulder.
Now that's one solid way to wear your Andrew Christian briefs!

For more inspiration:

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You need to try out Skull and Bones and Nasty Pig.

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YES! We love the name for Nasty Pig :)