Why we love using the TraveLibro app to document our travels

Montreal gay Pride was simply incredible! We had such an amazing time and it was definitely one of the best gay pride festivals we've ever been to. We met Nelly Furtado, hung out with a few of the Ru Paul drag queen superstars and saw the handsome Canadian Disney Prince, Justin Trudeau, as he led the parade.

We had a whole bunch of selfies, video clips, recommendations, reviews and more, which we uploaded and recorded all in one place in the TraveLibro app and can now re-live it all again whenever we want. This is one of the reasons we love TraveLibro and highly recommend it as a way to document all your favourite travel memories.

Fierte Canada Pride in Montreal TraveLibro app

A complete timeline of your trip

If like us you're of the generation that recalls those old fashioned film cameras, you'll no doubt have experienced the excitement of developing your travel photos, then collating and organising them into a photo album for future admiration.

Things have evolved a lot since, and today we do this all online via Facebook and Instagram, but after several hours, most of your social media posts are lost within the newsfeed. There is no place where you can put everything in one place to re-live all the different online memories in a way which we did over 10 years ago.

It is for this reason we love the TraveLibro app. It allows you to create a Journey for your trip, into which you post all your photos, videos, reviews, thoughts, memories, and more, in chronological order, so the end result is your own timeline of your trip. You can then re-live this at any time and share with friends and family.

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So easy and quick to use

We found the app very easy to use. You have the option to create an “On The Go Journey” or “Past Journey”, into which you can upload all photos from your trip, label them with a location tag and say a few words about it. Here you can insert all your anecdotes and tips, which we so easily forget.

Normally after a trip we will write a blog post about it and/or create a video, both of which are very time consuming. The TraveLibro Journey created for each trip means you have your own timeline, which you can of course embellish later.

Inspire and plan your next trip

TraveLibro has over 50,000 monthly users all over the world, covering over 80 countries and 1,200 cities, so there's bound to be someone who has uploaded a comprehensive Journey, which you can use to inspire and plan your next trip.

We used the app to plan our time in Montreal to discover what the must-see attractions are and to get an idea of the amount of time we'd need to spend sightseeing.

Montreal itinerary screen shot TraveLibro app

But don't just take our word for it: check out our Montreal story on TraveLibro and we dare you to tell us you didn't think it was awesome! We've got everything from our initial airport check ins, to memories in our hotel gym, watching Sasha, Peppermint, Chad Michael et al performing, Justin Trudeau's inspiring speech and many many other colourful snaps and videos from the Parade.

THIS is the real value of the app which we absolutely love – we now have all these wonderful memories nicely curated all in one place, which we can enjoy together again and again!

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About the author

Hi there! We are Stefan and Sebastien, Greek/French couple behind the travel blog Nomadic Boys. Since we met in 2009, we have been travelling all around the world together, visiting over 100 countries.

Our mission is to inspire you, the gay traveller, and show you that you can visit more places in the world than you thought possible, by providing a first-hand account of our travel adventures, to help you plan a fun and safe trip.

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