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5 romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

5 romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

Romance is everywhere in Buenos Aires.

The Porteños (local folk of the big capital city) are extremely passionate – and boy do they know how to celebrate being in love.

Whether it’s taking a stroll in charming Puerto Madera, getting intimate while dancing Argentinian Tango or taking a picnic in one of the many beautiful gardens, the opportunities to spend a special moment with you lover are endless. Here are our top 5 romantic things to do in Buenos Aires.

Nomadic Boys romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

A very Nomadic romantic sunset in Argentina


Tango is the romance of Argentina. This sensual dance which originates from Río de la Plata is so mesmerising that you could watch it for hours and not blink an eye.

A candlelit dinner while watching a tango show is one of the best memories we have of Buenos Aires. There are plenty to choose from but our favourite which we absolutely recommend is Rojo Tango.

The setting for this intimate experience is in the luxurious Faena hotel in Puerto Madero. The dinner includes a three course Argentinian meal with drinks followed by an unforgettable show.

Rojo Tango dinner and show starts from $298 per person.

Rojo tango and show 1 of 5 romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

Rojo Tango dinner and show at Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero


Tango will captivate your heart!

And what better way to get up close and personal with your lover? If you enjoy watching tango, then learning to dance tango takes it to a whole new level. Gazing into your partner’s eyes, grasping his hands and allowing yourself to be guided by the tantalising music is one of the most sensual experiences one can have.

You will find many milongas (tango halls) offering courses for all levels in Buenos Aires. Our favourite was the Maldita Milonga in San Telmo. This traditional milonga has live concerts everyday from 11pm with classes just beforehand. Tuesday evening is Queer Tango night.

#3 Learn to play polo at a traditional estancia

If you have a day spare, we highly recommend spending it at an authentic estancia (cattle ranch) like Puesto Viejo to get a feel for the Argentinian countryside.

Puesto Viejo is in Cañuelas, around 1 hour outside the city. It’s a large polo club estancia with huge grounds, polo fields, horse ranches, boutique hotel, outdoor infinity pool and really pretty gardens. When it’s scorching hot on a February/March summer’s day, it’s so nice to come and chill here.

Argentina estancia things to do gay guide buenos aires

Puesto Viejo: the best way to discover the Argentinian countryside at an authentic estancia

At Puesto Viejo, they offer polo classes to all levels. As beginners, we were totally apprehensive at first, but we quickly got over this and by the afternoon we were confidently riding our horses, scoring goals in our first match. It’s a lot of fun if you want to do something active and are into horse riding.

The full day polo experience with Puesto Viejo costs $170/£140 per person, with lunch and hotel pick up/drop off included.

Polo romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

Stefan and Sebastien getting ready for their first polo match


This one’s a splurge but definitely worth every penny. It’s a one in a lifetime romantic experience.

Take your loved one on a helicopter ride and marvel at the immensity and beauty of Buenos Aires from high above. It’s also a really fun way to discover the city.

The helicopter takes you over Puerto Madero, North past Palermo towards Tigre, the Paraná Delta and back. They can also arrange a very romantic lunch in a cosy restaurant on the banks of the Paraná River.

Romantic heliopter rides for two start from $450 including lunch. And because we love you so much, we’ve negociated an exclusive 5% discount for all our readers.

Take advantage of a 5% discount on your romantic helicopter ride by completing this form.

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Helicopter ride 1 of 5 romantic things to do in buenos aires

Captain Stefan takes us for a romantic helicopter ride over Buenos Aires


There is no finer spot for a romantic stroll than along the river bank of the recently revamped Puerto Madero neighbourhood. The old port of Buenos Aires is now a trendy hangout with lots of restaurants and bars.

The architectural highlight is the iconic Puente de las Mujeres (“Women’s Bridge”) – a pedestrian bridge meant to represent a couple dancing tango. The lit up river bank at night makes it the ideal place for a romantic walk.

Puerto Madero by night 1 of 5 romantic things to do in Buenos Aires

The romantic atmosphere of Puerto Madero by night including the reflection of Puente de la Mujer


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