15 best gay bars in Buenos Aires

Stefan Arestis

Buenos Aires is home to one of the best gay scenes of South America. Gay Buenos Aires is massive, spread mainly across Palermo and other neighbourhoods like San Telmo and Recoleta. There are gay hangouts to suit everyone, whether you're into bears, twinks, tango, want to watch a drag show or just a place to chill and jiggy to a bit of Kylie or Madonna.

What constitutes a “gay bar” is a bit blurred in Buenos Aires because here they don't go out till late and most bars/cafes double up as dancing venues.

Remember, Argentinians don't go to dinner before 9pm, so don't even think about heading to a bar until after 11pm and to a club until around 2am!

For our list of the best gay bars in Buenos Aires, we've also included clubs, gay milongas (tango halls), restobars and cafes – basically our favourite gay hangouts that we loved going to each time we visited Buenos Aires.

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Where is the gay scene of Buenos Aires?

The main gay area of Buenos Aires is in Palermo, where the majority of the LGBTQ hangouts can be found like New Inside, Sitges, Work and Peuteo.

You can also find pockets of fabulousness in the affluent Recoleta neighbourhood where the Contramano bear club is, as well as the more pop/twink Glam disco.

Our personal favourite neighbourhood of Buenos Aires is San Telmo, where you can find the famous Sunday market and the excellent Pride gay cafe. San Telmo is also the traditional tango heart of the city, with some of the best milongas, including a few queer ones, which we've included in this list.

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Sitges Bar

in Palermo

If you're in Buenos Aires on a Wednesday don't miss out on WednesGAY at Sitges for the best drag show in the city! Not only will you get to see a hilarious drag performance but there's also karaoke, free pizza and entry is free if you arrive between 11pm and 1am.

Sitges is also a great place to come on a Saturday evening when it gets really busy. Crowd here is a mix of locals and foreigners of all ages.

Sitges is closed on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday it's open from 8pm to 3am. From Thursday to Sunday it's open from midnight until around 4-6am. Sitges is located at Avenida Cordoba 4119 in Palermo.

Peuteo Bar

in Palermo

Peuteo is a heterofriendly video gay bar located in the heart of Palermo and the place to come for Ru Paul's Drag Race viewing parties.

The crowd is a mix of locals/foreigners, in their 20s, 30s and older. Most come here for a few cocktails before heading to one of the clubs. Also check out the staff: super friendly and easy on the eyes!

Peuteo is closed on Mondays and Tuesday. On all other days it's open from 9pm till around 3/4am on weekdays and until 5am on weekends. It is located at Gurruchaga 1867 in Palermo.

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Work bar

in Palermo

Work is the place to come if you're into electro music. Although it's a small unassuming, industrial-looking narrow bar in the heart of Palermo, it has quickly become one of the most popular gay bars in Buenos Aires, particularly with locals.

Work is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On other days it's open from 9pm till around 5am. But be warned, although it's open from 9pm, it's doesn't get busy until after midnight. Work is located at Gurruchaga 1832 in Palermo.

Sitges gay bar is the place to see the best drag show in Buenos Aires
One of our favourite drag shows at the Sitges gay bar
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Contramano Club

in Recoleta

Contramano is the main bear bar of Buenos Aires and the place to come to find sexy beefy chongos – Porteño gay slang for butch manly men. We found Contramano to be super friendly and also loved the mix of music they play, which includes the best pop hits as well as Latino anthems.

The crowd tends to be more on the older side here – mainly men in their 30s/40s and older. Contramano is only open on weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from midnight until 6am. It is located on Rodriguez Peña 1082 in Recoleta.


in Recoleta

Glam is a younger crowd than Contramanoa mix of twinks, students, guys in their 20s/30s, lovers of pop music and us! From all the gay clubs of Buenos Aires, this was our favourite.

Glam is divided into two main sections, one for pop/Latino music, the other more for electro. Look out for the live Go-Go dancer shows that take place throughout the night.

Glam Disco is only open on Thursday to Sunday nights from midnight until 6.30am. It is located at Cabrera 3046 in Recoleta.

New Inside

in Palermo

New Inside is the most unique restaurant you'll ever go to! It's a gay owned restaurant which caters to a primarily gay crowd. Our friends brought us here when we first arrived in Buenos Aires, not telling us anything. We ordered our steak, then just as we were tucking in, the waiters transformed into strippers, quickly losing all their clothes…!

The cocktails and the food is pretty good, but let's just say that's not what you're going to remember the most from this fabulous gem…only in Buenos Aires eh?!

New Inside is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and on other days it is open for dinner and drinks. We highly advise calling to reserve a table beforehand as it gets very busy. New Inside is located at Cabrera 4014 esquina Gascón in Palermo.

Tango Queer at Buenos Aires Club

in San Telmo

At its inception in the late 1800s, the tango was a dance between two men. Whilst its queer origins may have been lost over time, there has been a renaissance of same-sex tango over the last few decades, culminating with a queer tango festival in November.

Tango Queer is one of the best gay milongas (gay tango halls) in Buenos Aires. We came here on a Tuesday evening to try out their lessons, which then turned into free-style dancing, followed by a show. You cannot come to Buenos Aires and not do a gay tango class. It's romantic as well as an excellent way to meet friends.

Gay tango classes at Tango Queer take place every Tuesday at 8pm and are for all levels, including outright beginners, which we were when we first went! Tango Queer takes places at the Maldita Milonga at Perú 571 in San Telmo.

La Marshall Milonga

in Villa Crespo

La Marshall is another excellent gay milonga in Buenos Aires worth checking out. If you miss the Tuesday class of Tango Queer, you can come to this one on a Wednesday evening.

Like Tango Queer, La Marshall follows the same format: classes from 8:30pm followed by free-style dancing from around 10pm, and then a show later on in the evening.

La Marshall Milonga is located at Yatay 961 in Villa Crespo.

Pride Cafe

in San Telmo

We love hanging out at Pride Cafe. It's not only in our favourite part of Buenos Aires (in San Telmo), the food and cocktails are always a treat – especially their delicious dulce de leche chocolate brownies!

One of the highlights of Buenos Aires is the Sunday San Telmo market, which we highly recommend. Pride is right by the market, which makes it the ideal place to come for a coffee after shopping, or for Sunday brunch.

Pride is open everyday from morning until 8pm and is located at Balcarce 869 in San Telmo.

Famous brownies at the Pride gay cafe in San Telmo
The dulce de leche brownie at Pride Cafe is legendary! 

Gout Cafe

in Recoleta

Gout Cafe is a hetero-friendly cafe in Recoleta, famous for its gluten-free menu. Their coffees and cakes are also really goood, especially their red velvet cakes and macaroons. It's all made fresh everyday so you know you're in for a treat here. Celiacs will, of course, particularly love this place.

Gout Cafe is open daily from 11am to 8pm. It is located at Montevideo 1480 in Recoleta.

Km Zero

in Recoleta

Located right by the subway station in Recoleta, KM Zero is another gay bar in Buenos Aires to come for drag shows. As a bonus, they also have Go-Go dancers and the occasional strippers.

The music ranges from electro-dance to Latin-house. It's also quite unique in that it was one of the only gay bars of Buenos Aires we found that is open every day of the week!

KM Zero is open daily from midnight until around 6am and is located at Avenida Santa Fe 2516 in Recoleta.

Amerika Club

in Almagro

Amerika is the largest gay club of Buenos Aires and one of the biggest in South America. After Theatron in Bogota, it was definitely the largest gay club we've been to on the continent!

Amerika is spread out over 3 floors, each with dancing areas. They have themed nights like foam parties, bear nights and more. When we went it was generally a younger crowd: guys in their 20s, but this will vary depending on the night.

Amerika takes place on weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, from midnight until around 6/7am. It is located at Gascon 1040 in Almagro.

Amerika gay club in Buenos Aires
Stefan making new friends at Amerika gay club

Flux Bar

in Retiro

If you don't quite fancy heading to a gay bar at midnight and want to go somewhere for drinks early on in the evening, we recommend Flux Bar. This is a small retro cellar bar in Retiro with a range of Happy Hour and 2 For 1 offers between 7-10pm.

Flux generally has a mixed crowd, but when we visited we found more foreigners than locals – probably because the local boys like to head out much later in the evening.

Flux is open daily from 7/8pm until around 2/3am and is located at Marcelo T. de Alvear 980 in Retiro.

Feliza Bar

in Palermo

Feliza, or Fel!za, is a fabulous, fun and super quirky gay bar in playful Palermo. They hold lots of fun events like Queer Teatra (theatre) contests, queer cinema screenings, drag karaoke, urban dance classes and even reading workshops!

The walls are decorated with powerful queer feminist art, which you can purchase. We also love all the retro arcade games they have. Music is a mix of Latino pop hits, usually by a live DJ with a few drag acts to hand to get the crowd warmed up. Upstairs there is a relaxed chillout area where you can also play foosball…definitely a first for us!

The crowd here is a wonderful mix of everyone from our LGBTQ rainbow family, usually in their 20s and 30s.

Located at 3271 Avenue Córdoba, Feliza is open only Thursday to Sunday evenings until around 4/5am. Make sure you check their Facebook page to see what's on!

Casa Brandon Culture Club

in Villa Crespo

How to explain Casa Brandon? Self-dubbed as a queer cultural club, many locals in Buenos Aires come here for art exhibitions and performances from LGBTQ artists.

There's a monthly party known as BRANDONgayday where diversity is celebrated and partygoers dance to live DJs. If you're looking for something a bit different, a bit cultural, with yummy food and drinks, then you might like to try out Brandon.

You'll need to check out their Facebook page for the most up-to-date info of what's on and when. Casa Brandon is located at Luis Maria Drago 236 in Villa Crespo.

Fiesta Puerco and Fiesta Plop

in Palermo

These are some of the best weekend gay parties in Buenos Aires, especially for students, twinks and their fans. Fiesta Plop takes place on Friday evenings and Fiesta Puerco on Saturdays.

Both parties have live DJs, GoGo dancers and lots of sexy young Porteño boys. The parties take place at the Teatro Vorterix (Vorterix Theatre), which is located on the corner of Frederico Lacroze and Alvarez Thomas in Palermo.

A fun gay night out in Buenos Aires with friends
A gay night out in Buenos Aires!

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Our 15 favourite gay clubs, bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires.

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4 thoughts on “15 best gay bars in Buenos Aires”

  1. Jungle Bar in Buenos Aires has been closed. I go to Buenos Aires for a month every winter (their summer), side trips, 5 day weekend to Pocitos Beach in Montevideo Uruguay. Take hydrofoil to Colonia then bus to Montevideo, Uber to hotel. If you take direct hydrofoil to Montevideo it is $100 more RT. The best place there is My Suites Boutique Hotel and wine bar. 5 day weekend to Rosario, always stay at 4 star Savoy Esplendor Rosario by Wyndham. Both VERY LGBT friendly.

    My grandparents were from there but could not go as a child, teen, young adult, the dictators were killing off 56,000 people. I rented the same condo 8 times then not available, they found me another the last 3 years all in Palermo by Av. Cordoba. I know all the bars, clubs like you noted but all the restaurants tourists don’t go to. Brasas Argentinas a very upscale buffet in Puerto Madero, go before 5 pm for a lunch, you can stay to 6. Less than dinner and it filled me up for the day.

    As for travel insurance, even though I speak Spanish and my insurance I kept from United Health Care I kept for life when I left my employer actually covers me out of the country, it is a MUST. Last winter January 2018, I got food poisoning after 6 days there. Now that I think of it it may have been ecoli it was so bad. I was in and out of consciousness for 3 days. Lucky I made it to the bathroom. I could not hold even water and lost 12 lbs in 3 days. I then called the insurance, they immediately sent 2 surgeons (contractors with the insurance company) from an exclusive private hospital chain (Swiss Hospital Group). 1 injected me with iron, they came back 3 times a day for 2 days more, then put me on an $8,000 first class bed seat to go home where I wound up in the hospital. I had kidney issues for 9 months more over it and could not drink, ugh. I am diabetic so it did not help things. Added benefit, both doctors were incredibly hot and both Gay but I was in no mood to flirt.

    I will be going to Puerto Vallarta for the 4th time in 2 years in a week then every summer july 10 for 5 weeks to Barcelona, Sitges and Perpignan France, my 16th time there. Love my beaches.


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