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Best gay couple Halloween costumes in 2022

Best gay couple Halloween costumes in 2022

Here are the best gay Halloween costumes for couples who want to coordinate while looking spooky and sexy.

We love Halloween. It's not only the best excuse to go absolutely crazy with dressing up, makeup body paint, hot pants, and all sorts of fabulous outfits…but we get to do that together!

There are many terrific gay Halloween outfits to try out, but what about for couples? The options become more limited when you want to match, but there's still a handsome choice of things you can choose from, whether superhero inspired (Batman/Robin), computer game related (Mario/Luigi) or just good old fashioned drag!

Over the past few decades of our relationship, we've shared a fair number of Halloweens together! So we've pulled together some of our favorite gay couple Halloween costumes that we've tried and loved, which we hope will inspire your outfit choice for the big party happening on the next All Hallows' Eve.

1. The Mario Bros – Mario and Luigi

Gaming geeks, time to live out your computer game fantasy in real life…

One of the best ones that we love and always see at every gay Halloween party without fail is the Mario Bros. This is the perfect gay Halloween costume for gay couples who (ahem!) look alike and also want an excuse to grow a moustache, and show off a bit of leg too!

Mario Brothers one of gay couple halloween costumes top 10
Sexy Mario and Luigo ready for the Halloween party!

2. Cheeky angel and horny devil

There's nothing hotter than a twink couple dressed up in contrasting devil/angel outfits right?!

This is a fantastic gay couple Halloween costume idea because it allows one of you to act the part of the cheeky angel, whilst the other plays at being the horny devil. From here on in, the possibilities for your Insta Stories are endless! One of the best angel/devil gay Halloween couples outfits we loved is by the dashing Vlogger couple, Trent and Luke:

angel and devil gay couple halloween costumes
Cheeky angel and horny devil. Source: Trent and Luke

3. Frankenstein and his sexy monster

We've all heard of Mary Shelley's famous gothic story about Dr. Victor Frankenstein who creates his own monster…some argue this was Dr. Frank's way of expressing his latent homosexuality…

Don't you know the story? The gay version at least – Dr Frankenstein created a very sexy monster, fell in love with him, and took him to the Halloween ball!

Frankenstein sexy gay couple Halloween costumes
Dr Frankenstein and his sexy Halloween monster

4. Skeleton couples in suits

You know that hot skeleton couple who live down the street in your friendly neighbourhood? They throw an amazing dinner party and always show up on form at every Halloween party without fail!

On a serious note, this is one pretty cute/creepy outfit that any gay couple can replicate for Halloween, touched up with some face paint for dramatic effect.

Skeleton suit gay couple Halloween costumes ideas
Matching skeleton suit outfits

5. Superhero fantasy – Batman, Robin, Superman

Comic book fans will love this one!

Dressing up as superheroes is always guaranteed to be one of the most popular gay costumes for Halloween. You can go as full-on with this as you want by buying the whole outfit, complete with a mask and cape.

Or, you can simply wear the cape, with matching tight pants or even speedos, then fill in the rest with body paint like we tried for our Halloween at the Wicked Manors festival in good old gay Fort Lauderdale:

Dressing up as Superman and Batman for Halloween
SuperSteffy versus BatSeby! Who will win the ultimate showdown?

6. Zoolander: Hansel and Derek

This is a fun gay couple Halloween costume to try out, inspired by the Zoolander movie.

Get those “Blue Steel” lips ready for a night of some serious pouting. This works beautifully for gay couples where one is blonde and the other dark-haired. Or, just get a blonde wig for the Hansel impersonator.

Zoolander and Hansel gay couple halloween costumes top 10
Perfecting the best Blue Steel!

7. Adam and Steve

All those cute straight couples dressing up as Adam and Eve? Well time for our own version!

Meet the super cute Adam and Steve…also the chance to wear as little as you dare! This gay Halloween costume idea involves leaves covering the Crown Jewels, and, of course, a big fat juicy ripe red apple!

Adam and Steve one of best gay couple halloween costumes top 10
Adam and Steve certainly make a very cute Halloween couple!

8. Pokemon: Pikachu and Ash

Pokemon fans will want to consider dressing up as Ash and Pikachu as their gay couple Halloween costume.

What you need for Ash are a hat, blue vest, and green finger-less gloves. For Pikachu, yellow clothing, cute ears, and face paint. We loved the way cute vlogger Andrew Keenan-Bolger modeled this look with his boyfriend:

Pokemon inspired gay couple halloween costumes
Fellow blogger Andrew Keenan-Bolger modelling Pikachu and Ash with his boyfriend as their cute couples Halloween outfit; Source: Andrew Keenan-Bolger

9. Sexy Spartan gladiator and his hot lover

For gays who spend their waking hour pumping weights at the gym, this is one you'll want to try out with your beau.

Simply don a cape, and then decorate your body with as much (or as little) gladiator accessories you can find – bracelets, shoulder pads, armor…it's simple and super sexy!

Matching gladiators one of best gay couple halloween costumes
Sexy gladiator warriors dolled up and ready for a Halloween party

10. Gay couple in harness

It wouldn't be a gay Halloween party without a few couples in harnesses in sight right?

This sexy fetish item has become a staple at every gay event we've been to, whether it's Pride, Circuit, NYE, and of course, Halloween! Grab a pair online and rock them with pride together.

The Black Room Club one of the best gay clubs in Barcelona
Rockin' our new harnesses at a gay Halloween party in Barcelona

11. The Hairy Sisters: full matching drag

Have you met The Hairy Sisters? They're kinda feisty, but always up for a good time…

With a bit of makeup, dresses, and the right wigs, you can create your own take of scary matching Halloween sisters. In our case, the gorgeous dolled-up Hairy Sisters took the streets of London by surprise on one very special Halloween!

gay couple Halloween costumes drag
The Hairy Sisters hitting the streets of London during Halloween

…or, just mix and match to contrast!

We end with one of our favorites gay couple outfits, courtesy of the very sexy Zakar Twins.

If, by now, you're not inspired with a costume idea, then just create your own contrasting idea with whatever you have to hand, just like Zach and Michael did:

Gay couple Halloween matching outfits
There are two types of gays on Halloween!

For more inspiration:

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The cutest, and sexiest, Halloween costumes for gay couples!

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