Our Philippines travel video

The Philippines was a dream!

We spent a month in this beautiful country in May/June 2015 and absolutely fell in love with it.

The Philippines has some of the most incredible underwater life we've experienced, which makes scuba diving and snorkelling a dream. We particularly enjoyed snorkelling and kayaking around El Nido on Palawan Island.

Flower Island near El Nido was our romantic island escape with some amazing snorkelling. For a country made up of over 7,000 islands, it's not difficult to find your own island romantic getaway.

Palawan island is also home to the Underground River near Puerto Princesa. It is said to be the longest navigable underground river in the world and was voted as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature by a global poll in 2012.

Filipino food is seriously underrated, but it does have some quirky elements to it. Check out balut: a 17 days old duck embryo, which is a very popular snack in The Philippines. We tried balut on Puka Beach on Boracay island and you can watch Sebastien's reaction to it in our video!

Boracay is a gay friendly party paradise, albeit quite touristy. Some love it and others hate it and avoid it. We loved it a lot, particularly as we got to dress up and learn to swim like mermaids on the popular White Beach.

We can't wait to return to the Philippines one day.

Our Philippines travel video was made using the video editor “MAGIX Movie Edit pro 2014″. The music used is the instrumental version of “Drunk on Love” by Rihanna.

20 thoughts on “Our Philippines travel video”

  1. Hi guys, we just finished our Palawan trip! Thanks for your tips!! Flower island is indeed paradise on earth. Both naturally as hospitality wise. We are looking forward to your new adventures. J&J

  2. You drowned her?! 😉 Thanks for the info. We are trying to decide on something cheaper we can tote around with us on our travels and not worry too much about. No, I have not! I will definitely check it out though.

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the Philippines info and making me super excited about our trip in November. I love the video you did and I am curious what kind of camera you use for the underwater shots? Thnx!

    Happy travels from Cambodia!


    • Thanks Jax. The Philippines is AMAZING – we used a Go Pro Hero before she died (Seb took her into the water without her waterproof cover on and she left us lol). LOVED Cambodia – have you seen the Phare Circus?

  4. Hey Guys, Thanks for the amazing and insightful feature on the Philippines. I got to learn more about gay-friendly PH through reading your adventures (which is ironic coz my heritage is Filipino but now living down under). Also, a big salute to you guys for taking on the most underrated Asian cuisine (as far as I know). Will you be visiting the islands again?

    • Hi JB and thanks for your comment. Will he return? Oh come on now that is a silly question he he he – the answer, HELL YEAH! How could anyone not want to? 🙂

      • Thank you as well for the reply. I agree I asked a silly question considering that you wrote “We can’t wait to return to the Philippines one day” on your post (lol). Plenty more islands to explore and there is always that miniscule chance I might bump into you guys on your next travel to PH. Peace \,,/,

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