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Back To The Future at the Time Capsule Hotel in Penang

Back To The Future at the Time Capsule Hotel in Penang

The Time Capsule Hotel is an excellent budget option, located in the heart of the Georgetown in Penang. You get your own comfortable bed in a private space at a minimum price.

We loved it so much, we wanted to share our experience with you. Follow us as we guide you through the purple lights of this futuristic gay friendly hotel.

Let the nomadic boys guide you through this futuristic gay friendly hotel

Let the nomadic boys guide you through this futuristic gay friendly hotel


The check in process is made very simple…

…get your card from reception, which will activate your pod and lockers, put your shoes in the shoe locker, take the lift, put your bag in the luggage locker, sleep in your capsule, and get out!

Check in process wall sign

This wall sign explains the check in process very clearly

You are given a Time Capsule bag of goodies, which includes your headphone set, card to activate the pod, towel and toiletries.

Time Capsule goody bag in pod

The inside of our Time Capsule pod with our goodies laid out


Pods are split into rows of 2, 4 or 8, depending on length of stay: the longer you stay, the smaller your pod area. Most guests usually stay for 1-2 nights.

An 8 pod arrangement of the pods

An 8 pod arrangement

Each pod is equipped with a TV, mirror, beautiful backlight, Air Con, safe, coat hanger, electricity supply, USB port, a bottle of water, comfortable mattress, pillows and a closing door, which locks from the inside.

The futuristic purple light was our favourite feature.

Stef in Time Capsule Hotel pod

Stefan inside his Time Capsule pod


The Time Capsule Hotel has all the basic facilities you’d expect from a hotel. The bathroom is clean and decorated in a minimalist style.

Time Capsule Hotel bathroom

The stylishly decorated bathroom of the Time Capsule Hotel

There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and on each floor there are large poofs where you can hang out.

There is also a restaurant downstairs called Little Nap, which serves nice expressos and food throughout the day.

Seb ordering breakfast at Little Nap restaurant

Sebastien ordering breakfast at the Time Capsule”s Little Nap restaurant

Stefan ordering breakfast at Little Nap restaurant

Stefan ordering breakfast at the Time Capsule’s Little Nap restaurant


You can book your futuristic stay by contacting The Time Capsule Hotel directly or through their Tripadvisor page.

For more about our adventures through Malaysia, please check out our Malaysia travel video:

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