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5 tips for spotting killer whales at Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia

5 tips for spotting killer whales at Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia

Peninsula Valdes is one the best spots in the world to see killer whales (orcas) in the wild. This is the place they come to hunt and entertain their enthusiastic audience watching on.

Orcas love this particular part of Argentina because of the large abundance of one of their favourite food prey: seal pups. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the orcas close up when they come right up to the beach to catch their supper.

A quick fact check about killer whales

Despite their name, killer whales are not dangerous and there is no evidence of them ever having attacked humans in the wild. Killer whales is the nickname given by the Spanish whalers in the 1700s when they noticed that orcas were hunting whales for food.

They have no known predators, so they freely hunt without fear of being attacked by another marine animal. They feed on seals, sea lions, penguins, fish, dolphins, sharks and even whales.

To learn more about orcas and the sad story of why they should not be kept in captivity by places like SeaWorld, we strongly advise you watch the documentary called Black Fish:

Seeing killer whales in the wild is not an exact science but more a matter of luck. However, if you follow our 5 tips to watch killer whales, you will definitely maximise your chances to see these beautiful animals at Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia.

When to visit Peninsula Valdes

Orcas are found around the coast of Patagonia all year round. The best time to spot them is in October and November when they are most likely to come close to the shore to hunt Elephant seal pups.

Elephant seals can be found throughout the year at Peninsula Valdes. In September the pups are born, so by October they are a few months old and are often splashing around in the water, making them an easy target for the hungry orcas.

Another good time of year to visit is in March and April, when sea lions pups are splashing around.

Where to go to see the orcas in Peninsula Valdes

Between October to December, your best bet is at Caleta Valdes on the Eastern end of Peninsula Valdes, where Elephant seal pups swim around in the shallow waters.

Between March and April, you are more likely to see them at Punta Norte in the North of Peninsula Valdes, where baby sea lion pups are swimming around.

tips of how to spot killer whales in Peninsula Valdes

Orca jumping, identifiable by its distinct black and white colouring. Source: National Geographic

Time your visit with high tide

Killer whale attacks are more likely to occur during high tide (or a bit before/after), so it’s worth coinciding your visit in accordance with high tide. There are 2 high tides each day, which you can check on the Argentinian Government website:

  1. Go to
  2. Select: “tabla de mareas” in the “Marea” section
  3. In the “Lista de Puerto Patrones” box on the left select Puerto Madryn
  4. In the “Seleccione Trimestre” box on the right select the time of year you’re visiting
  5. Select: “Ejecutar la Consulta” and on the next page scroll down to find the day/month you are checking for
  6. Add 2 hours if going to Caleta Valdes or 3 hours for Punta Norte

Once you’ve calculated the time the high tide is likely to happen, you can plan your visit around this. Aim to arrive at your viewing spot around 2-3 hours before high tide just in case the orcas arrive early.

Good weather

As with all safaris, when the weather is clear and the sea is calm, you maximise your chances of spotting the orcas. If the sea is rough and the water choppy, it will be harder to spot them.

spotting orcas killer whales in patagonia tips

A beautiful calm day by the beach at Caleta Valdes meant we got to spot several orcas here

Stay in a private estancia with direct access to the beach

The more time you spend waiting, the higher your chances of spotting the orcas. Most people will base themselves in Puerto Madryn and take a day trip up to Punta Norte and/or Caleta Valdes, a 3-4 hours drive each way.

If you have the budget, you can instead choose to base yourself in a private estancia in Peninsula Valdes with direct access to the beach. By being in the middle of it, you will definitely maximise your chances of spotting killer whales.

Where to stay in Peninsula Valdes?

Although Peninsula Valdes is a protected area, it is still private land. However, there are 2 excellent estancias you can stay at the Southeastern tip of the peninsular, near the viewing hot spots.

Faro Punta Delgrada Hotel de Campo

At Faro you’re treated like a guest at the family farm rather than a hotel client. It is located next to a lighthouse (faro), which is still in operation: electricity at the hotel is limited to when the lighthouse is in operation. Rooms at Faro Punta Delgrada hotel start from $500/£390. You can read more about it on Tripadvisor.

Rincon Chico Estancia

Rincon is a traditional Patagonian estancia (horse ranch), constructed in the style of old English houses from the late 1800s. It is also very remote, with limited satellite Wifi powered by a generator for a few hours in the evening. Rates for rooms at the Rincon Chico Estancia have to be requested by email: You can read more about it on Tripadvisor.

For more, check out our gay guide to Puerto Madryn for the best places to stay, where to go out and things to do.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Awesome guide here and hey, this is one of my ultimate dreams. Seeing Orcas in a region I have yet to visit. Good note too on them never attacking people too. Many videos of killer whales being in close contact with folks. They seem to dig us. Or at least be fascinated with us.


  2. I will visit puerto madryn with a cruise. We will be there 1 day. I have hired a cr and want to drive to punta norte. I think we will be there about 1200 o clock. Your table on the website is for me a lttle bit difficult.
    4 march. I think it means 9,22 high tide. Add 3 hours….so 12,22 it will be high tide? Is that correct?

    • Yeah it can be tricky but it’s not an exact science 🙂

  3. Nice Article!

    • Thanks De Luna 🙂


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