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Gay Gran Canaria: guide to the best gay bars, clubs and events

Gay Gran Canaria: guide to the best gay bars, clubs and events

Gran Canaria is a notorious gay destination in Europe, specifically in Playa del Ingles in the South.

The island has always been a beacon of tolerance whilst in the olden days, mainland Spain used to have an extremely hostile conservative attitude led by the Catholic Church. The Canary Islands were a popular place to exile people who broke social rules and thought differently.

Gran Canaria gay guide to bars

A place for the boys who think a little differently

During the harsh, repressive Franco years, Gran Canaria was too far away from the mainland to bother with, so they turned a blind eye to homosexuality there. From the 1960s, tourism really started to take off, attracting more and more foreigners and therefore even more tolerant attitudes.

Today, the island is a playground for the gay boys, particularly in the famous Yumbo Centre – a shopping mall in Playa del Ingles full of mainly gay bars, clubs and boutique Clone Zone type shops.

There’s so many gay hangouts in Yumbo Centre to choose from, we’ve sifted through some of our favourites in our gay guide to the best gay bars, clubs and events in Gran Canaria.

Sparkles drag gay bar in Gran Canaria

Stefan being de-robed on stage at Sparkles gay bar in Yumbo Centre


  • Terry’s Show: Terry’s has some excellent Spanish drag shows from 10:30pm-1am, which you will love. They have WiFi so you can Shazam all the awesome hispanic tunes they play.
  • WunderBar: Eurovision geeks like Stefan love hanging out here on Mondays and Fridays when they play classics from the show all night long. Otherwise they’re open daily from 8pm to 2am, located on the ground floor.
  • Sparkles Show Bar: Sparkles is a show bar open daily from 8pm. Although it’s officially a gay bar, it’s more likely to be full of hen parties and straight couples looking for what they think is an alternative night out. The drag queens seem to have been shipped in from Blackpool. Go on the right night and you’ll see the extremely talented and unique Miss DQ:



  • Coco Loco: popular gay bar next to Terry’s on the 2nd floor in Yumbo. First time we went there, around 11pm, it was totally empty. But if you go at the right time it gets quite lively  – usually after the drag shows at Terry’s finish around 1am.
  • Mykonos: this is where the young sexy cool kids hang out. It’s open from 11pm-3:30am and is one of the larger and more popular bars from all the offerings in Yumbo, playing the best pop music. And it’s got poles. Every gay boy secretly wants to be a pole dancer right? This is the place to live out that dream!
  • Tubos: another popular bar, next to Mykonos and also open 11pm to 3:30am. It gets quite packed and the crowds spill out into the corridor outside. Great atmosphere to get warmed up before heading over to Mantrix.
Mykonos gay bar in Gran Canaria Yumbo Centre

…3am and still standing (hiccup)…


  • Mantrix: the main gay club in Yumbo, open from 2am till late. Definitely the best club on the island, attracting both locals and tourists. That hottie you met on the beach earlier? He’ll most likely end up here at some stage.
Mantrix gay club in Gran Canaria Yumbo Centre

Check out the hottie Stefan picked up at the gay beach and met up with later at Mantrix 🙂


Gran Canaria is a lot of fun, but even more so during one of the many big parties that take place throughout the year:

  • Maspalomas Fetish Week: popular with leather aficionados in particular: 8-16 October 2016.
  • Maspalomas Winter Pride: just in case you missed the summer one, there’s one for the winter on 7-13 November 2016
  • Carnivals: the famous Catholic winter festival is a big deal in the Canary islands and Gran Canaria has 2, one in Las Palmas (10 February – 5 March 2017) and the second in Maspalomas (3-12 March 2017). Check out our guide to the best carnivals in the Canary Islands.
  • Bear parties: bear parties are popular on the island and the 2 most prominent are the Bear Pool parties in Autumn (11 October and 12 November 2016) and the Bear Maspalomas Carnival (19-27 March 2017).
  • Maspalomas Gay Pride: the big gay summer party on the island, which draws a massive crowd each year. The next one is: 4-14 May 2017.
Events and gay parties in Gran Canaria

Ready for a big gay party in Gran Canaria


There’s plenty to choose from, whether you prefer to be based in the heart of the gay scene near Yumbo Centre in Playa del Ingles, or somewhere more plush and luxurious in Maspalomas.

Gay Paso Chico

We stayed here with a group of friends and had an amazing time! This is the ideal base for those who want to be near Yumbo Centre. It’s a fun and friendly men only gay complex. As well as being only a stone’s throw away from Yumbo, it’s also walking distance to the sand dunes and the famous gay beach at Kiosk #7.

“Together we will conquer any obstacle, even when you steal my food you greedy Frenchman”

A photo posted by Nomadic Boys (@nomadicboys) on

Gay Paso Chico have 6 newly refurbished bungalows, which are spacious, clean and with full kitchen facilities so you can cook your own meals if you don’t want to head out.

The other highlight other than the location to Yumbo is the pool. We loved having drinks with friends here listening to music, getting ready to party over in Yumbo across the street.

Rooms start from €75/$84 and minimum stay is for 5 nights. Check the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Gay Paso Chico gay bungalows Gran Canaria

Sebastien the pool boy of Gay Paso Chico

Seaside Palm Beach

After so many drunken nights out in Yumbo, we wanted a break from the party scene, a place to relax and unwind. The luxurious 5* Seaside Palm Beach Hotel in Maspalomas fit the bill nicely.

Seaside Palm Beach has an impressive adult only lagoon pool, surrounded by a lavish palm garden and part of a protected UNESCO nature reserve. It also has a wonderful spa area for adults with saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools and a pretty outdoor patio to relax in.

Rooms start from €210/$240 a night, including breakfast. Check the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Seaside Palm Beach gay hotel Gran Canaria

A romantic moment at the Seaside Palm Beach Hotel’s tropical lagoon pool

Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia

For a more exclusive experience, stay at the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, which is famous for its Michelin recommended restaurant. Service is taken very seriously here and you’re made to feel like a true princess from the moment you set foot in the door.

The Frenchman was particularly pleased by the culinary offerings, from Marinated Atlantic turbot served as Ceviche to beef tartar with fried quail egg – and more!

Rooms start from €385 /$430 a night and includes breakfast and sometimes half board. Check the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Gay Hotel Gran Canaria Grand Residencia

Stefan enjoying the plush pool area at the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia

To read more about alternative experiences on the island, check out our 5 interesting facts about Gran Canaria and also check out our 5 favourite gay friendly hotels in Gran Canaria.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip! It is sad to me that mainland Spain was not as welcoming as Gran Canaria! And WOW…Seaside Palm Beach Hotel looks like a real winner as far as places to stay! How pretty! <3

    • Thanks

  2. I gaybars are fun!!! I went to one here in the Philippines and tummy ached from too much laughter! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Awww thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Seaside Palm Beach Hotel in Maspalomas sounds like my cup of tea. While I don’t party like I use to, I still like finding a luxurious place to relax.

    • Agreed!!!

  4. The Seaside Grande Hotel looks great and like the frenchman, I would love the Michelen restaurant ….and the fried quail egg: You’ve certainly done a round up of all the parties – can’t believe how many there are.

    • Thanks Kerri 🙂

  5. I didn’t realise Gran Canaria was a popular spot for gay travel. Looks like you guys get up to a bit of mischief when you’re away. What’s the difference between a gay friendly hotel and one that isn’t?

    • One that will allow us to sleep together and not insist on a twin (for example) 🙂

  6. All of those bars look like a lot of fun! And, Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia sounds amazing! I could definitely hang by that pool for quite awhile–it’s so beautiful! Looks like you had a great time!

    • Thanks

  7. Top hotel with a michellin star restaurant? Yes please!!! Sounds amazing. You guys are party animals- I wish I could party like that still! haha

    • Ha ha ha thanks Anna 🙂

  8. I want to go to Gran Canaria now! Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy travels 🙂

    • 🙂

  9. Never been to Gran Canaria but would love to visit. I heard it is a popular place for gays so it does not surprise me u are so fond of it 🙂

    • Yes yes – and also a big golf destination too 🙂

    • 🙂

  10. Thank you for this great Blog! We love your fotos.
    An now, we fly this year in October to Gran Canaria!
    Thank you
    Daniel und Jens

    • Thanks guys ?

  11. Great post guys¡ WOW ! To stay in Seaside Palm Beach Hotel is an authentic pleasure, i think is the most luxury (and expensive) hotel in Gran Canaria.

    • 🙂


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