Flower island resort: romantic getaway in Palawan

Flower island resort: romantic getaway in Palawan

The Flower Island Resort is a paradise like getaway: your own tropical heaven away from everything.

It is located North East from Palawan island in the Philippines:

Map of North Palawan Island

Map of North Palawan Island: Flower Island Resort is located off the Northeastern part

There are various ways to reach it as set out on Flower island Resort website, but the most popular is via a James Bond style speedboat from the nearby pier in Tay Tay on the mainland.

Speed boat is the main way to reach Flower Island Resort

A James Bond style speed boat is the main way to reach the Flower Island Resort from Tay Tay pier on mainland Palawan


The cottages are beach facing. They are spacious, beautifully decorated, each with a four poster bed and mosquito net. They have their own private balcony area with hammock to relax the hours away and take in the glorious sunsets every evening.

The hammock in our private front balcony area

Sebastien enjoying one of the many beautiful sunsets from our hammock in our private front balcony area


The corals surrounding the island are untouched and thriving with life.

The stunning coral reef at Flower Island

The coral reef at Flower Island: untouched and absolutely stunning

You can spend hours every day snorkelling around the island. All snorkelling equipment is provided and the staff can take you out on the speedboat further afield to explore other corals where you will be completely alone!

Stefan preparing to go snorkelling

Stefan getting ready for a day of snorkelling

We saw turtles on a number of occasions as well as a plethora of tropical fish. They also have some giant clams in the house coral directly in front of the main beach:

The giant clams near the main beach

One of the many giant clams near the main beach front at Flower Island Resort


The Flower Island Resort is surrounded by numerous pearl farms and most guests are invited to visit one of them during their stay, which we highly recommend.

The Philippines specialises in producing golden pearls. It's a very complex process, taking over 2-3 years to produce the “perfect” shaped and golden coloured pearl.

Sebastien at the pearl farm

Sebastien searching for the perfect pearl: it has to be the perfect shape and golden colour to pass!

The location of the farms is kept secret and the farms well guarded to prevent thefts, which are unfortunately common.

The final product is of course stunning (and very expensive!):

Sebastien admiring this golden pearl necklace

$50,000 for this necklace…Sebastien wishes one day…!


Well let’s be honest, most folk will just want to relax here and do nothing else. And there’s no better place for it! It’s a perfect place for meditation because it’s so peaceful with a handful of guests at most and never more than a few dozen people on the entire island.

Sebastien relaxing in our cottage hammock

Sebastien relaxing in the hammock outside our cottage

If you want to keep fit and active, there’s plenty to do. Snorkelling itself is hours of fun and quite exhausting.

Sebastien snorkelling

Sebastien enjoying a day of snorkelling around Flower Island

In addition, there’s a stone path going around the island for running enthusiasts. A complete cycle around the entire island is around 1.7km / 1 mile. You can also hike up to the lighthouse in the centre, which takes around 10-15 minutes.

The lighthouse in the centre of Flower Island

The lighthouse towering high, overlooking Flower Island and the surrounding area

The views from the lighthouse give you a 360 degrees picture of the surrounding area. There are also sleeping options at the lighthouse. This is definitely worth it just for some of the incredible views you can wake up to.

Stunning views from the lighthouse

The stunning views from the lighthouse of the surrounding area


The staff greeted us with shell necklaces and big smiles on arrival. They welcome gay couples and are keen to promote themselves as pink friendly.

They took this to a whole other level on our final evening, when they arranged a brilliant dance show, which included a topless performance from the male staff (!)


Oh…did we mention those stunning sunsets…?

One of many stunning sunsets

The Nomadic Boys enjoying one of many stunning sunsets

…which we were spoilt with every evening?

Stefan admiring another stunning sunset

Stefan admiring another stunning sunset at Flower Island Resort

Check prices now to book your romantic stay on flower island or contact the resort via their Tripadvisor page.


  1. The Philippines looks amazing and Palawan is definitely on my list!

    • You’re going to love it 🙂

  2. Beautiful place

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  3. I love the sunset shots beauty (the boys) and more beauty (sunset) in one photo.

    • Thank you very much (blushing!) 🙂


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