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Our video of our 6 weeks in China

Our video of our 6 weeks in China


We spent 6 weeks in August and September 2014 exploring the delights of China.

The Chinese food was of course a main highlight for us, whether it was Peking duck in Beijing or street food paradise in Xi’An.

For us, China will always be many fond memories of public dancing, singing, making new friends, stunning sceneries and of course, lots and lots of very tasty food – everywhere!

Check it out here:

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  1. Great video guys. The countryside looks beautiful but as a vegetarian I had to cringe at the food footage 🙂 I love the dancing/exercising montage; the guy in the white shirt and trousers is my favourite! You see people waltzing around the lake here in Hanoi first thing in the morning too, it’s bizarre!

    • Thanks Amy! Yes the Chinese eat pretty much everything. But we had some of the best vegetarian dishes here ever. Plans to visit China soon?

  2. Loved the video you are really enjoying yoyrseves !!

    • Awwwww – thanks a lot Betty! Having an amazing time 🙂


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