5 things you didn’t know about Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria certainly has long been a hugely popular destination for the European gay boys.

And for good reason: Maspaloma Pride is one of Europe's largest annual gay events. The beach near the sand dunes of Playa del Ingles is THE place to hang out during the day and then it's on to the infamous Yumbo Centre in the evening – a shopping mall gay playground filled with bars, clubs and Clone Zone type shops.

However, there is a completely different side to the island, begging to be discovered. Most will base themselves in Playa del Ingles and not make it past Yumbo or the sand dunes. So here's our 5 things you didn't know about Gran Canaria to inspire you to venture out beyond the pink Playa Del Ingles bubble.

Roque Nublo: a fabulous phallic shaped rock

…it used to be a holy monument, the place to make sacrifices to the sun god.

Now Roque Nublo (or Cloud Rock) is the iconic site of the island. It stands proud to an impressive 1,813m (5,948 ft) above sea level, making it one of the largest free standing rocks in the world.

There's in fact a whole dramatic mountain range here that needs to fill up your Instagram gallery. Gran Canaria is an island formed from volcanic eruptions over millions of years, leaving behind eroded layers of this rugged, spectacular scenery.

Roque Nublo is the most frequented, not only for trekking size queens but as the 2nd highest point on the island, this is where you'll get your money shots.

So pack your trekking boots or some good sturdy shoes (next to all that lube and condoms) and get this bad boy into your Instagram feed.

Lots of bananas produced here

“Try a Canarian banana” our cheeky Canarian friend Daniel told us. We explained we're good, shy, retiring gentlemen and not into any of this sex tourism lark. Daniel blushed and explained that bananas are in fact popular and found everywhere in Gran Canaria. They used to be the biggest export here in the late 1800s and early 1900s until strong competition developed from Latin America.

The Canarians are so talented with their bananas, they've produced a sweet liquor from it. If like Stefan you've got a sweet tooth, you will love the Canarian banana liquor.

You can visit one of the many banana plantations, like Bodegas Los Berrazales near the capital city Las Palmas in the North. This Bodega is so versatile it also produces its own coffee beans and wine to the delight of our Frenchman.

Banana liquor one of 5 interesting facts about Gran Canaria
Stefan's Canarian banana obsession

The delicious Canarian rum

Sugar cane was big business here and the Canarians were producing rum long before anyone else. Much like the banana industry, Gran Canaria's sugar plantation exports took a nose dive after Colombus introduced it to the new world and the focus shifted to the Caribbean and Brazil.

Mojito lovers need not despair, Gran Canaria still produces plenty of it. The Arehucas rum factory is the oldest rum distillery in Europe, which you can visit as part of a day trip to the charming town of Arucas in the North of the island.

Arehucas blanco (white) or Arehucas oro (gold) rum are the ones to look out for, as well as the sweeter variant, ron miel (honey rum). The prevalence of rum means that those mojito portions in Yumbo are guaranteed to be extra strong 🙂

Ron miel interesting facts about Gran Canaria
The Frenchman and the ron miel

Canarian food: mojo, wrinkly potatoes and old clothes…

The famous mojo of Gran Canaria is what gives it its legendary sexual prowess and the source of its potency…

…even Austin Powers wouldn't be able to withstand the strong, spicy garlicky flavour of this sauce (pronounced “moho”). It's sure to make all your hair stand on end.

Mojo is spread over wrinkled jacket potatoes to produce a plate of papas arrugadas con mojo. The name relates to the fact that the potatoes are baked in their skins until they shrivel up and become wrinkly (arrugada).

Mojo food interesting facts about Gran Canaria
Gran Canarian papas arrugadas con mojo, or wrinkled potatoes with Austin Powers prowess

What better way to complement your wrinkled mojo? With some old clothes of course!

Ropa vieja is a chickpea, potato and meat based stew (usually chicken or beef). Although ropa vieja means old clothes, it has a rich flavour and is considered comfort food by locals. It was so popular, it spread to Latin America, particularly in Venezuela where it became the national dish.

Ropa Vieja interesting facts about Gran Canaria
Ropa Vieja is not the prettiest of dishes, but it tastes bloody good

Beautiful, remote and secluded beaches

Gran Canaria is one of the ultimate beach and Vitamin Sea destinations for Europeans. When it's grey and raining in London in February, this is the place to come. When it's grey and raining in London in July, this is also the place to come.

Most of the gay boys congregate at the Kiosk #7 beach, which you reach by getting lost in the sand dunes from outside Riu Hotel in Playa del Ingles.

But there is a more unique and memorable way to get your Vitamin Sea fix, away from the crowds.

Gui Gui is a clothing optional secluded beach on the Western coast of the island, hidden away at the bottom of a Grande ravine. To reach it you need to drive for 2 hours, then trek for around 2/3 hours over the rocks in the burning heat.

When you're feeling too fabulous to bother with all that, you can instead grab your mates, a few bottles of Ron Miel and have one big speedo gay boy party on a boat to Gui Gui followed by a freshly made plate of paella on the sea shore.

It's the perfect day trip and a more relaxing way to see a different side to this remarkable island.

Gui Gui beach interesting facts about Gran Canaria
Gui Gui gay boy beach fun

For more, check out our guide to the gay bars of Gran Canaria, read our top 5 gay hotels in Gran Canaria. 


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  1. Thanks for showing the real Gran Canara where I am from. Most tourists just hit the southern part….. have met many gay men who believe Gran Canaria is only El Yumbo….

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