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Awesome gay bars in Bogota to get the party started

Stefan Arestis
Awesome gay bars in Bogota to get the party started

Our guide to the best gay bars in Bogota that we tried, loved, and think all LGBTQ travelers to Colombia need to check out!

We will never forget the gay scene of Bogota!

One minute, we were dancing under the disco lights to Cher's ‘Believe', the next, we were in the adjacent room, getting down to some Latino-infused techno. Moving between 13 rooms of music, each with a different style or atmosphere, we had a baker's dozen worth of experiences in a single night.

This is the Theatron mega gay club built from the ruins of an old cinema; where most of the Bogota gay boys end their Saturday night and party until the early hours of Sunday. After paying a visit to it, you know nothing else you do that night can top it!

Theatron is the biggest gay club in Latin America where most of the Bogota gay boys end their Saturday night

But where do all the gay boys of Bogota head to before congregating at the mother of all gay clubs? After all, Theatron doesn't really get busy until after midnight.

We found the gay scene of Bogota to be full of many excellent bars. There is something for everyone, no matter what you're into. In this guide, we've put together some of the best gay bars in Bogota to head for a drink before partying the night away.

Note that the awesome Color House Cafe Bar and the Tabula / Tabu Cafe Bar have both closed down for good.

Heads up: We just wanted to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. That means if you book something through one of those links, we'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It helps us keep our blog going – so thank you in advance for your support! ♥

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Where is the gay scene of Bogota?

The gay scene of Bogota is mainly based around Chapinero, located north of the downtown area of Candelaria. There are over 100 LGBTQ establishments in the area alone including bars, clubs, cafes, shops, and more.

Theatron is, of course, the main highlight, which we strongly recommend you head to on a Saturday night in Bogota. For more about the best gay hangouts, where to stay, things to do, and more, check out our detailed gay travel guide to Bogota.

Discover the wonderful gay scene on a rainbow gay nightlife tour in Bogota!

Discover the gay scene of Bogota

Bogota has so many wonderful gay bars and clubs filled with handsome Latino boys! If you're traveling alone or just want an introduction to Bogota's gay scene, you should definitely join this nightlife gay tour with a gay local guide.

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Bogota's gay neighbourhood of Chapinero is also home to the country's first LGBTI community centre.
Bogota welcomes rainbow families.

El Recreo de Adan

in Chapinero

With a name that translates to “the creation of Adam“, El Recreo de Adan bar is certainly the ideal place to start the creation of your night…!

With eye-popping artwork on the walls, brightly colored panels, beanbag chairs, and chatty (and super cute!) staff, this place has a brilliant communal spirit that encourages everyone to speak to one another. For us, this was definitely our favorite gay bar in Bogota outside of the almighty Theatron.

Be sure to try out the “Crazy Margarita”, which is pretty daunting when you first see it: we were a bit taken aback when we saw the waiter bring it out loaded with syringes! We both looked at each other and giggled…

The lighthearted soul of the place was truly contagious. After a couple of minutes of entering, we found ourselves in the center of an impassioned game of UNO (we almost broke up after Stef pulled out the reverse card!), as well as other fun activities like Jenga and Scrabble.

El Recreo de Adan is located at Cra.12a #79-45 in the northern part of Chapinero. It is open daily (except Mondays) from 5 pm till around 3 am (midnight on Sundays).

One of the crazy margaritas at gay bar El Recreo de Adan in Bogota.

El Perro y La Calandria

in Chapinero

In the mood for a rumba? Then El Perro y La Calandria is the place for you! Also known as ‘The Dog and the Calendar', this bar is open late – until around 2.30am.

With giant screens, heavy tech music, and epic drag performers, dancing in this place felt like being a part of a grand party.

Drinks were reasonably priced, which is good, considering our weakness for cocktails. It's definitely a place you'd nip into for a quick natter with friends before heading out on the town.

El Perro y La Calandria is open daily from 5 pm until 2:30 am and it is located at Cra. 9 #59-16 in Chapinero.


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La Estación Cafe

in Chapinero

Calling themselves ‘the gay cult' of Chapinero, we received the kind of reception at La Estación that made us feel as if we had frequented it for many many years.

With a warm atmosphere, it was the perfect place to chill out, listen to some good music, and watch funny videos on the screens before heading out. The music is a mix of pop/rock anthems in both English and Spanish. This is also the perfect place to get a quick bite to eat from a menu filled with lots of tasty Colombian treats.

La Estación Cafe is open daily from 4 pm till around 3 am (1 am on Sundays). It is located at Calle 62, No. 7-13, which is in the heart of Chapinero.

La Estacion gay bar has a very cosy chilled out vibe.
The cool atmosphere at L'Estación Cafe gay bar in Bogota

Leos Bar Mistica

in Chapinero

A newer kid on the block, Leos Bar Mistica is a unique and fresh face on the Bogota gay scene. With a dance floor of a pretty decent size for a bar, some might just decide to stay here for the entire evening!

Described as a ‘bear cave', we noticed lots of hot daddies on the prowl! Although this might not be for everyone, we absolutely loved it and recommend it to the over 30s crowd. Look out for their Monday-Friday 2 for 1 Happy Hour and also for some of their themed nights like “Fiesta Blanca” (White Party) and rumba shows on Saturday evenings.

Leos Bar is open daily from 2 pm until 3 am (on weekends until 6 am) and is located at Cl. 59, No. 9-36 in Chapinero.

Village Cafe

in Chapinero

With catchy music that is played at a moderate level (all the better to hear you with, my dear!), the Village Cafe is a friendly, warm bar that got us pumped for a night out at Theatron.

The interior has a lush atmosphere, with luminous pink lighting, stained glass windows, and deep velvet curtains. In fact, we thought we'd stumbled into some type of storybook when we stepped in. With deep purple walls, photos that depict a host of cartoonish caricatures, and quaint furnishings; this bar fused together elegance, with whimsical wonder. Basically, it gave us, drama queens, our ideal fantasy, as it felt like a castle condensed into a quaint little room…you have to check out Village Cafe just for its fantastic decor!

One of the best nights to head here is on Saturdays and Sundays when they have karaoke. Also, look out for the “Quick Dates” speed dating-type events on Thursdays.

The Village Cafe is open daily (except Mondays) from 4 pm until 10 pm (1 am on weekends), and it is located at Cra. 8 #64-29 in Chapinero.

Punto 59

We loved the purple fabulousness of Village Cafe!
Head for the purple Village Cafe to feel like you've stumbled into an alternate world…

in Chapinero

Well… this bar really stood out for us. Why? Whilst some bars take on a circus-y vibe, others decorate themselves in gay iconography; this one adorned itself with a space-like vibe! With geometric shapes fitted into the furnishing, such as zigzagging staircases and balcony handles, to UFO-shaped lighting fixtures, we were literally taken out of this world by the atmosphere at Punto 59.

The drinks were pretty decent too, but honestly, we were more taken by the gorgeousness of the staff and patrons. A really fun night out and another one of our favorite gay bars in Bogota alongside El Recreo de Adan. We also loved that this is one of the few places other than Theatron that has a late license on weekends when it's open until 6 am.

Punto 59 is open daily from 6 pm to 3 am (and until 6 am on weekends). It is located at Cra 13 # 59 24 Int 6 in Chapinero.

Theatron De Película

in Chapinero

Whilst Theatron is a famous club, it also has heaps of bars inside where you can enjoy a few drinks. There are at least 10 different bars inside this uber complex, as well as a restaurant. Each one is themed, for example, there is a 70s bar next to the upstairs outdoor courtyard area, a female-only bar (which turns into a dancing area later in the night), a bar area for drag shows on Saturdays, and a male-only rooftop bar area, which has some pretty interesting exotic dancing shows.

The bonus? The entry fee of 50,000 pesos ($15) includes open bar (yes OPEN bar) until 2 am!

Theatron is open only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from around 9 pm to 4 am. Note that on Thursdays and Fridays, not all the bars/clubrooms are open, whereas on Saturdays all areas are open. Theatron is located at Calle 58 # 10-18 in Chapinero.

Bogota has a truly eclectic gay scene with so many cool gay bars and cafes!
Not sure if we're on the set of Breaking Bad or Doctor Who at this groovy cafe!

Happy travels are safe travels

We recommend you always take out reputable travel insurance before your next vacation. What happens if you suffer from illness, injury, theft, or a cancellation? Many gay travelers forget about it and regret it when something happens. Better to pay a small price and have peace of mind and not worry.

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Our guide to the ten most awesome gay bars in Bogota, to get the party started!
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