The day we learnt to swim like a mermaid on Boracay

The day we learnt to swim like a mermaid on Boracay

Boracay is a unique place. Why?

You can take a mermaid swimming lesson of course! Where else in the world can you dress up and learn to swim like a mermaid…?

Learning to swim like mermaids Boracay

Learning to swim like a mermaid on Boracay with our mermaid teacher

Well in fact you can, in mermaid schools in Gran Canaria, Florida and Copenhagen, where there’s even a bronze statue devoted to the Little Mermaid.

Daryl Hannah in the film ‘Splash’ and Arial in THAT famous Disney film (!) was always a source of inspiration for birthday boy Sebastien to swim like a mermaid.

But when Seb set eyes on the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, that sealed the deal and swimming like a mermaid in tropical waters became his #1 life long ambition!

Seb inspired to swim like a mermaid by the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen

Sebastien inspired by the Little Mermaid bronze statue in Copenhagen, Denmark

Boracay is one of the few places in Asia where you can learn to swim like a mermaid. So for Sebastien’s birthday in May 2015, his life long wish came true and we took a mermaid swimming lesson with the excellent Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy.

Birthday boy Seb at mermaid school Boracay

Birthday boy Seb posing at mermaid school on Boracay island before learning to swim like a mermaid

Stretching to warm up

Swimming like a mermaid is actually hard work, involving a lot of core movement and upper body strength as the legs are essentially ‘tied’ together.

The muscles need to be warmed up before starting class to avoid any cramp, so our pretty mermaid teacher, David started us off with some yoga like stretching:

Stretching before mermaid swimming class begins

Stretching and warming up the body with our instructor David before our mermaid swimming class begins

Dressing up and getting into the water

The monofins are elaborately decorated and very delicate. Stefan wore pretty purple and Sebastien a more, er, masculine (!), green.

With our fins well fastened, it’s was time to get into the water and learn to swim like a mermaid!

So, how does one swim like a mermaid?

Swimming like a mermaid is hard work. It’s an intense workout on the core and not for the light hearted.

The legs need to remain straight but not locked and your arms stretched out in front of you. Swimming like a mermaid is perfected by moving with a subtle ripple like wave effect throughout your entire body from your legs, core and all the way to your stretched out arms.

Swimming like a mermaid is also about being graceful and elegant. Unfortunately Stefan was more like a clumsy whale trying to dive, but birthday boy Sebastien didn’t do too badly:

By the end of our mermaid swimming lesson, we were exhausted and welcomed the chance to just relax in the sun.

Relaxing in the sun after mermaid swimming class

Relaxing in the sun after mermaid swimming class finished

How to pose like as a mermaid

Swimming like a mermaid is fun and knackering (in a satisfying way), but the real excitement for birthday boy Sebastien was the chance to pose as a mermaid…

Birthday boy Seb posing as a mermaid

Birthday boy Seb posing as a mermaid on Boracay’s White Beach

… and boy did we do plenty of mermaid posing!

The Nomadic Boys posing as mermaids on Boracay

After an intense mermaid swimming class we got to pose on the lovely White Beach of Boracay

Learning to swim like a mermaid in Boracay is a lot of fun and we recommend all travellers to do it with the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy and tag us in your photograph on the social media!

We’d love to share your mermaid memories!

Posing with our very pretty mermaid swimming instructor called Andrew

Posing with our very pretty mermaid swimming instructor called Andrew

Travel with us as we swam our way through Boracay and Palawan in our Philippines travel video.

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  1. Kevin

    The boys are sexy and Andrew is cute! But please you are Mermen!

    • Stefan Arestis

      Thanks Kevin 🙂

  2. Amy

    That is some truly awesome mermaid posing! I’m glad you finally realised your life-long dream of becoming a mermaid 🙂

    • Stefan Arestis

      He he he thanks Amy xx

  3. Bem

    If I were to stumble upon two gorgeous merhunks like you, I would’ve adopted you and kept you hahaha… Sailors better not encounter the likes of you at sea or they’d be mesmerized by these temptresses of the sea 🙂 I can imagine how difficult it must have been to swim in that costume… probably more difficult to swim in the sea than in the swimming pool too… 🙂

    • Stefan Arestis

      Blimey luv you make us blush 🙂 “Temptresses” ahahahaha!!

      Next time we go and do it together ya?

      • Bem

        Sorry, I can’t swim… next time you swim in that outfit again and I will be the one holding the towel and wiping off your sweat and making sure you’re perfectly dry when you’re back on land 🙂 I could be your paparazzi too 🙂

        • Stefan Arestis

          BLIMEY!! In 🙂

  4. Jake

    Omg!!! Ur finally in the Philippines! The gayest country ever! Yay! Yes I said it cuz it truly is! There’s more islands ur missing. I’ll be happy to tour around. Let me know. Btw, u guys are in the national paper today. Yay! Love ur blog!

    • Stefan Arestis

      Thanks Jake. Glad you liked the G/ST article 🙂

  5. Dani Blanchette

    I love this. Who knew that swimming like a mermaid lessons were a thing? Great find you guys. We love reading your adventures!

    • Stefan Arestis

      Hi Dani and thanks for your comment. Can’t wait to see you all dolled up with monofin and splashing about in the waters of Boracay xxxx

  6. Euronomad

    Hey! I’m heading to the Boracay soon and will definitely do this after reading your review. Bit of a random question – but where did you get those shell necklaces?

    • Stefan Arestis

      Jamie you’ll love it! Most hotels you check into in Boracay give you a shell necklace. Ours is from Villa Caemilla.


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