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Not ANOTHER Naked Trip in France!

Stefan Arestis
Not ANOTHER Naked Trip in France!

Join a group of like-minded men this September for a naked trip in France with the awesome gay-owned and managed company, Everything To Sea.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Everything To Sea. As always, all opinions are our own.

One week with men naked everywhere!

Since its inception in 2018, Everything To Sea, a trailblazing enterprise catering to the LGBTQ+ community, has grown exponentially. The company now offers an expanded selection of exclusively male, clothing-optional experiences, with a particular focus on Thailand, The Coral Triangle, Bali, France, and Spain.

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Building upon the triumph of their Private Gay Villa experience in Thailand, Everything To Sea proudly introduces the Naked French Villa holiday, set to be an annual event. The upcoming edition is scheduled for September 11-17, 2024.

This unparalleled experience, set on land rather than water, promises an exhilarating array of activities, seamlessly blending renowned attractions with off-the-beaten-path adventures. Welcoming men of all orientations, this extraordinary escapade boasts the added allure of an upscale villa where clothing is entirely optional.

Discover everything you need to know about embarking on a truly epic, naked adventure in the picturesque landscapes of France, surrounded by a diverse and like-minded group of individuals.

Who is Everything To Sea?

Meet Everything To Sea, the avant-garde force reshaping the landscape of clothing-optional all-male trips both on land and at sea. Our collaboration with them dates back to their inaugural trips in Southeast Asia in 2018, witnessing their meteoric rise to prominence over the ensuing years, establishing them as a frontrunner among global clothing-optional all-male travel operators.

What sets Everything To Sea apart is not just their diverse team of individuals but their unwavering commitment to curate travel experiences that are blissful, authentic, enjoyable, and unforgettable for men seeking something beyond the ordinary.

Embracing men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and walks of life, Everything To Sea's departures are designed to provide a liberating space for individuals to express their true selves and find their own bliss. These journeys are not just social and fun but they forge connections among participants, creating an atmosphere where authenticity reigns supreme. And yes, clothing is optional, fostering an environment where men can revel in their naked truth!

While the clothing-optional aspect ensures everyone can embrace their comfort level, Everything To Sea goes beyond mere tolerance. Their philosophy is Nude-Positive, Naturist-Forward, and Naked-Encouraging – a testament to their commitment to promoting a body-positive, natural, and unabashedly naked experience. We're not just fans, we're living for this celebration of authenticity and freedom.

Guys in the Jacuzzi of the Naked French Villa
A glimpse into what the day-to-day life is like inside the Naked French Villa!

What is the Naked French Villa Experience?

Commencing in September 2024, Everything to Sea invites you to partake in a groundbreaking venture nestled in the serene heart of a quaint village in the South of France.

Characterized by an ambiance of ‘upscale comfort', this stately 11-bedroom mansion stands as the embodiment of charm. Immerse yourself instantly in the tranquil surroundings of a quiet village in the Occitanie region of France, with the villa emerging as the pinnacle of refinement, an oasis of relaxation!

This enchanting villa boasts eleven meticulously designed guest rooms, complemented by a generously sized heated pool, gracefully illuminated for midnight swims, and a secluded whirlpool tucked around the corner for moments of tranquility. The poolside is adorned with an abundance of lounge chairs, accompanied by distinctive daybed mattresses providing ample comfort for four individuals.

Swimming pool area at the Naked French Villa experience.
Poolside eleganza at the Naked French Villa

Adjacent to this oasis is a covered summer parlor emanating fragrances of sweet lavender and jasmine. Ascend to the upstairs living room, a time capsule from another era, complete with a bar, games, and a library area.

The lower level offers an additional communal lounge, showcasing the original features of this 200-year-old house, such as weathered wood beams and enduring stone walls. French doors grace the surroundings, while encaustic tiles from the 1920s embellish many floors, a testament to the meticulous restoration bestowed upon this cherished abode.

The spacious bedrooms are equipped with luxurious ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, and refrigerators. Most rooms feature balconies or terraces, providing an intimate connection with the surroundings. Whether opting for super-king-sized beds or singles, a plethora of sleeping arrangements are available, all of which can be shared or reserved for private indulgence.

The Naked French Villa Experience promises accommodation as well as a journey into refined elegance and historical splendor.

The exterior of the villa used for the Naked French Villa experience.
The exterior of the villa

What does the Naked French Villa experience include?

Indulge in a 7-day / 6-night escapade with the Naked French Villa Experience, brimming with captivating highlights that promise an unforgettable journey:

Naturist Nirvana

Embrace the freedom to be as bare as you desire in our enchanting 11-bedroom villa, offering panoramic views of the sun setting over the horizon.

Tailored Exploration

Immerse yourself in activities that truly captivate you, whether they be renowned attractions or hidden gems off the beaten path or the upscale villa where you stay.

Nude Beach Odyssey

Visit the iconic nude beach at Cap d’Agde, the largest naturist resort in the world, or venture into the dunes for a different type of, (ahem!), scene…

Canal Cruise

Sail through the canals in France’s largest fish port, a quirky town often referred to as ‘The Little Venice‘.

Canal cruise at the beautiful The Little Venice in South France.
Nothing beats a canal cruise through the picturesque Little Venice

Medieval Marvels

Embark on a fairytale journey through medieval castles, accompanied by a dashing knight by your side, making it an experience second only to the Eiffel Tower in popularity.

Oyster Extravaganza

Explore Europe’s finest oysters firsthand, beginning with a barge excursion to witness their cultivation, followed by a tasting on the lagoon at the producer’s premises.

Art Nouveau Wonderland

Be captivated by an antique villa adorned with Art Nouveau treasures, featuring eclectic architecture, ornate decorations, and the fascinating story of its eccentric owner.

Medieval Walled Town

Stroll through a remarkable medieval walled town, either on our guided walking tour or at your own pace. Walk along the walls for breathtaking views of pink salt flats and flamingoes.

Pink salts near medieval walled town close to the Naked French Villa experience.
The unique pink salts near the neighboring medieval walled town

Vineyard Magic

Visit a family-run organic vineyard to unravel the secrets of fermenting with nine grape varieties, followed by a tasting of their wines paired with a home-cooked meal on the slopes of a volcano.

Hidden Gem Brasserie

Discover a charming brasserie off the beaten track and indulge in a delectable dinner on its terrace.

Poolside Bliss

Unwind by your villa pool, where bottomless cocktails are served by your friendly naked butler, creating an ambiance of ultimate relaxation.

The balcony with the pool next to it at Naked French Villa experience.
Balcony with pool view at the Naked French Villa

Wine Country Charms

Immerse yourself in one of France's premier wine regions, where ancient plane trees line the streets, ivy-clad stone walls stand testament to history, and grapevines flourish.

Enchanting Village

Explore one of the region's most charming villages with cobblestone-paved backstreets, captivating wooden doorways, and towering shuttered windows, a photographer’s dream.

Farewell Splendor

Culminate your journey with a farewell dinner at one of the newest restaurants in one of France's oldest cities (dating back to around 575 BC). Take a stroll down the pedestrian plaza, savoring the camaraderie of new friends and the lasting memories created.

Kayaking Adventure

Navigate a quintessential French river by kayak, relishing stunning views and a refreshing swim in the crystalline waters.

Gay men kayaking in South France.
Not a bad way to spend one's morning!

How much does it cost?

Prices start from $3,980 for solo travelers. A summary of the pricing options is as follows:

Pricing for solo travelers

  • $3,980: shared room (with other gay travelers) for a twin-size bed, no balcony
  • $4,680: shared room (with other gay travelers) for a twin-size bed, private balcony
  • $6,780: private Room, king-size bed, no balcony
  • $7,380: private Room, king-size bed, private balcony
  • $12,960: private Room, king-size bed and queen-size couch, private balcony

Price options for two men

  • $10,760: private Room, king-size bed, no balcony
  • $11,960: private Room, king-size bed, private balcony
  • $12,960: private Room, king-size bed and queen-size couch, private balcony

Price option for three men

  • $14,040: private Room, king-size bed, no balcony
  • $15,840: private Room, king-size bed, private balcony
  • $16,740: private Room, king-size bed and queen-size couch, private balcony
The outdoor area of the Naked French Villa.
A place to chill and relax inside the Naked French Villa

What are the rooms like?

Discover the allure of the 11 uniquely designed rooms within the Naked French Villa. 

The Beautiful Room at the Naked French Villa.
A peak inside the Beautiful Room

One option is The Beautiful Room, featuring a private terrace overlooking the pool and garden on the ground floor. Alternatively, you can enjoy the charm of the neighborhood from your balcony in either The Precise Room or The Serene Room, both located side by side.

The Fortified Room at the Naked French Villa.
A glimpse inside the Fortified Room

For those seeking a grander experience, there is The Fortified Room, which has a large terrace, garden view, high ceiling, and French doors. Find out more about the different rooms on Everything To Sea's website.

The Aesthetic Room at the Naked French Villa experience.
The interior of the Aesthetic Room

When is the next Naked French Villa Experience?

The next Naked French Villa 7-day experience will take place on September, 11-17, 2024

How do I book this experience?

Check out Everything To Sea's Naked French Villa booking page to book yourself on to this extraordinary experience.

Naked massage by the pool at Naked French Villa Experience.
Massage by the pool as part of the Naked French Villa Experience

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