Ambong Ambong: a gay friendly romantic stay on Langkawi

Ambong Ambong: a gay friendly romantic stay on Langkawi

The Ambong Ambong in Langkawi is situated in the middle of a lush green rainforest and makes the perfect romantic retreat for gay couples, nature lovers and honeymooners.

The resort is named after the medicinal plant ambong, native to Langkawi and the surrounding jungle area of the Ambong Ambong resort.

Ambong Ambong plant Sebastiien

The Ambong Ambong resort is named after the Ambong plant found in the surrounding jungle


On arrival, we were greeted by the very gay friendly and professional staff. Everyone knew our name and who we are (ie a gay couple) and made every effort to ensure we felt welcomed.

The chilled white wine made a very refreshing welcome upon our arrival.

Ambong Ambong welcome drink

A refreshing welcome drink at the Ambong Ambong

The check in process was extremely unique. The staff at Ambong give all guests a mobile phone to use to contact them for any questions or concerns. This is the first time we've ever encountered a hotel who offers this service to its guests!

Mobile phone given to all guests

Sebastien using the black mobile phone given to guests of Ambong Ambong

The resort has its own driver, Mr Lee, who is on hand to take you anywhere on the island. Mr Lee is a blessing to those who may find the steep climb up to the suites a bit challenging. He is only a phone call away and will drive you up and down as many times as you want without making you feel put out in any way.

Mr Lee our driver and Sebastien

Sebastien posing with Ambong Ambong's driver Mr Lee who will take guests wherever they want


The suites at Ambong Ambong are like private love nests tucked away in the middle of the jungle. Our suite included an open plan space for the kitchen, dining area and balcony overlooking the surrounding rainforest.

This open plan space was designed not to have closed windows, making you feel like you're outdoors in the middle of the surrounding jungle.

Open plan space at Ambong Ambong, designed to make you feel close to nature

Open plan space at Ambong Ambong, designed to make you feel closer to nature

And if you didn't think it could get any better…our outdoor room area also included a large wooden bathtub: perfect for enjoying a romantic evening with a glass of champagne or a pot of peppermint tea!

Our wooden bath in our outdoor room

The romantic wooden bath in our open plan room was great for an evening pot of tea with your loved one


When we entered the room, our eyes were instantly drawn to the towel arrangement romantically decorated with flower petals. And Sebastien does love his flowers!

Our bedroom at Ambong Ambong

The bedroom area in our suite at Ambong Ambong

The bedroom also has a large bay window with a stunning view overlooking the surrounding rainforest and Andaman Sea…this is what you wake up to!

Morning view from bedroom

Our view from our bed every morning

The bathroom includes a walk in shower with powerful pressure. Sometimes the neighbouring monkeys peep inside – they see their reflection in the glass panels outside and think it's another monkey inside!

Bathroom in our Ambong Ambong suite

The bathroom area of our Ambong Ambong suite


There are plenty of activities at Ambong Ambong. They have a spa for romantic massages and a large space for yoga retreats and even cooking classes.

As foodies, we were delighted to have a cooking class with the famous Malaysian celebrity Chef Anuar at Ambong Ambong. We learnt to cook fish cakes wrapped in banana leaves, chicken rendang and pandan pancakes.

Stefan with pandan pancakes

Stefan showing off freshly made pandan pancakes with Chef Anuar

The Ambong Ambong also has an excellent herb garden, which is great for finding ingredients to make a home made mojito. All guests are given a small selection of alcohol when checking in which includes rum. Add some fresh mint from the herb garden, fresh lime from the staff, buy sparkling water, sugar from your kitchen area and ice from your fridge, mix, and voila!

Mini bar at Ambong Ambong

The free mini bar for guests at check in: add some fresh mint from the herb garden to the Bacardi, with lime from the staff and make a home made Mojito

For fitness enthusiasts, the Pantai Tengah beach is minutes walking distance which is great for morning jogs and early morning swims.

The small pool area of Ambong Ambong area is like an enclosed, hidden paradise space, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee.

Pool area of Ambong Ambong

The small pool area of Ambong Ambong is great for morning coffees

Ambong Ambong was one of our favourite places we stayed during our travels. The entire set up is made for privacy, romance and relaxation. The service is first class without seeming false, we were not made to feel awkward about being a gay couple and your privacy is completely respected.

We cannot recommend it enough!

The view from Ambong Ambong

The stunning view from Ambong Ambong which we will miss a lot!

For more about our adventures through Malaysia, please check out our Malaysia travel video:

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