5 romantic things to do in Berlin

5 romantic things to do in Berlin

Most people associate Berlin with crazy sex fetish clubs and an extremely lax attitude to, well just about everything.

In fact, you’re not far from the truth: in Berlin, anything goes, except crossing the road when it’s red. Don’t get caught jaywalking in Germany!

Couples (straight or gay) will in particular love this city. There’s plenty of romantic things to do in Berlin to suit all preferences. Here’s our 5 favourite:

Brandenburg romance by Berlin’s famous arches ???

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We love a good old fashioned classical music concert for a date night. This is, after all, the country who gave us the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Wagner and many more.

What better setting for it than the rococo-style Charlottenburg Palace, where you can also have a 3 course meal and a tour of the Palace before the concert. This is the ideal recipe for a romantic date with your loved one. Prices start from $88 per person, but make sure you book in advance as spaces fill out very quickly. Check prices now.

We had a date night at the Charlottenburg Palace and absolutely loved it. We were greeted on arrival by the Master of Ceremonies and his jester all dressed up, who welcomed us and guided us to our table.

Charlottenburg Palace dinner and concert romantic things to do in Berlin

Meet our new friends from the Charlottenburg Palace

It was an Italian inspired evening, so the food included delicious prizes like beef carpaccio and home made tiramisu.

After the meal, the MC led the guests to the main concert hall of the palace and introduced the musicians. Everyone was dressed up in Baroque fashion – the women in dramatic puffed out dresses and the men in gowns with elaborate curly backcombed wigs.

The music was a mix of popular Italian Baroque ranging from Vivaldi to Corelli, with a few more modern gems like Puccini thrown in. The musicians and opera singers were incredible. The entire experience made for a perfect date night.

We dare you to watch this clip without getting goosebumps:

Note that between April and October, a 3 hours boat ride is also offered on the River Spree alongside the dinner and concert package. Book your cruise now.


The Friedrichstadt-Palast (more commonly known as just The Palast) is an iconic and famous theatre in the heart of Berlin. It was built in 1865 as a market hall before being converted into a circus and finally into the theatre it is today.

It is now billed as “the largest and most modern show palace in Europe”.

We watched The WYLD at the Palast, which included hot topless dancers, crazy cabaret, incredible singing, flamboyant dance routines and plenty of fabulous outfits:

The Palast offers a Sky Lounge Seat package, ideal for couples.

The Wall Sky Lounge Seats is a five star luxury experience, where you are welcomed with a glass of Champagne, have the best seats in the house with a bird’s eye view of the action, snacks, unlimited wine and all in extremely comfortable leather designer armchairs.

Friedrichstadt Palast romantic things to do in Berlin

The very exclusive and romantic Wall Sky Lounge at the Friedrichstadt Palast


The Fernsehturm Berlin TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is one of the most iconic buildings of the city. At 368m (1,207 ft), it is the highest structure in Germany and one of the tallest in the EU.

The Telecafé is 207m (679 ft) high and it slowly spins round, making it the highest revolving restaurant in Germany.

This was one of our most memorable dinner experiences: overlooking the Berlin skyline at sunset from over 200m high as you turn slowly to get the full 360 degrees view. Book your romantic dinner.

The restaurant takes 1 hour to fully revolve 360 degrees and is hands down the best view you can possibly dream of for a romantic dinner with your beau.

Berlin TV Tower romantic things to do in Berlin

Quickly…someone top up Stefan’s glass!


Indulge yourself for a wellness experience for 2 at the Liquidrom Spa in the middle of the city. This spa is aimed at couples looking for a romantic and quiet place to relax and enjoy themselves.

The centre piece is the dimmed Cuppola Hall with a pool of warm saltwater. It has underwater music playing, which along with the therapeutic colour and lighting effects, creates an atmosphere of complete tranquility.

They also have several saunas, including one infused with different aromas. Massage addicts will love the variety of spa treatments available, including our favourite, the Balinese Herbal Pouch, which is filled with coconut, herbs and spices. Check reviews on Tripadvisor.

This is the place to be indulged and get cozy with your partner.

Liquidrom Spa one of romantic things to do in Berlin

The Liquidrom Spa in Central Berlin is one of the most popular romantic experiences in the City


Berlin is a beautiful city to walk in, particularly in the evening when the iconic buildings are lit up.

The famous Brandenburg Gate stands out of course, not only for its majestic beauty, but because it is a symbol of reunification. During the days of the Berlin Wall, it was on No Man’s Land and therefore abandoned for 3 decades. It wasn’t until 1989 when this famous landmark was reopened and restored to its former glory.


The East Side Gallery on Mühlenstrasse in the Kreuzberg area is another focal point for memories of the former Berlin Wall and another part of the city we enjoyed walking through together.

It is now a colourful 1.3km (0.8 miles) memorial with intricate graffiti and 105 paintings by artists from all around the world, making it one of the largest and longest lasting open air galleries in the world.

One section of it even has a gate devoted to lovers, where you can seal your love with a love lock.

East Side Gallery romantic things to do in Berlin

Sebastien feeling all loved up at the Lovers’ Lock gate at the East Side Gallery

To maximise your enjoyment of all these experiences, it’s definitely worth investing in a Visit Berlin WelcomeCard before you arrive. It will give you unlimited access on the metro for 6 days and discounts on various attractions.

TIP: remember to stamp-validate your ticket in one of the machines before you board a train. It’s easy to forget, allowing the unforgiving plain clothes inspectors to fine you!

Berlin WelcomeCard

Our Berlin WelcomeCard served us well

For more inspiration to help you plan and fill out your bucket list, check out 75 best things to do in Berlin.



5 Romantic Things to Do in Berlin


  1. Love Berlin!! The one things I really like to do there is Posing for four shots in Berlin’s Photoautomaten.

    • Agreed 🙂

  2. Excellent suggestions (though I’ve never been to Berlin). I might not ever leave the spa though! It looks incredible.

    • Ha ha ha 🙂

  3. Ahhh those romantic looks and the love in your eyes — sigh… 🙂 Fantastic write-up guys and really inspired me to finally travel back to Berlin at some point. I’ve only been once and it is 12 years ago. How time flies…! I particularly liked the look of the Wall Sky Lounge at the Friedrichstadt Palast! Right up my street this 🙂

    • Thanks Tess 🙂

  4. Berlin is such a vibrant city, I love it! I’m planning a weekend trip for my boyfriend’s birthday and that couple’s spa sounds like the perfect idea 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Nice one Bianca – you’ll love it for sure 🙂

  5. I didn’t realize could be so romantic! Looks like we will need to make sure we have a babysitter for at least one night of adults-only fun. Thanks for the tips.

    • Absolutely 🙂

  6. Spa, dinner, and a night at the theater? Talk about a perfect way to have a memorable night with your sweetheart! Dinner from the TV Tower must be stunning at dusk!

  7. Berlin is always worth a visit and you have some great tips here. I didn’t know that you can have dinner at the Charlottenburg Palace – sounds like a great date idea 🙂 Hope you had fun visiting my home country’s capital!

    • Thanks Kathrin – absolutely loved it 🙂

  8. Great choices. The Liquidrom looks awesome – generally when I envision romance, this is what I have in mind. Of course a walk through the city streets can be pretty romantic too.

    • Right? 🙂

  9. Fun stuff. I had no idea you could dine in the TV tower! I like the looks of the Friedrichstadt-Palast, what an amazing venue!

    • Thanks Melody 🙂

  10. I’d love to have dinner at the top of the Berlin TV Tower – and walking through the monuments at night is magical and makes for awesome photos! That spa doesn’t look half bad either!

    • He he he – thanks Vicki 🙂

  11. If I could just get rid of my kids long enough, I’d love to do everything on your list. I might have to drag my husband kicking and screaming to the classical music concert, but it would be worth it.

    • Ha ha ha – definitely very romantic 🙂

  12. Great suggestions guys; Berlin is one city we’re really keen on visiting sometime. So much history and so many things to see and do. Definitely on our ‘to go’ list. 🙂

    • Am shocked that you guys out of all people haven’t yet been there 🙂 he he he

  13. This is absolutely stunning! I love the photo of Telecafé, and its the first I’ve heard of it. You guys are awesome, keep traveling and we’ll keep following!

    • Awww thanks Paul 🙂


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