Check out the best gay adventure cruises to the most exciting destinations

The 6 BEST Gay adventure cruises for 2020

Do you know what we love about cruises? Lazing around and being pampered in ultimate luxury. But do you know what makes a cruise even more exciting for us? The … Read more

If you're ever dreamed of visiting Antarctica then check out our round-up of the best gay cruises that visit the icy continent!

The Top 5 Gay cruises to Antarctica

Antarctica – free of mankind, homophobia and city noise! A vast landscape of snowy ice caps and monumental glaciers, home to an assortment of creatures that couldn’t survive anywhere else… … Read more

Read our guide to the best gay cruises that explore Asian countries

The 9 BEST gay cruises in Asia for 2020

Sail away, sail away, sail away… We all know that Enya classic – you know the one – the lyrics had you googling where the Orinoco is, checking Maps for … Read more

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