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Nomadic boys celerbate their birthday on boracay island in philippines

5 ways to celebrate your birthday on Boracay

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate your birthday on Boracay island in the Philippines. Yes it’s very touristy, but venture away from the crowded area around Station 2 and there’s a bunch of fun things you can to do make your birthday truly special and memorable. #1 Beach boat party to Carubao island If you like beach ...
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Gay voices of the philippines nomadic boys

Why is the Philippines so gay friendly?

During our travels in Asia, we were fortunate to make lots of Filipino friends everywhere: they’re an extremely internationally minded bunch! And as we loved the Phantastically friendly Philippines so much, we thought we’d dedicate an article to our Pink Pinoy buddies from around the world. So, we asked some of them to answer these 2 questions and ...
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Purple roof gay friendly accomodation


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