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How to get from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa

Sebastien Chaneac
How to get from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa

In this guide, you'll find out the different ways to reach Agia Napa from the nearest airport – Larnaca Airport.

Larnaca Airport (LCA) is the main international airport for Cyprus and the largest on the island.

The Republic of Cyprus (south side) has another smaller international airport on the west side of the island in Paphos (PFO). Most flights will fly into Larnaca airport, but recently more and more airlines like Ryanair also use Paphos. In this article we focus on Larnaca Airport.

Larnaca International Airport is located 36 miles (58km) from Agia Napa on the East side of Cyprus. This is our comprehensive guide setting out all the options of how to reach Agia Napa from Larnaca Airport.

Travel advice for LGTBQ community

Advice for LGBTQ travelers to Cyprus

Cyprus has come a long way with regard to LGBTQ rights since joining the EU in 2004. Comprehensive anti-discrimination laws have been passed and same-sex relationships are now legally recognised. Society is traditionally very conservative, heavily influenced by the homophobic Orthodox Church. Thankfully attitudes are swiftly changing, with more gay hangouts opening in Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos, and even a few unofficial gay beaches. The large chain hotels will not bat an eyelid at hosting LGBTQ travellers, but if staying at a local guesthouse, we advise contacting them before booking to check they're gay friendly. Read more about in our article about attending Cyprus Pride.

Bus from Larnaca Airport to Ayia Napa

There is an Airport Shuttle Bus which runs at various times throughout the day. It goes directly from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa in 50 minutes, then continues on to Protaras and Paralimni where it terminates. This bus started recently and is still increasing its timetables. It's a blessing for because previously the only public bus available to get from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa involved a stop over in Larnaca town.

The first Airport Shuttle Bus from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa starts at 04:30 with one leaving roughly every hour until the last one at 00:05. In the opposite direction, from Agia Napa to Larnaca Airport, the Shuttle Bus runs almost throughout the day from 01:00 to 23:00. The buses run every day despite holidays. Check their website for the most up-to-date timetables.

Tickets on the Airport Shuttle Bus cost €8 and can be purchased either online or at the ticket counter, which is located on the left as you come out at Arrivals.

Warning: The Airport shuttle bus will take to Agia Napa bus station, not to your hotel. There is a direct bus shuttle which will take you to your hotel for 13€, you can pre-order your transfer here.

Timetable for the Airport Shuttle Bus
Airport Shuttle Bus timetable for Larnaca Airport to/from Agia Napa

Car rental

If you plan on travelling around the island, we strongly advise renting a car for your holiday. Public transport in Cyprus is limited to public buses, which have a sporadic timetable and take longer.

If you're renting a car, then you can arrange to pick it up when you arrive at Larnaca Airport, then drive directly to Agia Napa. The distance is 36 miles (58km) and takes around 40 minutes along one straight highway. It's a very easy drive with little traffic so shouldn't be a problem for first-timers.

Driving generally in Cyprus is very easy. The roads are well maintained and safe. If you're arriving from the UK, you'll be particularly fine because they also drive on the left in Cyprus. Cypriot drivers can be quite dubious on the roads(!), but thankfully police enforcement against speeding and drink driving is very strict.

Renting a car from Larnaca Airport to go to Agia Napa
Stefan feeling the Agia Napa vibes with his car rental from Larnaca airport

Public taxis

If you choose not to rent a car in Cyprus, then the quickest, most efficient way to get from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa is by private taxi. Licensed taxi drivers wait just outside the airport on the right as you come out from Arrivals. The average fee for a taxi from Larnaca Airport to Agia Napa is €50. The journey by taxi takes around 45 minutes.

However, during peak season (July / August), you might pay a premium for the taxi transfer and if there are many flights arriving at the same time, queues for taxis can be quite long.

If you need internet on arrival, Larnaca Airport does have public WiFi. In addition, you can buy a SIM card at the Xpress Mart located in the airport just on the right of Arrivals. It is open 24 hours a day and sells various SIM card packages starting from €2.

The Xpress Mart of Larnaca Airport
The handy Xpress Mart at Larnaca Airport open 24 hours

Private transfer

To avoid the stress and hassle of arranging an Airport Shuttle Bus, taxi queues or car rental, you can always arrange a private transfer. As soon as you land, a driver will be waiting for you at the Arrivals holding a placard with your name. We recommend booking your private transfer through Welcome Pickups as they are an affordable option with excellent and professional, English-speaking drivers. Even if your flight is delayed, your driver will monitor your flight and be waiting to whisk you straight to your hotel without any stress.

What to do if arriving late at night

If you arrive on a late flight, you will, of course, be fine if you have a car rental, as most offices are open 24 hours a day.

But if you're not planning on renting a car, then you will have likely missed the last Airport Shuttle Bus and taxis may be scarce. In this instance, we highly advise arranging a private transfer so you can be confident that there will be someone waiting to pick you up and take you directly to Ayia Napa without any fuss.

Happy travels are safe travels

We recommend you always take out a reputable travel insurance before your next vacation. What happens if you suffer from illness, injury, theft, or a cancellation? Many travelers forget about it and regret it when something happens. Better to pay a small price and have the peace of mind and not worry.

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Steven Mack

Sunday 28th of July 2019

Thank you for your transfer tips. Very clear and simple and very reassuring; you don't want to arrive in a country late at night and risk being ripped off immediately! Or worse!! Thanks again

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Monday 29th of July 2019

Our pleasure :)

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Monday 20th of May 2019

Oh my god! This is exactly what I needed to read -- heading their with my ride of die this summer!

Nomadic Boys

Tuesday 21st of May 2019

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