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How to get a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok

How to get a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok

We took a break from travelling for a month in Bangkok as a base to spend Christmas and plan travels for 2015. We stayed for a few nights at the excellent Lub’D Hostel and then rented a condo (with gym and swimming pool) in the suburbs via Air BnB.

Our Merry Xmas selfie

Our Merry Xmas selfie from our condo swimming pool in Bangkok

Our first destination in 2015 was Myanmar, a country which only recently started to open up to tourism and is still doing so.

Visa on arrival is still not fully available so we had to apply for our tourist visa for Myanmar before arriving. We also had to ensure we had crystal clear perfect new dollars ready for our trip.

Getting a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok

Getting a Myanmar visa in Bangkok

Seb pointing the way to getting a Myanmar visa in Bangkok

You can apply online for an e-visa for $50 (around £33), or go in person to the Union of Myanmar Embassy and get it cheaper (810 bahts: around £16/$24).

The tourist visa is valid for 28 days and is for a single entry. It is valid from your first visit to the Embassy and expires after 3 months from this date:

Our visa for Myanmar

Our 28 days tourist visa for Myanmar

The process involved 2 visits to the embassy, over 3 business days, unlike our experience of getting an Indian visa in Kathmandu, which took a bit longer.

1. Preparing your paperwork

The paperwork we had to prepare to bring with us was:

  1. our passports
  2. a copy of our passports
  3. two recent (within the last 3 months) passport sized photos (48mm x 38mm)
  4. details of our address in Myanmar / Burma and also in Thailand
  5. evidence of entry/exit?

We couldn’t find comprehensive information about whether evidence of entry/exit was required. We met other travellers who didn’t bother with this and still got their visa without any problems.

But we always err on the side of caution so we booked our entry in from Bangkok to Mandalay and exit out from Yangon back to Bangkok with (ahem!) Air Asia:

Our Air Asia selfie

Our ‘hoping we don’t go missing’ Air Asia selfie en route to Mandalay

2. First visit to the Myanmar Embassy:

The Embassy of The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is located at 132 Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok, 10500, a 5 minutes walk from the BTS skytrain station of Surasak:

Map of the Surasak area in Bangkok

Map of the Surasak area in Bangkok where the Union of Myanmar Embasasy is based

The Embassy is open for visa applications from 9am-12pm, Monday to Friday and closed on both Thai and Burmese National Holidays:

Thai and Burmese National Holidays

Check the Thai and Burmese National Holidays to see when the Embassy is closed

We got there just after 8am and there were around 40-50 people in front of us.

Once the doors opened, we collected the application forms and filled them out whilst waiting in the queue. The Union for Myanmar Embassy has a copy of the application form online, but you can just complete it on the day like we did.

On the application form you’re asked details of your current and one previous job roles: they don’t like “reporter” or “journalist” related roles so if relevant, we were advised to use “consultant” or “unemployed” instead.

Queuing for a visa at the Embassy

Queuing for our visa at the Embassy in Bangkok

Once in, we submitted our papers and given a ticket number. We waited a further 20 minutes for our ticket to be called. At the second counter, we paid our 810 bahts fee each, given a receipt and told the day to return and collect our passports (we went Friday and told to come back the following Tuesday).

3. Second visit to the Myanmar embassy

The second visit was to collect our passport with visa. The pick up time is 3:30-4:30pm and the queuing was more chaotic this time. We got there just after 3pm and there was a large group already waiting.

It took until almost 4pm for the doors to open, but once in, it was very quick. We collected our passport with Myanmar visa and took our proud selfie:

Our Myanmar visa selfie

Our ‘we’ve got our Myanmar visa’ selfie

Watch our video Thailand travel video and enjoy our underwater adventures as we island hopped through this beautiful country:


  1. Note that as of July 2017, the cheapest (non-express) option costs 1600 Bath, so you are probably better off doing it online.

    • Noted! Thanks for that Pim. Is that for all nationalities?

  2. Thanks for the info! I have read in older blog posts that if you pay more you can get express same-day service. Did you guys notice whether you had that option as well?

    • Sure did- and can be done online too.

  3. Tank you so much for writing this post. Great tips!

    • Our pleasure – thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Thanks for the helpful article! We are planning on going to Myanmar in about 2 months and need to sort out all the paperwork first. Thanks again!

    • Our pleasure 🙂

  5. Just watched a documentary on Myanmar. Did you fly to Yangon? Are the civil wars currently going on?

    • Lord no- all of that ended a few years ago. Yangon is like another large modern South East Asian capital city. We left Myanmar / Burma from Yangon.

      I recommend watching the excellent Luc Besson film called The Lady – about Aung San Suu Kyi, the popular opposition leader.

      • Good can’t wait to visit. We had read somewhere that after the government was taken over that there have been conflicts but I know it’s not that dangerous. I know their capital changed back in 2005.

        Okay yes I will. She was featured in this Netflix docu that we just watched called “They Call it Myanmar”

        • Noted! Will watch out for that one thanks buddy.


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