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Happy birthday in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is not the prettiest of cities, but the people make it charming – and colourful!  Your first journey into the city is an experience – the traffic is completely chaotic yet quite captivating: We spent a week in Kathmandu catching up with friends visiting Nepal, celebrating Stefan’s (8th 25th) birthday and having a lovely

Nepalese food and drink

Daal Bhat Daal Bhat Baal Bhat… That was what ‘everyone’ told us you would expect from Nepalese food. Ok, so it’s true, this delicious and wholesome lentils/rice based meal is popular in Nepal, but there are a lot of other lovely treaties in Nepal to get a foodie excited. Daal Bhat First up the famous Nepalese

Nepalese “Kheer” rice pudding recipe

Kheer is a tasty rice pudding popular in Nepal and North India. It is similar to European rice pudding but with the addition of spices like cinnamon, cardamon, fenugreek and cloves.  It is a delicious pudding to satisfy a sweet tooth after a hearty curry. This is the recipe for rice pudding from our course

Recipe for Nepalese “sel roti” celebration bread

Sel roti is a Nepalese sweet ring shaped bread, which is deep fried, similar to a doughnut. It is usually prepared during Tihar (a Hindu festival in Nepal, similar to Diwali, celebrated usually in October time). This is the recipe we learnt at the excellent Nepalese Cooking School in Kathmandu: Ingredients for sel roti 1kg

Recipe for Nepalese dumplings: momos

Momos are Nepalese steamed dumplings also popular in Tibet. They are served with a spicy, tasty sauce for dipping.  They can be vegetarian or meat based. This is the recipe for vegetarian momos and the dipping sauce, which we learnt from the Nepalese Cooking School in Kathmandu. This recipe uses Momo Masala sauce.  This is

Nepalese Daal Bhat recipe

Daal Bhat is a staple food of Nepal. It’s eaten everywhere, usually twice a day. “Daal” means lentils and “bhat” means rice.  A Nepalese Daal Bhat “set” is commonly served as a large plate filled with little pots of culinary surprises: These pots usually comprising small pots of: Daal: lentils soup Bhat: rice Tarkari: spicy vegetable curry