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10 Reasons to Sail with Everything To Sea

Stefan Arestis
10 Reasons to Sail with Everything To Sea

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Camaraderie. Connection. Clothing-Optional. All-male. Come along for the voyage of a lifetime with Everything To Sea.

We first heard about them in 2019 (which seems like “forever ago” right?)…back then, we loved that they were running All-male, clothing-optional sailing trips on traditional wooden vessels through the waters of Southeast Asia. 

We had recently been diving in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia, so we had just missed the chance to travel with them. But because this is unlike any other gay sailing holiday, these guys stayed on our minds.

Most recently, we took the opportunity to assess the true benefits of an Everything To Sea sailing experience.


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Who is Everything To Sea?

Dave Power and Maximillian Strauss are the founders of Everything To Sea. In early 2018 they met at a port in Bali, both waiting for a passenger boat in a small fishing village. Within minutes they’d realized a shared passion for unusual travel.

Their common interests were many, including the idea of how cool it would be to create an experience for men which centered around freedom, camaraderie, friendship, and honesty. And out of their relationship came not only a strong friendship but also Everything To Sea.  

Gay couple walking on beach.

Dave’s background is as an anthropologist, he can share amazing aspects of the local culture – ask him about the sexual rituals between the Sambia of New Guinea, a few islands over! Max brings a rich knowledge of the sea, the workings of the vessel itself, and his guitar – you can expect to be well-entertained by him. 

Man snorkeling in Indonesia.

1. A welcoming, all-male clothing-optional space for men

Everything To Sea is all about male camaraderie and having fun while hanging out in the buff with other guys. It’s a safe, non-judgmental space for men to connect, in nature, without the constraint of clothing, and far away from the rest of the world.

You will explore nudism with ease, and feel the elements on your body, the warmth of the sun, the rush of the water, and the ripple of a cool breeze. These sensations are magnified during sailing. You can relax nude anywhere on the boat, to soak it all in. 

In addition, being nude with a partner or someone new can be exciting in other ways that sometimes lead to a desire to do more than chat. Everything To Sea affords the freedom to engage in consensual play during trips. 

Man experiencing freedom at the tip of a wooden boat.

2. Three ways to travel

Everything To Sea offers 3 different ways to sail:

  • Scheduled Group Departures – Seven days of sailing through the Komodo Islands of Indonesia, alongside up to 12 other men.
  • Your Private Journey – Three guys, one ship, no clothes… and Everything To “See”. It's a custom-tailored, private sail for one man, along with co-founders Max and Dave.
  • Your Group/Our Ship – For pre-formed groups, offering benefits such as reduced per-person prices… or a free trip for the organizer… or even the ability to earn money for the group. 
Getting to explore the beautiful waters of Indonesia is just part of the magic of a cruise with Everything to Sea's Your Private Journey

3. All-inclusive price

On Everything To Sea trips, you can go the whole time without touching a single euro, dollar, or rupiah (the local currency). Food and drink are all-inclusive, including beer, wine, arak, vodka, gin, whisky, and rum. It’s like you’re visiting the home of a good friend. A fresh fruit basket is available – any time of day or night.

You simply pay one price and have total peace of mind that everything is arranged. Fully-inclusive prices include all meals, a 24-hour open bar, exciting excursions, and even personal massages for every traveler. There’s virtually no other operator offering this. Nobody’s keeping track of your bar tab, nobody’s putting money into a kitty for daily meals… and food and snacks are always available 24/7.

Pinisi boat made of wood saling in the Coral Triangle.

4. A unique itinerary

Their trips offer a very unique way to discover Asia and the Komodo National Park, with an all-male group in a truly friendly environment.

Now, you may be wondering – where exactly is Komodo National Park? It’s just off the island of Flores, which is in the country of Indonesia. This sprawling nation is comprised of over 17,000 islands. You’ve probably heard of some – like Bali, Sumatra, and Java. The island of Flores is a 45-minute flight to the east of Bali. And guess what? Everything To Sea can arrange pre- or post-trip experiences with local gay guides on the “Island of the Gods” so you can also explore the gay scene of Bali.

The itinerary is off the beaten path, avoiding crowds and typical tourist spots. You will sail amongst uninhabited islands, rarely passing other boats, allowing for maximum nude time. Itineraries are well-balanced, with a combination of activities and downtime. A carefully crafted schedule that includes so much, but simultaneously feels so relaxed.

There's plenty to do on a Your Private Journey cruise, including seeing beautiful Padar Island

5. Snorkel in The Coral Triangle

This area is one of our favorites in the world for discovering underwater life. Whether it’s by diving, snorkeling, or just swimming together, you’ll be in one “corner” of the world-famous Coral Triangle.

This is literally the most biodiverse marine environment in the world. You can snorkel, nude in crystal clear waters, alongside mesmerizing creatures such as gentle manta rays and sea turtles, and swirling schools of tropical colorful fish.

Snorkelling with wildlife is just one of the highlights of Everything to Sea's new Your Private Journey

6. Meet like-minded, relaxed travel companions 

The vibe? Relaxed, friendly, and affording the greatest feeling of freedom you may have yet to experience. Travel experiences simply don’t get better than this!

Everything To Sea tends to attract men who share similar values and are seeking a connected experience. Regardless of specific interests, travelers joining the cruise are often relaxed, open-minded and down-to-earth guys. 

Camaraderie, in a relaxed atmosthere on a beach in komodo national park.

7. Welcoming for all orientations, all ages, all shapes, sizes, and nationalities

Trips welcome every sexual orientation: Gay, Straight, Bi, Questioning, Fluid, Asexual, and Celibate.

Everything To Sea is all-embracing and non-judgmental. They don’t care how old you are, where you come from, or what your ethnic background is. They don’t care if your body is in shape or out of shape, if you’re a handsome devil or just an average-looking guy, or if you’re a raw foodie or a carnivore. In addition, Everything To Sea offers select departures for men who identify as gay and for men who identify as straight or bisexual.

Trips are all about bringing men together in camaraderie while cruising around in the buff. You can engage with men from all walks of life. Imagine the interesting conversations that can arise among men from different backgrounds and life experiences. It’s truly what makes each of the trips unique.

Everything To Sea believes every guy who comes aboard has something to contribute, to form an amazing voyage.

Two men on beach in gold speedos.

8. A friendly, expert team onboard

The Everything To Sea crew are lovely guys – smiling, welcoming, and completely tolerant of gay men.  Now that’s our kind of crew!

The crew manages all the technicalities of sailing so you don’t have to. Polite, trustworthy, and accommodating, they keep things tidy, cook delicious meals, navigate the boat, and make sure everyone’s comfortable.

Two gay men on a gay sailing trip.

Meanwhile, two Group Leaders ensure excellent customer service and personal attention. To ensure everyone feels well-prepared to explore the underwater world, Dedicated Snorkeling Accompaniment provides attentive and responsible men at your side.

9. Private and shared cabins

You'll be sailing on a beautiful wooden Pinisi boat, with a skilled crew in the hull – and nothing else(!!)

Pinisi boats have been crafted in the same tradition for over a thousand years. Made without a single nail, UNESCO recently designated Pinisi as an art of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Everything To Sea ships has preserved their traditional ambiance but still offer modern, clean, and safe spaces.

You have the option to share with other travelers by reserving a special cabin or ensure to have a private room for one if you prefer privacy. Men can also opt for randomly assigned roommates, and anticipate the excitement of sharing a cabin with other guys.

Reserving a private cabin may allow for extra privacy, “alone time” with a new friend, or even just additional space to unpack belongings.

Everything to Sea offers the most incredible private sailing experience in Indonesia

10. Healthy, delicious food

Two private chefs make it their job to ensure that you’re never hungry. They serve three freshly-cooked meals per day, with multiple choices. Afternoon snacks debut daily, as well as the Juice-of-the-Day each morning. Allergies and specific dietary needs can be accommodated.

The food is delicious and colorful. Between meals, you will be offered little snacks like krupuk (local seafood crackers), and mornings welcome their own touches of French-pressed coffee and the juice of the day. I always find it hard to refuse a glass of fresh mango juice. 

And if that's not enough…

Does a dinner on the beach with the catch of the day, nude Twister games, music, and drinks sound like fun? It sure does to us! How about snorkeling with peacefully-gliding manta rays and magnificent marine turtles? Sunbathing on one of the world’s ten pink beaches? Or seeing wild Komodo dragons in their natural environment?

Man snorkeling with turtle.

We actually can’t think of a more fun, relaxed and connected way to have a vacation. Still unsure? Check out the Everything To Sea website so you can discover more benefits.

Man on boat sailing on Everything To Sea gay trip.

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