That one time we appeared in the #DoNotDisturb Durex documentary

Durex just released a documentary called #DoNotDisturb showing how much technology impacts on our holidays.

We were 1 of the 6 couples who were flown to an exotic location in Sri Lanka.

Half kept their technology and the other half had everything confiscated, including all cameras, phones and laptops.

To our surprise, we were one of the tech free couples.

Durex documentary #DoNotDisturb tech free reactions
Sebastien loved the idea of having no technology for a week but Stefan was less impressed!

We had all our technology and gadgets taken away from us and they documented how we coped throughout the week without it.

It was an eye opener and very refreshing. We were totally cut off from the outside world, without the distraction of the camera, social media and pressure to capture it with our cameras.

It was like we were in our own bubble, finding new ways of interacting, like playing card games, singing to each other, playing silly games like “I spy” and of course, more time for intimacy.

Durex documentary #DoNotDisturb intimate moment
Sharing one of many intimate moments together without our gadgets

This is definitely a style of travelling we'd love to implement more often.

Watch us appear in the Durex documentary alongside 5 other couples including fellow travel blogging couple Drive on the Left:


Have you ever had a tech free holiday with your partner? How did you find it?


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The Nomadic Boys appear in the Durex documentary #DoNotDisturb

47 thoughts on “That one time we appeared in the #DoNotDisturb Durex documentary”

  1. What a fun thing to do! Yea I been defiantly noticing interactions with friends and mobile phone. I been trying not to use my phone when I am hanging out with friends. So only time I do is when I check-in and take pics. I do have a friend who often starts doing face time with other people or talk on the phone which very much annoys me, its like who you hanging out with? Disconnecting is great and something we should do more 🙂

  2. Life without technology?!?!? The heck with that…actually that sounds awesome. I love being off in the mountains with only my cameras though and no cell phone service….and then the panic of people because they can’t get in touch with me for days.

  3. Don’t ask why I attracted this commercial (along with various birth related ones, too) on one of the YouTube videos I was about to watch but I did and found it quite amusing so kept watching. I was so delighted to see you two in it!! It made my day xx

  4. I love this SO much! And I definitely need a tech-free holiday. As much as I love my phone and my laptop I just sometimes feel that is stressing me out like crazy!
    Wonderful experiment and you guys look so good 😀

  5. When I went to the Galapagos, there were a few times I didn’t have my camera on me because I was worried it would get wet. At first, I was freaking out. I felt like I had to document everything. Then I finally realized that it was a better way to live in the moment and enjoy everything around me. It was an eye opener!

  6. No technology. Sorry that call has been disconnected. I can appreciate the idea but I think I’m too far gone. I think the problem is that just with my iPhone alone I can do almost everything I need to do. I’m too dependent on it…it’s like asking me not to have my camera, my video camera, my wallet, my calendar, my entertainment (games, music, movies), my address book, my travel guides, my compass, my map, my boarding pass, my accommodation address, my note book oh and my phone….lol

  7. How totally cool you guys are in this commercial!

    I really enjoyed watching it and think it’s a very interesting experiment. I always try minimizing time online when I am traveling with my husband but it can be challenging since I do want to send out some social media messages for my blog… Tradeoffs… It seems like you had a great time, it looks beautiful in the video.

  8. I love places where I can get off the grid. I love hiking and have two hiking styles with the camera and without the camera. I tend to favor hiking up without my camera and enjoying the view. It lets me focus on the hike and then do photography later.

  9. This is great. If we weren’t forced to give up our technology then I don’t think we would. So I’m more envious of the couples that had to give away their gadgets. I love the days when we just leave the phones in the room and enjoy a full day out without them.

  10. Sadly, I’ve not had a totally tech-free holiday. Although, international travel is better because hubby really can’t engage with work…We’re cheapies on wifi and the time zone makes it difficult. I’d miss my camera! Definitely an inspiring ad to give it a try.

  11. What a relaxing vacation it must have truly been (once you got over the shock of having all your technology taken away). I am trying to implement less and less technology in our travels too. Means we have more time to spend together as a family!

    • And quite right too! Leave the smart phones and ipads at the door thank you! It sure is tricky at first though 🙂

  12. Any way to get back to Sri Lanka would work for me. I bobbed on the Sula Sea without internet for 5 days but had lots of other tech and that was hard enough. Congratulations on the fortitude and the gig too.

  13. Nice stuff! You guys are becoming very famous.

    Staying tech-free is not easy these days. Last year I did a 2 week trip without internet and it was amazing.

    Great ad.


  14. This is strangely lovely for an advert! I love to be disconnected sometimes. Unfortunately it’s difficult to run a travel blog without the internet, but there’s certainly more more important things to life!

  15. Nice work! I think we should all take frequent tech free breaks. Just had one with a friend staying in a remote mountain cabin in South Africa – no mobile reception or internet (and in this case no electricity either) so we spent the evening sitting by the fire reading and telling stories. It was the best part of my trip.

    • Thanks Victoria! I’m the same – but spend a bit more time in social media on weekends then I should 🙁

  16. This must have been somewhat difficult for you guys. In the long run, I am sure it was fine, but you guys are so good at documenting your adventures that not having a camera must have been annoying. The video was cute, but not enough of you in it for me!! Glad to see you having fun as always.

  17. MOUAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH – Love Stefan’s face when the guy says “give us all of your technology… Everything with a plug!” Oohhhhhhhhhh and I heard Stefan’s voice! – I think it;s the first time…

    Anyhow I think this is a good experience and I am going to try that with Marie!

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