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The Nomadic Boys in cartoon!

Nomadic Boys in cartoon

This image of us from Whistler Pride was made by the super talented rainbow loving rabbit Cartoon Called Life, who you can follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Nomadic Boys in cartoon Easter bunnies

Seb is originally from Korea and sent us this gorgeous picture he drew of us with our Easter Bunny head bands. Check out more of Seb in his Instagram.

Nomadic Boys gay travel bloggers in cartoon

Love this drawing Seb from Korea did of us in celebration of Pride Month. Check out more from Seb on his Instagram.Check out more of Seb in his Instagram.


Nomadic Boys in cartoon Instagram portrait

Darwon painted this gorgeous portrait of us, based on our fireplace photo in the Scottish Highlands. You can see more of Darwon's drawings in her Instagram profile.


Emma Sweet drawing Nomadic Boys in cartoon

Emma is an artist in South Africa who creates beautiful personalised gay portraits, which can be downloaded digitally. This is taken from our visit to the Fairmont Hotel in Montreal for the Fierte Canada Pride. For more information about Emma, you can email her on or contact her via Whatsapp: +27 722 559 359.


Nomadic Boys in cartoon Dan Smith

Dan is an artist and fellow Londoner who drew this based on our #LoveWins picture from the Sofitel hotel in Bogota

Nomadic Boys cartoon

Eduardo is a graphics designer from Lima, Peru. He created this cartoon of us saying goodbye to him and his cats. He even pictured our mascot Bluebie, our blue footed boobie from the Galapagos Islands. You can follow Eduardo on Facebook.

Caricature by Tristor Blue

Tristor draws some raunchy pictures of the male physique, beauty, and love. You can see more of Tristor's work in his Instagram.

Maiju drawing Nomadic Boys

Maiju is a sweet young girl from Finland who loves drawings pictures of guys, including the rest of the pictures in this post. You can see more of her other drawings in her Instagram.

Nomadic Boys cartoon Maiju

Maiju drawing Stef Seb
Maiju Seby drawing

If you have created pictures or cartoons of us, get in touch and we will feature you here.

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