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Courgettes gratin

Simple French courgettes gratin recipe

“Gratin” is a common cooking practice in France for when an ingredient of some sort (whether it’s a courgette, cauliflower, aubergine etc) is baked or grilled, then topped with a browned crust usually involving cheese, eggs and sometimes breadcrumbs. In French, “gratin” comes from the verb, “gratter”, meaning, “to scrape” or “to grate.  The term “le ...
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Keftethakia recipe – Greek meatballs

This is an old family recipe for one of the more well known Greek dishes, “keftethakia”  (“kεφτεδάκια” in Greek), or meat balls. They are made from pork mince and taste great. Keftethakia are usually referred to as “keftethes”.  The word,  “keftethakia”, literally means a smaller version “keftethes” (“akia” at the end of a word in Greek means “small” in ...
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Giouvarlakia – Greek meatballs in egg and lemon soup

Giouvarlakia, (“γιουβαρλάκια” in Greek and “yuvarlak köfte” in Turkish) are meatballs cooked in a traditional Greek egg/lemon soup called avgolemono (“terbiye” in Turkish). The avgolemoni soup is made as below but without the meat balls ingredients/steps and ideally with chicken added to the water at the outset when boiling to give the broth a richer flavour. ...
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Beef bourguignon

French beef Bourguignon recipe

Beef Bourguignon was historically considered peasant food but has today become a staple in everyday French cuisine. The word “Bourguignon” refers to a recipe that is prepared in the style of the French region of Burgundy.  A recipe prepared in the Bourguignon style will feature meat such as beef, which is slowly cooked, almost covered, in red wine ...
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Afelia Greek pork based recipe

Afelia is a delicious and very traditional Greek Cypriot food, and really easy to make. Afelia is similar to beef Bourguinon in that is meat based (here pork not beef), which has been marinated then slowly cooked in red wine with coarsely crushed coriander seed. Ideally you need coriander seeds here as opposed to the coriander leaves. ...
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