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Laotian coconut sticky rice with mango

Laotian coconut sticky rice desert recipe

Laotian coconut sticky rice is a delicious desert usually made from purple sticky rice and coconut milk. Purple (or black rice) is a healthier grain of glutinous rice and more commonly used in Laos in deserts. The purple rice is not essential and normal white glutinous rice can be used, but the purple variant looks cooler.   Ingredients for Laotian ...
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Laotian sticky rice recipe

Laotian sticky rice recipe

Sticky rice is the staple food of any Laotian meal. It is called “khao niaow” and made from glutinous rice. It contains a higher sugar level than normal rice, which gives it its stickiness. Despite the name (glutinous rice), Laotian sticky rice is gluten free and therefore great for people with celiac. Sticky rice is steamed and ...
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Laotian buffalo laap recipe

Recipe for Laotian buffalo laap

Laap is the national dish of Laos. It is a minced meat (or fish) salad, served with large amounts of fresh vegetables and herbs. Like the recipe for Peruvian ceviche, the meat in a laap is traditionally raw and “cooks” in the large amount of lime juice used. A more farang (foreigner) friendly version involves the ...
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Laotian aubergine jeow recipe

Recipe for Laotian aubergine jeow spicy dip

Jeow is a spicy dipping sauce served as an accompaniment to Lao meals, like laap (minced meat salad). Like sticky rice, a jeow dish is a staple of a traditional Laotian meal. Jeow can be made from cooked meat, grounded to a paste mixed with various ingredients. This is our vegetarian recipe using 1 cooked aubergine and pepper.   Ingredients ...
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Thai papaya salad recipe

Som Tam (Thai papaya salad) recipe

Som Tam is the delicious spicy Thai papaya salad, popular throughout Thailand and a staple in the many street food markets. As well as being tasty, it’s also a very healthy starter. But, it’s not called spicy without reason! We quickly learnt that grinding up chillies (in a pestle and mortar) makes a dish even more spicy than anticipated. ...
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