3 features about OAKTRAV you will love

3 features about OAKTRAV you will love

OAKTRAV is the latest social media website we've discovered, which focuses on connecting like minded travellers.

This is also one of the first social media websites we've found, which allows bloggers to document their trip, without having to worry about SEO, adding plug ins and more. These are our 3 features about the OAKTRAV website you will love, and why you should check it out today.

#1 Research future travels

Gone are the days of using Lonely Planet to plan and research for your next trip. Today we go straight to online resources to get immediate and the most up-to-date information. OAKTRAV have an excellent Map feature from which you can find the latest content by other travellers for that destination.

So if for example we're heading to Madrid, we click on Spain, into Madrid and see all the content posted to get inspiration for our trip there.

Oaktrav review location Madrid screen shot

#2 Blog your travels

One of the most unique things about Oaktrav is the ability to upload our stories, anecdotes, photos, check ins and more. In short, it's also a platform to blog your trip without having to worry about buying a domain name, writing with a SEO perspective, worrying about the ideal size/compression for your photos and more.

This is particularly ideal for travellers who just don't have the time, patience or money to invest in buying a permanent domain name for a blog. Oaktrav offers a platform to do all this for free, and even better, an audience to share this with. Check it out, we tried it with our latest blog post about our 10 interesting facts about Colombia:

Oaktrav review Nomadic Boys Colombia blog post

#3 Connect with other travellers

One of the things we love when travelling is connecting with other travellers on the road and locals from a destination we visit. This is what inspired the Gay Stories section of our website. We're always looking for innovative ways to meet locals.

Using the location filter, you can connect with and reach to other Oaktrav users in the destination you’re about to visit. That way we can ask them about the latest happening bars, best restaurants in a specific areas and any other hidden gems only a local would know about.

As a bonus, the founder Jesse Kerema is a hottie who you need to connect with:

Oaktrav review Jesse Kerema founder

Jesse Kerema the cute founder of Oaktrav

Check it out and become an Oaktraveller today! 


You can also connect with Oaktrav via their Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter.

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