Discovering Hoi An local food on a vespa

Discovering Hoi An local food on a vespa

Vietnam is a heaven for foodies, with every region boasting its own unique yummy prizes.

Our favourite part of Vietnam for local food was around the centre of the country in Hoi An, where we experienced some of the tastiest noodles ever and a variety of delicious street food…on a vespa!

Stefan and Trinh on a vespa

Stef and Trinh set off for a foodie tour in Hoi An on this sexy vespa


We took a food tour in Hoi An with the excellent Vespa Adventures.

Our guide, nicknamed, “Trinh and Tonic”, showed us some of the highlights of central Vietnamese local food.

Posing with our guide Trinh

Posing with our guide Trinh & Tonic


Banh can is a popular local food snack. Read “snack” lightly as these are heavy and very filling.

The banh cans are small cup sized pancakes (made from rice batter), which are deep fried in plenty of vegetable oil to make them crispy.

Stefan with plate of banh can

Stefan showing off his plate of banh can

The banh cans are served with shrimps, quails eggs, shredded papaya and stuffed minced pork, which resembles a sausage.

A plate of herbs, lettuce and fish sauce is also commonly served alongside the banh can.

Banh can served with quails eggs and minced pork

Posing with our freshly made plate of banh can


White rose, or “banh bao vac” is a shrimp like based dumpling, carefully bunched up to resemble a rose, then steamed.

Stefan showing off his white roses

Stefan showing off his freshly made plate of white roses

We tried to make white roses. The folding technique takes years to master, but we didn’t do too badly for first timers…

Learning to make white roses

Learning to make white roses – a technique that takes years to master


The “hoanh thanh” are Vietnamese won tons, cooked in a similar way to the white roses, but with pork.

The won tons are usually served in a soup and are considered comfort food, or eaten as a delicious dumpling snack on a bed of lettuce.

Our yummy won tons

Our yummy plate of Vietnamese won tons: “hoanh thanh”


Bo Nhung Giam is a Vietnamese hot pot. The broth is soured with vinegar, into which thin slices of beef are dipped and cooked. This reminded us a lot of the various hot pots we tried in Beijing.

Seb enjoying a Vietnamese hot pot

Seb enjoying a “bo nhung giam” Vietnamese hot pot

The beef is then wrapped in rice paper, vegetables added, rolled up and eaten like a fresh spring roll.

Just take care when eating near Sebastien otherwise your food will quickly go missing…

Stef and Seb with bo nhung

Food fight about to break out again as Sebastien tries to steal Stefan’s dinner


Our awesome foodie tour concluded with banh flan: a light version of crème caramel. This is one of many influences in Vietnam from the French colonial times.

Sometimes coffee is poured over the top, giving it a unique and distinctive Vietnamese flavour.

Vietnamese creme caramel

Vietnamese creme caramel called banh flan

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For more inspiration, read about what other things you can do in Vietnam and watch our video of our local food tour through Hoi An with Vespa Adventures:


  1. Hi Stefan & Sebastian,

    I missed when you guys were travelling in Malaysia. Are you guys gonna come back to Malaysia again? If yes please let me know in advance so we could hang out together and I am gladly to show you guys the beauty of my city and recommend some local nice foods.

    Best regards.

    • Absolutely! Thanks buddy 🙂

  2. As usual – you goes make a mouth watering story! I can’t wait ot get to Viet Nam later this year.

    Also- Great Video — loved it!! Especially the graphic pic of the two of you on the scooter – I’m thinking it would make a great “new logo” for you!

    • Awwww thanks Tim ☺️

  3. I love this round up of Vietnamese food, really makes me want to visit! Interesting to see the French influences, that dessert looks a lot like a creme caramel!

    • Thanks for your comment Suze. Baguette sandwiches (Banh mi) is another strong influence from the French we noted across Vietnam.

  4. hello, Stefan and Sebastien, i like your diary very much, and i missed when you traveled in Laos

    i want to know someday you 2 plan back to Laos or thailand again or never back

    would like join with you someday diving, workout fit, and enjoy foods :–)

    • Awwww sorry to miss you too Choenix. We loved Thailand a lot so will definitely return!


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