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Vegetarian pad Thai recipe cooking class Chiang Mai

Simple recipe for vegetarian Pad Thai fried noodles

Pad Thai is the national dish of Thailand and you will never get bored of it. It’s so simple to make and is a common street food snack in Thailand. It was popularised during the Second World War and has become one of Thailand’s national dishes. We learnt this recipe from our cooking class with the excellent Thai ...
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Nomadic Boys with Thai tom yum soup

Recipe for Thai tom yam soup

Thai tom yam is one of the popular foods you will encounter in Thailand and Laos, mixing salty, spicy and sour flavours. It uses spices unique to Southeast Asia, in particular:galangal: also known as Siamese ginger has roots which are longer than those of common ginger. lemongrass: is a grey green grass that smells like lemon and ...
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Indonesian sayur urap recipe Seb

Vegetarian recipe for Indonesian sayur urap salad

Indonesian sayur urap is a blanched vegetable based salad with shredded coconut dressing. It originates from Java (one of the largest islands of the Indonesian archipelago). Sayur means mixing and in this case, sayur urap means mixing any blanched vegetables with spices and grated coconut until it is well blended. In Bali, it is known as lawar and sometimes meat is used, like ...
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Indonesian Perkedel Jagung cooking class Ubud Bali

Recipe for Indonesian perkedel jagung (sweetcorn fritters)

Indonesian perkedel jagung are deep fried corn cookies and usually eaten at a large ceremony like celebrating the birth of new born baby or a wedding. They are also popular street food throughout the country and great for vegetarians. We did a cooking class in Ubud during our travels in Bali, with Be Bali Day cooking school. The very ...
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Pearly and Seb cooking Malaysian beef rendang

Malaysian beef rendang recipe

Malaysian beef rendang is similar to the chicken rendang recipe we learnt in Langkawi, but beef has a richer flavour and takes longer to cook. Rendang literally means a dried curry in Malay and as the name suggests, it involves simmering the beef for hours (the longer the tastier) in coconut milk, until all the liquid ...
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