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Greek egg lemon chicken soup ("soupa avgolemoni")

Greek egg lemon chicken soup

Greek egg lemon chicken soup, or “soupa avgolemoni” in Greek (σούπα αυγολέμονη), is a traditional Greek Cypriot soup served as a starter or even as a main course. “Avgolemono” means egg-lemon in Greek and is a common style of Greek cooking for soups where the egg and lemon juice are mixed with broth and heated until they thicken. ...
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Greek lentil soup (Fakes)

Greek lentil soup recipe

Greek lentil soup is called “fakes” in Greek (“φακές”, pronounced fah-KESS) and is a staple in the Greek kitchen. Greek lentil soup is a very healthy and nutritious meal, easy to make and ideal for vegetarians.  It is also popularly eaten as a fasting food during the Lent period before the Orthodox Greek Easter, as well as other times during the ...
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Greek Pastitsio recipe (oven baked pasta dish)

Pastitsio (“παστίτσιο” in Greek), is a Greek baked pasta dish comprised of three layers: the pasta, the meat filling in the middle and topped with béchamel sauce. In Cyprus, Pastitsio is called, “μακαρόνια του φούρνου”, (pronounced “makarónia tou foúrnou”), which literally translates as “oven macaroni”. Pastitsio is an essential dish during Greek celebrations, such as the Orthodox Easter.   Recipes vary, ...
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Simple and healthy Ratatouille recipe

Ratatouille used to be peasant food and was a way for old housewives to cook and use old vegetables that are ready to be thrown away. This Ratatouille recipe is perfect for vegetarians and one serving counts towards 3/4 of your 5 a day. The word, “ratatouille” comes from the French, “touiller” – to stir.  Ratatouille is also one ...
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Pligouri Greek bulgur recipe

Pligouri (“πλιγούρι” in Greek) is a bulgur based dish in Greek cuisine.  Pligouri is its name in mainland Greece, whilst in Cyprus it is referred to more commonly as pourgouri (πουργούρι). Bulgur is originally a Turkish word.  It was popular in all regions of the Ottoman Empire and as a result, variants of the name can be found in ...
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