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Stefan with a freshly made vareniki

Russian vareniki dumplings (cabbage and egg filling)

Vareniki are filled dumplings, usually either with a non meat base like potatoes or cabbage or a sweet base (like sour cherries or cottage cheese). Vareniki are considered to be of Ukrainian origin but very popular throughout Russia.  Pilmeni are their Russian meat variant.  Both pilmeni and vareniki are made in the same way, except the filling ...
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Borscht recipe

Home made Russian Borscht soup

On one of our stop overs from our Trans Siberian adventures in Irkutsk, we met up with our good friend Genadi Petrov, who taught us this very tasty recipe for the famous Russian soup – Borscht. Borscht is a very popular light soup in Russia, Ukraine and prevalent across most of Eastern Europe.  Beetroot is usually the ...
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Greek recipe for baked aubergines with garlic: “skordostoumbi”

Skordostoumbi is a popular recipe from the Greek island of Zakynthos (also called Zante in Italian) on the Ionian sea, on the west side of the Greek mainland: Skordostoumbi literally means “stuffed with garlic”: skordo means garlic and “stoumbosame” is Greek slang meaning “we are stuffed!” after eating a heavy meal. This recipe has a lot of ...
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Stuffed vine leaves

Greek stuffed vine leaves recipe

Greek stuffed vine leaves are one of the most famous Greek dishes which come to mind when you think of Greek food. They are made from vine leaves, which you can grow in your back garden even in a London climate. The stuffing is usually pork based but you can leave it out if you want them ...
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Flaounes: Cypriot Easter bread recipe

Flaounes (“φλαούνες”) are Cypriot Easter bread filled with cheese, raisins and topped with sesame seeds. Flaounes have been made in Cyprus for many years and serve as a celebratory food for the breaking of the fast after lent. Ingredients for the flaounes dough:750g plain flour x1 sachet baking yeast x1 teaspoon of salt x2 teaspoon of sugar x2 tablespoon of vegetable oilIngredients ...
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