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Our 10 interesting facts about Vietnam

10 interesting facts about Vietnam you didn’t know

Vietnam is one big #foodporn with some of the best food we tried during our travels in Asia.We spent a month eating our way from Saigon in the South to Hanoi in the North, and picked up these 10 interesting facts about Vietnam along the way. 1. Vietnam is shaped like the letter SOur first interesting fact about ...
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Best traditional food in Vietnam best taken in the streets

Best traditional foods of Vietnam

Vietnam is a foodie’s paradise with a variety of unique flavours and specialties. This is our favourite 10 traditional foods of Vietnam, which we fell in love with.#1 Pho: the classic Vietnamese dishPho (pronounced “Fur”) is The traditional food of Vietnam and known throughout the world. It is usually a chicken (ga) or beef (bo) ...
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Discovering Hoi An local food on a vespa

Vietnam is a heaven for foodies, with every region boasting its own unique yummy prizes.Our favourite part of Vietnam for local food was around the centre of the country in Hoi An, where we experienced some of the tastiest noodles ever and a variety of delicious street food…on a vespa!Stef and Trinh set off for a ...
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Our Vietnam travel video diary

Our Vietnam travel video

We spent a month travelling in Vietnam during April and May 2015. We started in the South in motorbike crazy Ho Chi Minh City (still called Saigon by locals). We discovered a few gay bars in Saigon with our friend Quan. We then headed to Central Vietnam to Hoi An, Hue and Da Nang. In Hoi An we immersed ourselves ...
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gay Saigon interview with local boy Quan

Gay Vietnam: discovering gay Saigon with local boy Quan

Vietnam is one of the most gay friendly countries we visited from our big 2 years trip across Asia. Overall we found the Vietnamese to be very welcoming, particularly to the LGBTQ community.In terms of gay rights, Vietnam doesn’t have any gay marriage laws in place. However, by Asia standards it is very progressive:it has ...
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