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Nomadic Boys in Durex documentary #DoNotDisturb

That one time we appeared in the #DoNotDisturb Durex documentary

Durex just released a documentary called #DoNotDisturb showing how much technology impacts on our holidays.We were 1 of the 6 couples who were flown to an exotic location in Sri Lanka.Half kept their technology and the other half had everything confiscated, including all cameras, phones and laptops.To our surprise, we were one of the tech free couples.Sebastien ...
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Lovers ritual Four Seasons travelling as a gay couple in Asia

What’s it like travelling as a gay couple in Asia

“Why should I spend my tourist dollars in a country that wants to throw me in jail?!”This was our dilemma before setting off for our big travel adventures in Asia – as a gay couple.If it isn’t illegal (like in Sri Lanka, Singapore, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar…), then it’s certainly not truly welcomed (think Indonesia, Russia, ...
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Whale watching in Mirissa

Blue whale watching in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Whale watching is particularly big with the 3 countries who are unfortunately pro whale hunting: Japan, Norway and Iceland.We encountered this when we entered a whale bar in Tokyo by accident.We’ve since been more curious about whales, spotting orca killer whales in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, so we jumped at the chance to see these magnificent endangered species in the flesh ...
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interesting facts about Sri Lanka

10 interesting facts about Sri Lanka

We completely fell in love with Sri Lanka, an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean.We came here with no expectations and left with some of our favourite travel memories, in particular our trek to Ella Rock, cooking delicious curries, exciting train journeys and impressive wildlife safaris. We loved it here so much, we ...
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